How DeSantis Refutes the Notion of Trump’s Influence in His Election Victory

In this blog post, we delve into Governor Ron DeSantis’ compelling narrative that challenges the prevalent perception of former President Trump’s influence in his election victory. By meticulously examining the facts and key events leading up to his triumph, DeSantis deftly refutes the notion that his success was solely attributed to Trump’s support. Join us as we explore the intricacies of DeSantis’ campaign strategy and the factors that truly propelled him to victory, shedding light on a fascinating political phenomenon that continues to captivate both Florida residents and political analysts alike.

How DeSantis Refutes the Notion of Trump’s Influence in His Election Victory


In a recent interview with Patrick Bet-David, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discussed the perception of President Trump’s influence on his election victory. DeSantis, known for his no-nonsense approach to politics, explained how he strategically used a campaign video to gain free media attention, ultimately refuting the notion that Trump was solely responsible for his successful bid for governor.

DeSantis’ Campaign Strategy

According to DeSantis, he made a calculated move by releasing a campaign video that showcased his support for President Trump’s policies and highlighted his conservative values. The video generated significant buzz, attracting media coverage and fueling public interest in his campaign. While many attributed his victory to Trump’s endorsement, DeSantis emphasized that it was his own message and hard work that resonated with voters.

DeSantis’ Impact on Trump’s Re-election

Contrary to popular belief, DeSantis claimed to have done more for Trump’s re-election than any other elected official. He passionately criticized Trump’s administration for failing to take decisive action during the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots and keeping Dr. Anthony Fauci employed despite his controversial statements. DeSantis firmly believed that his stance on these issues ultimately helped solidify Trump’s reputation as a law and order president.

Handling the Pandemic

During the interview, DeSantis spoke at length about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida and his disagreements with Fauci. He highlighted the need for accountability and stressed the importance of taking a balanced approach rather than implementing strict lockdown measures. DeSantis asserted that his strategies, such as protecting the vulnerable population while allowing businesses to operate, were successful in maintaining both public health and the state’s economy.

Potential Presidential Run and Governing Challenges

As the conversation delved deeper, DeSantis hinted at the possibility of running for president in the future. He touted his achievements as governor, including record-breaking job growth, tax cuts, and criminal justice reform. However, DeSantis acknowledged the challenges of running a state compared to being a mayor or member of Congress. He emphasized that effective governing requires tangible results and a track record of successful policies.


In conclusion, Governor Ron DeSantis refuted the notion of President Trump’s sole influence in his election victory. DeSantis strategically utilized a campaign video to gain free media attention, putting the focus on his own message and conservative values. Moreover, he emphasized his impact on Trump’s re-election and his handling of the pandemic, highlighting his disagreements with Fauci. With his eye on the future, DeSantis mentioned the possibility of a presidential run while acknowledging the unique challenges of state governance.


  1. Did DeSantis solely rely on Trump’s endorsement for his election victory?
    No, DeSantis strategically used a campaign video to garner attention and showcase his own message and values.

  2. How did DeSantis impact Trump’s re-election?
    DeSantis criticized Trump for not taking action during the BLM riots and keeping Fauci employed, ultimately solidifying Trump’s law and order reputation.

  3. How did DeSantis handle the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida?
    DeSantis took a balanced approach, protecting the vulnerable population while allowing businesses to operate, resulting in both public health and economic stability.

  4. What are some of DeSantis’ notable achievements as governor?
    DeSantis achieved record-breaking job growth, implemented tax cuts, and spearheaded criminal justice reform in Florida.

  5. Does DeSantis plan to run for president in the future?
    DeSantis hinted at the possibility of a presidential run but acknowledged the challenges of governance at the state level.

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