How Bezos Obsession with Customer Service Built His Empire

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

So it's very interesting what Did with Jeff Bezos it's a shareholder Letter it's a letter you write every Single year to your shareholders to see What word he used the most the last 23 Years and it's a word that he use more Often than Amazon which is kind of weird Cuz that's your company's name but Before I even tell you what the word is Here's what Jeff Bezos said he says There's many ways for a business to run He says you can be competitive Focus he Said you can me Product Focus he said You can be technology focus and you can Even be a business mod Focus there are More he says but in my view obsessive Customer focus is by far the most Productive of day one Vitality which by The way the word customer in his 23 Shareholder letters was used 443 times And the word Amazon was just used 340 Times he said the most important single Thing is to focus obsessively on the Customer our goal is to be 's most Customer Centric company and by the way A Jeff Bezos is making customer services Number one priority took the company From0 to$ 1.8 trillion doll market cap Today so today we're going to talk about How you as an entrepreneur we're going To study different companies and see how You as a entrepreneur what could happen To your business if you made customers Your customers the number one

Priority okay so if you get value out of This video give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel let's get right Into let's first talk about Amazon Obviously we talked about their mission Is to be Earth's most customer Centric Company and by doing so the way they did It is by technology making everything Easier Prime click buy with one click That was very easy where even me I'm Like boom boom order is coming in it's Easy stuff they worked on that heavily Then on top of that personalization I Like the fact that I get the Recommendations to stuff that I like I Don't know if you do I actually liked it Third thing they do is they have a day One mentality which I love we call it The startup mentality to them every day Is a startup so constant come up with Ideas new ideas on making things better Technology whatever may be and the last One is listening to customers feedback They're big on wanting to hear what you Think about Amazon interface website new Products they want to hear from you now Another thing they do that I like a lot The words they use is easy where's my Stuff finding missing item it's not like Complicated stuff where you know the way You would ask as a customer where's my Stuff I want to find missing an item It's easy English they're using that Anybody can learn what they're talking

About the refund policy is fantastic Easy 30 days there's a few things that I Don't want to get fully into but you get The idea Amazon focused on that rather Than it being competitor focused product Focused technology Focus or business Model Focus they became customer focused Now a couple other things for you to be Thinking about is what Apple did you Know what the pandemic did to us it made Many people lonely in America where they Did not have somebody to talk to numbers Came up saying 33% Americans feel lonely JP Morgan Chase just came out talking About 99% Americans are doing worse Today financially than they were 3 years Ago this may be tough times for some People one of the worst things you can Can do is not talk to anybody that's why Today's sponsor is better help what Better help offers you is the Opportunity to connect with over 30,000 Licensed therapists who are trained to Listen and give you helpful and unbiased Advice one of the great things about Better help is sometimes if you want to Go to an office or go me with a Therapist and talk to somebody cuz you Got nobody in your life you go to an Office you're sitting there other people Are looking at you what if you run to Cooworker or family it's a little bit Embarrassing better help you simply do It on your phone you talk to somebody a

Therapist doesn't work out for you They'll replace it with somebody else at No cost and all you have to do to get Get started is fill out a questionnaire To help assess your specific needs and You'll get match with your therapist in Most cases within 48 hours or less over 4 million people have used betterhelp to Live healthier and happier lives and all You need to do is click on a link below Or go to Valut in to get a 10% discount on your First month of therapy with a licensed Professional specific to your needs Apple followed the Ritz Carlton model I'm reading this book right now Ritz Carlton that I finished it's phenomenal What these guys did with customer Service my CFO that I had four years ago Three years ago he used to work at Ritz Carlton and he would show us what Ritz Does and anytime I stay at Ritz there's Always a handwritten letter for you in Your room it's very interesting the way They give you the experience that's Personalized Apple took the model from Them Ritz Carlton the techniques they Have and they came up with this thing Called Apple a p p e a approach Customers with a personalized warm Welcome if you go to the store P probe Politely to understand the customer Needs another P present present a Solution for the customer to take home

Today L listen for and resolve issues or Concerns and E end with a fond farewell And an invitation to return you see how Simple that is boom that is their system They took it from Ritz Carlton and if You ever go to their store now obviously You may be saying Pat if I need to get Something fixed I got to wait an hour to Totally get it but notice how they treat You it's actually a very good experience I believe an area where Apple loses is Where how many times you need to change The way I charge my phone what the hell Do I like typically I need a charger for This and I need a different charger for My earpiece and I need a different Charger for this that's where they lose But I think the reason why they don't Give a specifically apple is Because they've created such an Integrated group of businesses that they Say what are you going to do about it They've always been famous for selling Expensive items and we buy them maybe Because they do such a good job on this Side of customer service that we're Willing to go on this side because the Product is also so good so a part of Apple's priority is product being so Great than customer service where I Believe Amazon is more customer service Then product cuz the product can change Now let's talk about Nordstroms by the Way I don't know if you've been to

