How To Ask For Help, Effectively 🤝 #shorts

Asking for help is not always easy, but there are ways to make it less daunting, at times even rewarding.

So how can we learn to ask for help in a Way that warms people to us rather than Alienates them well there are a few ways First we need to get over our reluctance To ask the easiest way to do this is by Simply adopting a maxim people are more Eager to help than you think second Frame the request in the right way in Particular do your best to ask for help In person asking virtually makes Everything more difficult finally make Sure you're using the right language Avoid using negative phrases like I feel Really bad for asking you this and avoid Turning it into a transaction by saying Things like if you help me I'll do for You instead emphasize why you're going To that specific person for advice for Example I saw your work on X Y and Zed And it really had an impact on me I Would love to hear how you did A B and C This last Insight is key when framed Correctly asking for help makes the Person you're asking feel as good as the Help makes you Feel

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