How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Need? #shorts

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So there's this common myth that we all Need six to eight hours of sleep but I Sat down with a neuroscientist who told Me that we can't generalize and six to Eight hours might not actually be enough For you so how do you know if you're not Getting enough sleep do you need a Partner or an alarm clock to wake you up In the morning does it take you a long Time to wake up do you crave caffeinated And sugar-rich drinks during the day to Keep you awake have your friends family Colleagues reported that you're showing A lack of empathy increased frustration They may have noticed that you do stupid And unreflective things and when given The opportunities to sleep let's say at The weekend do you find your sleep Patterns change there are subtle changes Which can make you a morning person or An evening person but also going back to Light that can contribute to what's Called your chronotype your morningness And eveningness so morning light Advances the clock makes you get up Earlier evening light delays the clock Makes you get up later and go to bed

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