Nordstroms I love going to Nordstroms I Shop from the same person for years in Nordstroms Woodland Hills she was Fantastic she treated me royally it was Great the way Nordstroms looks at Customers is their employees they look At employees if I take care of my Employees they're going to take care of My customers in a great place so let me Read a couple things that they have they Say by providing extensive training and Empowering their staff to make decisions Norom creates an environment where Customers feel valued and supported this Approach has earned them a reputation For excellence and a loyal customer base So four things they go through number One happy employees equals happy Customers number two tailor made Experiences number three never stop Innovating and number four lead from top Down this is what they said we have to Have a certain amount of humility Nordstroms was first a shoe store for The first 66 years of its existence and Bruce Nordstrom the father of the guys Running it now has said that he was Raised literally on his hands and knees Waiting on the customer we talk about a Million strategies but everything comes Down to the culture values like trust Respect loyalty humility communication And collaboration and the leadership so By the way I made a video many years ago

Titled customer service against customer Experience because sometimes we get Those two things wrong but I want you to Be thinking about it from this way the Same approach doesn't work on every Business so the insurance company I Build my customer was the insurance Agent the more I took care of my Insurance agent the better of an agent They were now doesn't mean they were Always very good because it was Commission based probably not but the More we took care of them the better They did and the ones that stuck around Eventually they took the culture that we Had on how we take care of our guys how We take care of our customers when covid Happened and all the challenges Everybody was so afraid everybody was Canceling their canceling their life Insurance policies we had a meeting I Think we sent nearly 100,000 Starbucks Cards to our clients and we said uh hey Just want to let you know while Everybody is worried and going through Things we just wanted to send this $5 Starbucks C to you to let you know we Appreciate your loyalty and have a cup Of coffee on us take care simple went Out you know what happened while Everybody else was losing a bunch of Their clients canceling they didn't do It with us because they're like wait a Minute I didn't get a Starbucks car from

The other guy I didn't get one from These guys very interesting they sent it To me our agents loved it because we Sent it from home office the customers Loved it everybody was happy because we Said thank you for sticking around and We chose a certain criteria of clients That we send those Starbucks cards to Another one that we look at when you Look at B David Consulting okay this is A consulting firm here our number one Priority is the business owner we Consult for nearly 5,000 CEOs business Owners and Executives worldwide from Around 60 different countries this is How our model is if we help this Person's issues challenges problems They're facing be solved with strategies That helps their business grow at a Better Pace faster Pace more profitable Way and they're resolving issues where The business's tensions is decreasing They keep coming back and they're happy So the more they're growing their dreams Are becoming a reality the business is Doing better for themselves we want to Make sure we do that because when we do That they keep coming back to us and That's been our experience with that now Let me go to the app man man is a Complete different thing man we want to Protect influencers and experts for People to realize we value your time so Many times you get a DM and it's almost

People are demanding you to respond to Them for what I don't have time to Respond to everybody I'm running a Business I got a wife I got kids how Come you never get back to me can you Have 15 minutes on my time a thousand People think I have 1550 minutes to get On a call with that's a little bit of an Insult to influencers and experts man Was built to protect influencers and Experts time that you get to pay for Their time and if you do so you can Expect them to get back to you 90 plus% Of the time versus Instagram you send Them a message for free and you expect Them to get back to you and they get Back to you around 5% of the time so man Protects a different customer than b Consulting does then phb the insurance Company does so for you whatever Business you're running you have to pick And choose who's your number one Customer based on the business that you Are currently running having said that If you are running a business you're an Executive you're a seite you're a Founder you're a salesperson and you're Like I want to get my customer service To get better how do I do it what's Strategy should I take pbd no problem You want to ask me the question or Others download the app manck you get to Ask the question directly from me and Others there's 6 7,000 experts on there

And ask here's my business this is what I'm doing what can I do and 100% the Answers I give are all in audio you're Going to hear my voice when I respond Back to you unless if you want me to do Video of course we'll send it back to You as well if not me there's many other People in different industries that you Ask for as well having said that so That's one thing download man if you Still haven't seen the video customer Service against customer experience and You want to watch that as well click Here to watch that take care everybody Bye- bye Bye-bye

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