How Teachers are Creating Friction Between Parents and Kids

In the educational journey of a child, the relationship between teachers, parents, and students plays a significant role in shaping their experiences and outcomes. However, in some instances, the dynamic between teachers and parents can create friction that may impact the well-being and development of the child. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons behind this friction and explore how teachers can navigate and resolve conflicts effectively for the benefit of all parties involved.

How Teachers are Creating Friction Between Parents and Kids


Navigating the treacherous waters of education in today’s society has become increasingly complex, with teachers finding themselves caught in the crossfire between parents and their children. The battle lines drawn between parental authority and instructional influence have paved the way for a collision course of conflicting ideologies. Let’s delve deeper into the mechanisms through which teachers are inadvertently driving a wedge between parents and kids.

The Role of Education in Today’s Society

In an era where parents strive to ensure their children receive the best education possible, teachers play a pivotal role in shaping young minds. However, the current educational landscape has become a battleground where differing perspectives clash, leading to friction between families and educators.

  • Parents’ desire for involvement in their children’s education conflicts with teachers’ professional autonomy.
  • The rise of social emotional learning initiatives in schools has sparked debates on parental rights versus educational standards.

The Impact of Social Emotional Learning on Parental Involvement

Social emotional learning (SEL) has gained traction in educational settings as a means to foster emotional intelligence and empathy among students. While educators champion its benefits, parents express concerns about the ideology and values being instilled in their children.

  • SEL programs aim to develop students’ self-awareness and relationship skills, often diverging from traditional parental teachings.
  • The emphasis on empathy and inclusivity sometimes clashes with parents’ beliefs and values, creating discord within families.

The Friction Between Schools, Parents, and Children

As schools increasingly prioritize social emotional learning over traditional academic pursuits, tensions between parents, teachers, and students have escalated. The quest for holistic development often leads to ideological clashes that sow seeds of discord in family dynamics.

  • Teachers advocating for SEL may inadvertently undermine parents’ authority and familial values.
  • Parents feeling alienated by the school system’s influence on their children’s beliefs and behaviors leads to a breakdown in communication and trust.

Navigating the Educational Landscape

In a world where educational norms are constantly evolving, finding common ground between parents, teachers, and students is paramount. Effective communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to children’s well-being can help bridge the gap and foster harmonious relationships within the education sphere.

  • Encouraging open dialogue between parents and teachers can bridge ideological gaps and foster understanding.
  • Collaborative efforts to align educational goals with parental values can mitigate friction and promote a united front in supporting children’s growth.


As educators strive to mold young minds and parents endeavor to instill values at home, finding harmony amidst conflicting viewpoints is essential. By recognizing the impact of social emotional learning on parental involvement and working towards a common goal of holistic child development, we can navigate the challenges of modern education with unity and empathy.


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  2. What resources are available for parents seeking to understand and navigate the educational landscape?
  3. How can teachers balance the implementation of SEL programs with respecting parental authority?
  4. Are there legislative actions being taken to protect parental rights in educational settings?
  5. Where can educators and parents find support and guidance in fostering collaborative relationships for children’s well-being?
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