How TikTok is Destroying America & Why It Needs To Be Banned

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In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about the dangers of TikTok, a social experiment he conducted and how TikTok suppressed him after a specific video.

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For those of you who love Tick Tock and Solely rely on Tick Tock for your Content to go viral you may want to Listen to this video you may not like it Matter of fact you may not want to Listen to this video because it's going To hurt a little bit but let me get into It so I was very hesitant of getting on Tick Tock I was convinced Tick Tock was Part of China bite dance and they had Certain things that were doing behind Closed doors I read all the articles I Read the disclaimer I read what they Stand stood for finally I said you know What I don't care if I get kicked off a Tick tock I really want to find out if There's any credibility behind all the Criticism that Tick-Tock get for those Of you who love Tick Tock and use it Regular and you love the app there's one Organization you cannot criticize God Forbid you do on Tick Tock you'll see What happens to your numbers by the way It's very important for you to watch This video it's tough for some of you to Watch it but it's important for you to Watch this video because remember what Happened to vine there were all these Vine celebrities oh my God 5 billion Views 10 million views Boom the app shut Down 80 of celebrities nobody knew about Afterwards six months 12 months later Took a lot for some people able to make The adjustments you may want to know

What's happening with Tick Tock because They're one president away from being Banned in no time so having said that I'm going to share with you a social Experiment I did with my own account on Tick Tock to see if this was true or not And I have proof for you with pure data And you'll be able to make a decision For yourself so let's get right into it [Music] So before we get into the video a couple Things if you get value out of this Video give it a thumbs up subscribe to The channel and if it makes you think Share it with others so two timetables We measured on how videos we're doing First one is from June 7 2022 to August 5th of 2022 which is roughly 264 clips That were uploaded during that time on Tick Tock then we looked at from August 6 2022 until November 23rd which are on 722 Clips were uploaded you're going to See a major difference in numbers so There's four category of videos we're Gonna break down first one is videos Getting between zero to twenty thousand Views second is video is getting between 20 to 100 000 views then a hundred Thousand two million and last but not Least at a million plus now why are we Looking at August 50s because August 5th Is when I uploaded a video criticizing The one organization the one name you Cannot criticize on Tick Tock viewership

Dropped 10 200 x you'll see 100x when I Show it to you and daily followership Used to be 50 000 to 75 followers on The Tick Tock for three months straight Every month to down to three to five Thousand followers on a monthly basis so When you look at the first round June 7 To August 5th here's what happened Videos between zero to twenty thousand Views were 99. videos between 20 to 100 000 views for 111 102 million 45 videos Got over a hundred thousand two million Views and nine videos got over a million Views now keep in mind this is when the Account was smaller I only had forty Thousand followers or eighty thousand Followers a hundred thousand followers So I'm getting a million plus views on Videos on a very small account that I Just started because I didn't really Trust Tick Tock yet then boom on August 5th I upload a video criticizing China This is what the video looked like Here's what the video was I put this Video up if you come out this strong and Your name is China And you want to be the world leader you Cannot make a threat like this and not Deliver oh Which means She has to know this Biden has to know This we have to be on alert and we have To know this isn't a small country Saying this this isn't a billionaire

Saying this this is our number one enemy In the world who wants to take over us They had a vision called made in China 2025 it was by 2025 China wanted to be The ruler of the World when they say This you best believe behind closed Doors everybody needs to be ready for This it almost looked like numbers Instantaneously change and my people Would come up to me at the office the Past something's going on with Tick Tock I'm like guys stop with all this stuff Jump into conclusion no give it another Week give it another week give it Another week Pat look at the numbers Look at the comparison look I'm like I'm Telling you give it one more month Pat Look at the numbers finally after Looking all these numbers testing it's Showing it right next to each other I Said maybe the team's got a good Argument let's take a look at this Here's what happened after or I uploaded That video about China so once again Between June 7 to August 50 was 264 Videos we were measuring now we're going To look at August 6th to November 23rd 722 so when you look at it side by side Here's what you see Zero to twenty Thousand views you ready 720 videos were only between 0 to 20 000 Views you want to know how many videos Were twenty thousand two hundred Thousand views only two

