How Angry Parents Can Fight The Woke School Agenda

Are you concerned about “wokeness” in your kids’ school? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about the 6 ways parents react to ideological school agendas’ and how parents can fight against it.

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Parents this video is going to be a Little bit disturbing I want to tell you Right up front but there's Solutions at The end of this video on what's going on In schools and how you as a parent Should be involved there's six different Ways people are reacting to the madness That's taking place in schools but I'm Going to give you solution and I'm going To give you a challenge what you do with It is on you but I highly recommend you Actually execute some of these things We're talking about here if you get Value from this video give it a thumbs Up subscribe and share it with other Parents like yourself let's get right Into it here's a video of an 11 year old Kid who goes to the school library There's a book in the I'm not even going To tell you what happens here listen to What this kid sees reads in this book to The board and watch the reaction I'm 11 Years old and I go to middle school I'm A sixth grader I was in the library and This book was on a stand I'd like to Read you a page sixth grader my back Over my hips as I ask if we should take Off take our clothes off and he's saying Yes before I finish my sentence he's Pulling off my t-shirt laughing when I Can't undo his shirt buttons he's Undoing my belt I'm reaching into his Bedside drawer for a condom we're Kissing again we're rolling over

Obviously you can see where this is Going I don't know if it's because we're Feeling especially emotional or just Tired or these past couple of weeks have Been too much but this reminds me so Much of the first time we had sex we Were both [ __ ] terrified and the Whole thing was kind of terrible because We didn't know what we were doing but it Was good too so good because we were a Mess of emotions and we were scared and Excited and everything felt new so this Sort of thing just sort of feels like That Nick touches me like he's scared at Any minute Now this book was at my middle school And it was on a stand when I rented it Out to show my dad it uh the librarian Asked if I wanted more and if I wanted a Graphic novel version wow and by the way You you're gonna get the I'm gonna show You the clip of what the father does Here but when you watch this here as a Parent you get different reactions I'm Having these conversations with a lot of People nowadays whether it's you know my Dinner clients all these different Things they're upset they're angry They're Furious but a lot of them feel Helpless but you're not helpless there's Six ways people are reacting to the Madness that's going on in schools Number one way parents oblivious they're Not involved they don't know what's

Going on I'm too busy I'm trying to pay The bills I can't get involved it's too Much for me you know it's just public School I was a product of public school It's all going to work itself out the Oblivious parents do not be surprised if Your kids get caught up in some of this Madness because no one's talking to them About it the second type of parents that Are reacting to this they [ __ ] they Complain they go and talk to other Friends but they do nothing about it all Talk but nothing happens the third thing That parents are doing right now that You can also do in your school is They're saying this is so crazy they are Bitching they are complaining but They're taking action and they're Running for school board now here's the Thing about running for school board I'm Going to give you some stats for you to Be thinking about and a lot of you I Want to challenge you to think about Running for school board some of you are Saying man it must be a lot of Responsibility me one running first why Would I would I ever get elected I'm not A political person this isn't for me I'm Just a regular mother I totally get it Let me give you some stats over 90 of Things that take place in schools are Impacted by school boards if you're a Part of it you can impact over 90 of Things that happen in schools school

Boards select the superintendent voter Turnout ready often is only between five To ten percent of School Board elections Meaning if you run for it it's not like 100 of people are shown up anyways it's Only five to ten percent of your Philosophically in a place where maybe You have more conservative beliefs and You think the way their influence in the Kids is absolutely ludicrous you can go Talk to other mothers and other others I Said do you feel this way did you hear About what happened what do you think About this what do you think about that I'm thinking about running do I have Your support do I have your support and You're getting more people saying Mary If you run Bobby if you run I would Definitely have your back we're also Upset about this thing here now you're Starting to recruit other people that Would be willing to vote for you because You're concerned about the same issues Number four costs less than a thousand Dollars to run for School Board number Five very sellable campaign message Number six over seventy percent of School board members say it was very Easy to get elected it's only one or two Meetings per month not time consuming You do not have to disclose your Political affiliation at the ballot to Run 50 million children are impacted by School Board decision let me say it

