How Apple Buy Your Identity #shorts

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Here's something for you I saw her Actually the other day brand is very Very interesting so a lot of people Think brand is that thing you invest in That is a bit fluffy it's hard to track And it's hard to measure however this is Why brand is really important so say if You walked into Starbucks and there is Um two types of people in Starbucks sat You know working at their laptops There's somebody on like a Windows Laptop and there's somebody on a Mac if You ask someone what do you think he's Working on on the Mac more than likely Say oh he's created a movie or something Like that what do you think he's working On on them Boring here that's why brand is Important because what they do is Associate that person with a job for an Example it's an identity so you buy the Identity So when you buy a Macbook it's Because you want to be seen as a Creative you know the same with why you Buy Gucci or Chanel or whatever you want To be associated with those words then That's why brand is really important

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