One of them was a Buffett video and one Of them was an Antonio Brown video do You want to know how many videos got Over a hundred thousand views two Million only one and you know how many Got over a million zero so let me get This straight when the account was Smaller I got 111 videos to go between 20 to 100 000 when the channel is bigger When the account is bigger on 720 videos We're measuring only two got between 20 To 100 000. when the account was smaller I got 45 to get to 100 to a million when The accounts bigger only one get 100 Over a million when the account's Smaller I get nine over a million when The accounts bigger I get zero over a Million makes you think so so keep in Mind it's more clips Fewer opportunities over a hundred Thousand fewer Clips more over a hundred Thousand it's kind of like a hundred at Bats you're hitting 40 home runs for Example here a thousand at bats you're Hitting one home run very weird then I Said well let's look at the content to See if it's getting better or worse Because maybe numbers are not grown on All the other channels here's what we Noticed the last two or three months Have been the biggest month in the History of our content ever on our all Our YouTube channels pbd podcasts by Timmy shortclips pbd podcast just won

Over around 430 000 Subs by Timmy Shortcuts just went over 400 000 Subs You know you got value team just won Over 3.7 million Subs my Instagram Account just went over 3.4 million every Twitter is growing everything's growing Except for one thing Tick Tock so let's Compare the clips maybe the content went Lower so look at the clips here same Clips we uploaded on Instagram how many Views did they get versus the same Clips We uploaded on Tick Tock here's the Results so here here's a clip I did About buffets on Instagram 1.3 million Views on Tick Tock 20 000 views here's a Clip about Shaq on Instagram 1.5 million Tick Tock 10 200. here's another one About men their testosterone level going Lower 1 million versus Tick Tock 7 600. Here's another one 970 this was about Houses good time to buy 970 000 views Versus 15 000 views here's a video about Staying positive 3.9 million views on Instagram only 5600 views on Tick Tock Here's one about reading books 1 million Views on Instagram 9 500 views on Tick Tock here's about sales people 1.1 Million on Instagram Tick Tock 12 900. Here's one about helping people 933 000 Views versus 11.9 000 views here's one About marriage on Instagram 9.6 million Views here's on Tick Tock 9600 views That's a thousand times less so somebody May say well on Instagram you have 3.4

Million followers on Tick Tock you only Have 260. what's 260 times a thousand Times ten is 2.6 million times 100 is 26 6 million times a thousand is 260 Million followers I don't have 260 Million followers on Instagram the Numbers don't make sense let me continue Michael burry 932 versus 12 900. Jewish Money 5.9 million versus 12 900. Rolex 3.1 million versus 16 600. Detroit 1 Million versus eleven thousand art 1.1 Million versus 9700 another Buffett Video 2 million versus seventeen Thousand nine hundred not having kids 1.2 million versus thirty two hundred Tate 1.2 million versus twenty one Thousand seven hundred so now you saw The data you get to make a decision 264 Videos like the 722 like that why that Kind of that's kind of weird and then The other content is doing better on Insta and other places than it is on Tick Tock and here's the other part I'm Not looking for you to say oh my God Poor Pat I have a great life I'm not Sitting here that I need sympathy Whatsoever I'm a leader I take Responsibility for the words that's Coming out of my mouth how to improve How to adjust feed my mind that's all on Me I want you to hear from what other Experts have to say and influencers have To say about this four names I'm going To give to you one is musk the other one

Is Scott Galloway Scott Galloway cannot Stand Elon Musk Scott Galloway said musk Will never buy Twitter he's just playing With everybody he'll never cut the check And every day Scott Galloway criticizes Musk on Twitter so they're not on the Same page what Rogan said what a Comedian Andrew Schultz said Andrew Schultz said the best thing on one of The podcast I'm paraphrasing what he Said he said the algorithm in China Benefits kids who are making things that Are interesting engineer creating Something it's getting them to be Smarter those videos go viral in China But algorithms in U.S favor boys and Girls who do silly dumb to get Viral and get attention because they Want the reward in America to be do Stupid things to get recognized so the Algorithms are dumbing up the kids in America they can do that because they Control the algorithm Scott Galloway Went on Tick Tock and said the following He said there's no difference with the CCP and a Chinese company a CO can Disappear for four weeks people under The age of 18 are not spending more time On Tick Tock than all the other apps Combined these are his words Tick Tock Needs to be banned full stop he said That to Bill Maher and Bill Mars like Whoa whoa whoa Trump wasn't a fan even Biden's not necessarily a big fan of

