How Messi’s Coach Was Inspired By Him

In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about the relationship Messi and Guardiola had with each other and how they influenced each other to greatness.Try our sponsor Aura for 14 days free – to see how many times your personal information was found on the dark web today.

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Did the diabetical by message Coach Pep Guardiola gave me the chills all over my Body and if you're a leader or you want To be a great leader I think this is Going to give you a completely different Perspective on leadership if you get Value from this video give it a thumbs Up and subscribe to the channel so let Me tell you what happened the other day My sister has an Instagram account Somebody got into her account hacked it Stole it started selling Bitcoins I'm Getting messages with my sister on Instagram said hey you got to buy this Bitcoin you don't even believe how much Money I make I'm like what the hell is Going on here so I sent a message to her And eventually I just bought a Tesla I Bought this about that and they message All our people just because somebody Hacked into her account this is why Today's sponsor is Aura because identity Theft has officially passed rivalry as a Number one crime in America there is a Website through Aura imagine a one place To protect all your family for identity Theft where you can go and search how Many of your passwords are on a dark web Test a couple of our employees here did It 43 passwords 41 of them 38 of them if You haven't taken advantage of what or Offers right now I highly recommend Protect you and yourself I'm America's Fastest growing crime Tri Aura free for

Two weeks and see if any of you or your Family's personal information has been Compromised start your 14-day trial at forward slash pbd you can click On the link above to get started with Aura here's what the quote was I tried Making Messi the best player in the World but he ended up making me one of The best managers in the world pretty Wild code right when you think about That I try to make Messi the best player In the world he may be one of the best Managers in the world aren't you the Leader aren't you the coach like you're Supposed to do that to me he's not Supposed to do that to you but that's The mindset of somebody that thinks they Have the responsibility of knowing it All you have to be the leader of Everything you know how many times I've Had interactions with my kids where They've challenged me I'm like whoa that Was very interesting what just happened Right there how many times I've had Conversations with the people I work With I'm like that was a very good point Of view that was a very interesting Thing so somebody may say oh wow so what You're saying is the fact that Messi was His coach that's why this quote is so Powerful but this guy has his own resume Stacked as an individual leader watch His resume by the way what he's done he Holds the record for the most

Consecutive League games won in La Liga In Bundesliga and Premier League he was A former player he was named the FIFA World coach of the year he won four Premier League titles four efl cups the FA Cup a domestic trouble in 2018-19 at 37 years old he became the youngest Manager to lift the UEFA Champions League trophy this isn't the history Ever he was the youngest to do it so Again he's not a lightweight coach this Is a guy that stacked with his resume But if you watch him when he celebrates Messi scoring there's this famous video Where Messi scores the goal and he's Just sitting like a proud father Celebrating with his son saying wow it's So awesome to be working with this but I'm curious about that quote is he Saying it because Messi made him a great Coach or is he saying it because a Handful of players were so difficult so Annoying with such a big upside that he Had to work 10 times harder to move them Until all of a sudden one day a message Showed up and he's like man I have to Spend 100 hours on these guys but I just Have to ask Messi this thing one time And he wants it so bad and some of these Guys were just as capable but they just Weren't mentally willing to pay the Price like this guy's willing to pay the Price to make it to the highest level a Coach becomes grateful for great players

Only if he's had a lot of challenging Difficult personalities he work with so You ought to be as grateful for these Guys as you are for these guys in my Career I got four kids now some of the Things my kids do that's annoying and It's challenging like you know you get Cornered you don't know how to handle it I go all the way back to a handful of Personalities I've worked with in the Last 20 something years of leading sales People and businesses and I'll say man You remind me of that guy back in 2004. You remember about that guy that one guy In 2008 that was very hard to work with In that six-month stint which you just Did reminds me of what he did but I know How to handle it because that guy Coached me you know what you just did Right now son you don't even know what I'm saying under my mind I've gone Through this 17 times with other people That was my training to become a great Parent those difficult people I work With challenge me to become a better Leader today so it's not all about the People you work with that are easy Sometimes if your goal is to be a great Leader somehow someway God or whatever Spirit you believe in is going to put Some interesting people in your life That will force you to say I don't even Know how to work with this guy Everything I do is difficult with this

Person why are these people so difficult Well maybe that's your challenge to see If you're willing to up your game throw On how to move this person because the Great leader is either going to say yep I'm willing to invest in this person Because there are shown signs of Greatness or no I'm wasting my time Nothing else is going to happen here Because the attitude is that bad they Lack gratitude they think they know it All they're difficult to work with I'm Simply needing to move on and fire this Person you're firing this customer this Client this individual and say I just Can't save this person and I'm going to Move on and find somebody to work when You're going to say now I realize well I'm so grateful for this person maybe The quote for me was deeper than an Average person that reads it or I read This quote I'm like oh my God I found Somebody in the company that I work with So put two thousand and uh 15 I've been In the business since 2001 15 14 14 Years later I hire somebody that we work With it's a palace I couldn't believe How easy they were to work with I didn't Turn these guys into leaders they were Leaders but you work with them in your Life I just watch them look at this guy Look what they're doing look what They're so awesome so great looking are Doing this is so amazing but I have to

Go through this to be grateful for People like this that make everybody Else better as a leader if that's your Goal you're going to go through it as Well it's going to be a wild ride so if You appreciate the quotes it's probably Because it hits you the way it hit me as Well at the current phase you're at so If you enjoyed this video I got another Video I want you to watch is 10 traits To develop As Leaders if you've never Seen that click here to watch it take Care everybody bye bye-bye Foreign [Music]

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