How ESG is damaging American Corporate Culture while Democrats remain Silent” – A Comprehensive Overview.

In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the controversial topic of how ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – is causing damage to American corporate culture. Perhaps more concerning is the lack of accountability among Democrats, who have remained surprisingly silent on the issue. As a responsible citizen, it is crucial to understand the complexities of this matter, and we aim to provide a clear and informative guide on this impactful issue.

How ESG is Damaging American Corporate Culture while Democrats Remain Silent – A Comprehensive Overview


Over the past few years, the term ESG has become increasingly popular in the corporate world, with many companies setting their policies and practices to align with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. While this might seem like a positive development for the society, it has become clear that ESG is more about a political agenda rather than about making positive changes for the environment and society.

Patrick Bet-David, Tulsi Gabbard, and Adam Sosnick recently discussed how ESG is destroying American corporate culture. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at how ESG is damaging corporate America and how democrats, who are the supposed representatives of the working class, are remaining silent.

Equity and Equality are Being Used Interchangeably by People who do not Know Their Meaning

Many people use the terms equity and equality interchangeably, which results in confusion about the two concepts. Equity is about fairness and making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of any differences they may have. Equality, on the other hand, is about treating everyone the same, regardless of any differences or disadvantages they may have.

The Concept of Equity is Being Pushed Too Much in the Woke Culture

The concept of equity has been pushed too far in the ‘woke’ culture, leading to dangerous outcomes. Equity has been twisted to mean that everyone should have the same outcome, regardless of their input, effort, or merit. This leads to policies that discriminate against high-achievers and promote mediocrity, which is detrimental to the growth of society and American corporate culture.

There is a Mental Illness Taking Over Our Society, where Things That are Not Real are Being Sold as Real

The push for equity often results in a disregard for facts and reality. This can largely be attributed to the prevalence of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in American schools and universities. CRT is a radical theory that disregards facts and reality, instead choosing to promote a narrative that divides people into oppressors and oppressed. This has a serious impact on corporate culture, where merit-based decision-making is essential for the success of the company.

The Normalization of Pedophilia is Happening, and No Democratic Congress Member has Spoken Against it

One of the most disturbing side effects of the woke culture and equity agenda is the normalization of pedophilia. Inappropriate books that sexualize children as young as five are being promoted in schools under the guise of diversity and inclusivity. This is a serious issue, and it is concerning that no democratic congress member has spoken against it.

LGBTQ+ are Going in the Same Direction but have Different Agendas

The LGBTQ+ community is often lumped together as a monolithic group, but in reality, they are a diverse group with different agendas. Dave Chappelle made an amazing joke about how different the agendas of the LGBTQ+ community are in his latest special. This is an important point to remember, especially when it comes to advancing the rights of the individuals within the community.

Inappropriate Books are Sexualizing Kids as Young as Five, and Parents Should Be Making Noise About It

Inappropriate books that sexualize children are being promoted in schools under the guise of diversity and inclusivity. Parents should be vigilant about what their children are reading and make noise about inappropriate books that should not be in the hands of young kids.


The push for ESG is not about making real and positive changes for the betterment of society and the environment; it is about pushing a political agenda. Equity has been twisted to mean everyone should have the same outcome regardless of their input or effort. The woke culture and its disregard for facts and reality are detrimental to American corporate culture. Democrats, who should be representing the working class, are remaining silent while pedophilia is being normalized. It is essential that people become vigilant about what is happening around them and speak out against policies and practices that do not align with what is good for society.


  1. What is ESG, and why is it important?
  2. Why are equity and equality getting confused, and what’s the difference between them?
  3. How has the push for equity hurt American corporate culture?
  4. What is CRT, and how does it impact American society and corporate culture?
  5. Why is the normalization of pedophilia an issue, and what can we do about it?
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