How To Ask Someone On A Date (In Person) #shorts

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What a lot of us do is we go into an Environment we wait until we see someone That we're attracted to and then we Obsess over what the hell we would say If we tried to talk to that person and Now we spend the whole Time that we're there becoming more and More nervous they become this projection That is so removed from what we actually Know about them right now which is we Just saw an attractive person most People when they go to any environment They're either alone or they're with one Or two friends outside of those one or Two friends they're going to talk to the Person they've already had some small Interaction with that became a kind of Green light for a natural or organic Exchange if you've had the natural or Organic exchange with someone you're Gonna find that a some interactions just Gravitate back to you an hour later or Two hours later B even if you're the one Who initiates you already have that Initial interaction to go by Foreign

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