Tick tock even though he's on it very Actively during the campaign here's what Musk said musk said Tick Tock is Destroyed civilization and a rogue gets On his podcast and reads the entire Terms of service and people are saying Wait a minute is that really on the Terms and service yes it is said we Collect information about the device you Use to access the platforms such as your IP address your region and user agent Mobile carrier time zone settings Identifiers for advertising purposes Model of your service device your device System networks it keeps it says are you Kidding me they really track the way you Move your finger they track the way your Keystrokes which means they're trying to Find out everything about everything You're doing this is a app that's Eventually going to get banned it's Banned already in Indonesia in Bangladesh India ban Tick Tock it's Banned in Syria for different reasons It's been in many different places and Very soon it's going to be banned in America because they are manipulating The way you are receiving content it's Just a matter of time so again like I Said earlier I wanted a test to see if It was true about what Tick Tock and Bite dance the owner back in China Doesn't like to talk about they don't Like you when you criticize China and

When the CEO of tick tock U.S was on Court being asked questions do you have To report everything to buy tents well You know we we are we run in a very Separate way that's not my question do You have to report everything back to by Test we run as a completely different Organization do you have to report Everything back 10 different ways the guy asked the Question finally said well essentially Yes we are owned by by tense and we yes We have to report of course you do and You think China loves America they don't Look Create the content you're going viral But whatever you do if you are somebody That's doing very very good things on Tick Tock and it's working out for you You have to have an outcome to get Everybody off of tick tock elsewhere Before that thing shuts down because it Doesn't have a long time to live in America specifically what they're doing And their motives neither the left the Right or the middle trusted I know the Younger generation is going to be Devastated but it's coming very very Soon you just added data comparing you Two days right how we were getting more Views now we don't what's the outcome of Me doing this video maybe asking Yourself do I need sympathy my gosh Pat I'm gonna go watch your videos on Tick

Tock you get views you think this is Going to change you think someone at Tick tock's gonna potentially see this And say hey let's pump up their videos To go get some movies it's not going to Happen why is that I'm doing this I got Four kids we're having conversations Right now about phones one of my my 10 Year old kid were talking about phones What's gonna happen if this guy gets a Phone he goes to school Everyone's Watching Tick Tock what's he gonna Duplicate same thing so let me get this Straight when they came out with the Patriot Act I've interviewed a lot of Mobsters a lot of people who the Governments somehow was able to wiretap And see what they're doing but the Patriot Act allowed the government to do So without your permission to listen to What you're doing to surveillance what You're doing to wiretap you pretty much Lose all your freedom so but that's the Gov your government doing it to you now Imagine a government who doesn't like Your country is an enemy of yours is not Why you're tapping everything you're Doing and incentivizing videos that Criticize capitalism incentivizing Videos that criticize America Incentivizing videos that criticize Marriage and incentivizing videos that Criticize why America is the greatest Country in the world and an incentive I

Think woke ideology right oh my gosh all These weird victimhood mentality you Don't think that's a way to hurt an Entire civilization a country especially A country they think China goes to sleep Saying wow America's such a wonderful Country leading the way for the rest of Us because we so much love America they Don't I lived in a country for 10 years That said hate upon America every day on The news so you you best believe there Are some countries that do not like America and China being at the top of The list they're not doing this because They want to make billions with Tick Tock and make the most expensive app of All time they're doing it because they Know once they get a hold of your 10 Year old kid your 12 year old kid your 14 year old kid and your kids spend Hours on top of hours on this without Being in front of you this thing and Tick Tock has more influence over your Kids than you do game over you lose your Kid for kids for 10 20 years if you want That that's why I'm doing this video you Make a decision for yourself whatever You want to do with Tick Tock FYI I'm still gonna keep posting videos on Tick Tock you know why because I'm in The conversion mindset I'm in the Mindset of getting people to think for Themselves to say you can stand up you Can take personal responsibility you can

Do big things for your life and let them Say I'm not gonna let anybody see Because if one person gets shifted and One person says I'm gonna lead I'm so Sick of this ftx's uh mom Writes a article for Stanford years ago In 2013 saying we have to get rid of Personal responsibility because this This thing doesn't make any sense look What the sun does the Apple doesn't fall Far from the tree China wants to see More stories like Sam bankman free Because they want that guy to be the Hero to young kids we don't want that We're going to do our part and we're Going to keep leading and those who Listen would eventually have a massive Army together to make sure freedom of Speech free enterprise all of those Freedoms that you fought for and other People fought for it's around for people Like you and I and our kids if you're For that give it a thumbs up and share This video with others and subscribe to The channel if you think this is a Message worthy of being shared with Others if you enjoyed this video I got Another one I want you to watch it's a Video titled the rise of weak men if You've not watched it click here to Watch it take care everybody bye [Applause] [Music]

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