Again over 50 million children are Impacted by School Board decisions That's a big number and last but not Least 95 000 active school board members In the U.S why not you go run for it if You are so concerned about what's taking Place so now we have three different Reactions the oblivious the ones that Vision complain then next one that says There's no way I'm going to let this Happen I'm running for school board and I'm gonna go recruit other parents and Talk about these types of issues Wonderful by the way I want you to see What this father does here to get Involved how bold he is and look how he Points out one of the manuals at the end And what he says disturbing again I've Warned you disturbing but watch this Bold father concern about his son Oh boy So I'm that kid's father okay good I was Asking for you yeah I'll take another Three minutes so that's my son okay okay 11 years old and went to his library and Found that by the entry door Of our library this is the smut that he Is finding all right I don't care Whether it's gay straight bisexual Whatever the terms are for all this Stuff doesn't need to be at our school It doesn't need to be at my 11 year Old's library and then as far as Genderqueer

I've got a son in the high school as Well and this is [ __ ] We Know It All right we do not Need to be having literature that's Showing boys how to suck dick all right This is a very very frustrated about it Okay and you may think that schools know The best for our children you know who Know the best for our children the Parents are you upset are you frustrated Are you angry you getting the chills all Over your body you're kind of sitting There saying I cannot believe this is Actually taking place well then do Something about it Do something about it half the battle of Challenges that takes place is When Leaders don't do anything about it you Are just as guilty if you allow this Madness to take place as the people that Are around that type of content to be in Schools because we gotta wake up me and You there's a risk to staying quiet so I'm challenging you while you're Watching this to do something about it At the school board so three levels Oblivious [ __ ] and complain go to the Board here's the next one number four is Private school with the right values and Principles I'm talking to a lot of People right now they're asking about Private schools you can go on You can look at all the schools find out Affiliation you know spiritual you know

Catholic christian whatever may be all Over the place and you can interview While you're interviewing these private Schools and you're talking to them ask Them what values and principles they Stand for these are things you ought to Be asking about right so you may say Pat I can't afford to put my kids in private School totally get it either find a way To make extra money or number five homes School them oh there's no way I can Homeschool my kids I just cannot Homeschool my kids no problem then last But not least if you can't do any of Those things and you're watching the Saying I I still have to stay in public School because I can't afford it find a State and a district where it matches Your values and principles and research The best public schools that have Certain values and principles that match Yours and move there yes move there it's Not supposed to be easy but move I hear A lot of people that say things like What do you mean move there I don't have Any money to move you think immigrants Had money when they moved to America how Much money you think we came to America With what do you think my dad did when We came here it was a cashier at 99 cent Store so what's the alternative staying In Iran can you imagine yeah let's keep Our kids in Iran you know when the Khomeini that it was a mess in Iran my

Mom and Dad aren't working the hell out Of here thank God they did we lived at a Refugee camp for a year and a half Before we made it to the states and then We came here with nothing literally we Had nothing when we came out here so It's not as big of a deal to move from One state to another as it is to move From a country you speak a whole Different language to a new country You're going to move from California Florida you still speak English you're Going to move from Chicago to Texas you Still speak English you're going to move From New York to Tennessee you still Speak English but go do the research Because you know we're doing a live Podcast afterwards when the cigar lines We're having a conversation this one Lady is sitting next to me and she's I Said how many kids you got she says I Got one kid so you got one kid and You're a valutina she says yes so how Can it be if I can only have one kid you Know I'm always challenging people to Have more than one kid two three four Five kids if you have the resources you Have the money you want to have more Than one kid anyways we're having a nice Fun conversation together but the guy Next to her is a single guy 35 making a Lot of money and he said man I don't Want to get married because of this Because I said so what are you going to

Do you're going to stay single the rest Of your life yeah what the hell's the Point of staying single the rest of your Life tell me what's exciting about that What is the point of life why I'm making Money on this so how many do you need to Be like what do you think the goal of Life is yeah I got four kids okay the Relationship and the experience of how Much God has blessed me with these Forgive it's the four most amazing gifts A man upstairs has given this regular Guy okay you and I if we're lucky enough To have kids it's our responsibility to Lead them it's your responsibility to Lita it's not easy if we don't bullying Comes in many different shapes and forms And a lot of kids in America today are Being bullied and you and I need to Stand up and leave those are six Reactions aside from the first one which They do nothing about it all the other Ones let's move let's lead let's do Something about it let's get louder in Boardrooms so our kids will be protected So if you got value from this video give It a thumbs up subscribe to the channel And share it with other parents and I Got another video for you if you haven't Watched the public school crisis in America if you've never seen it click Here to watch it take care everybody Bye-bye Foreign

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