How The Wrong Woman Can Ruin A Man’s Life

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘behind every great man, you will find a great woman?’ If this saying is true, the opposite should also be true, ‘behind every defeated man, you might find a woman who ruined his life.’ In today’s video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the consequences of marrying the wrong woman and what you should do to prevent that from happening.

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Ever heard the same behind every great Man you'll find a great woman you ever Heard that before if that is true the Opposite has to also be true no let me Kind of get into it by the way some of The ladies watching this you may not Like it some of you are going to love it Fellas This is a message for you pay attention And pay attention very very closely if You get value from this video give it a Thumbs up and subscribe let's get right Into it behind every defeated man you'll Find a woman who ruined his life this is Something I tweeted this week I want to Read the whole thing again stay with me Behind every great man you'll find a Wonderful woman behind every defeated Man you'll find a woman that ruined his Life is this true let me continue There Are two ways men get castrated one is Surgical the other is emotional when Marrying the wrong woman the wrong woman Can ruin a man's life you can see it on His face no man knows how to act when They get married for the first time There's not a manual for it I call this The last appointment syndrome whoever You talk to last before going to sleep Will dictate your future Pat how could You say this I mean this isn't fair Isn't the opposite true as well you Should you shouldn't the opposite be True what if a woman that also marries

The wrong man because could a girl also Ruin her life by marrying the wrong man Absolutely however the American System Protects the woman and there's a greater Risk for men to get married than a woman To get married and that's just the truth Okay there isn't any more of a way a man Can show loyalty to a woman meaning to Say that I'm all in with you once they Have a kid to give them they're married Because one tax code I took the biggest Risk two I had a kid with you I took the Biggest serious what else do you want me To do to show you my love right now some Of you may say well Pat you can't be Saying that what isn't the opposite Truth is what would women with this with That of course the opposite can be true With your friends your cousin who you Hang out with for women all that other Stuff but in Iran men are protected so Women have to be careful who to marry in Iran if a woman divorces her husband and Leaves doesn't get half of what the Husband has the husband doesn't give Nothing to the wife in Iran if he Doesn't want to because the law defends Man in America Western Society defense Women so if a man is married to a woman In the ultimate Way by law and taxes for Men to show that the liability purely Financially is through getting married And having a kid with a woman you're Financially tied where you have to take

Care of that person if you don't have an Optional agreement in place which means In America the man has to be careful who To marry because she can totally ruin Your life if you marry the wrong person That's in America okay so now if you Listen to this right now Pat what should I be looking at number one take your Time for me as a man in America if you Want to get married 30 to 40 the right Age take your time there is no Competition you know the race like hey Let's you can run 100 yards hey let's You can do the 40 in marriage no one Cares how soon you get married at 18 22 28 or 32 no one cares you can take your Time get married at 35 get married at 38 At 31 at 30 you are fine doing it too Early you don't have enough experience Because marriage comes doesn't come with A manual as much as your mom your dad Your friends your peers are going to try To tell you how to get married and how To do it the right way 99 of whatever Anybody tells you about marriage you're Gonna have to go through it yourself so Pumped up break take your time look at The things that matter physically does She need to be attractive to you it's Important number two values and Principles best be common you best Believe in similar values and principle How to raise family how many kids Financially who's in charge who makes

The decision where do we live travel all Of those things matter and if you do That part correctly and you choose the Right one you'll have higher chances of Doing something big in your life I Cannot tell you how many men I saw Killed it in their careers were doing so Well suddenly they married the wrong Person and everything went down I've Seen men who were regular guys average Guys are always making 80 grand year 60 Grand year 40 Grand Year all of a sudden They marry a woman that believes in them Next thing you know 300 600 a million Running 20 million out of your business Because somebody behind closed doors Saying baby I believe in you baby let's Make it work baby you got this I got Your back you're amazing and he's doing His part the guy's got to do his part He's got to go and do his part but Behind closer somebody is saying I Believe in you somebody behind is not Nagging negative all that other stuff That combination together you see big Things happening with them so again I'm Expecting a lot of people to not like This but I'm expecting many many more to Understand this message and receive it Properly if that's you and you received It pump the brakes take your time Marriage is a big decision don't wing it I'm a guy that's pro-marriage I'm a guy That's got four kids I'm a guy that

Loves Partnerships but I'm a guy that Also doesn't encourage to do it and wing It take your time with that decision so If I got you thinking those of you that Are thinking right now saying this kind Of does make sense give it a thumbs up Subscribe to the channel I got another Video I want you to watch the rise of Weak man if you've never watched it Click here to watch it take care Everybody Foreign [Music]

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