How To Be A Top 1% Man In 2023

From being broke & lonely to becoming a top 1% man, this is what ultimately allowed me to be in the position I’m in today:

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Gentlemen I'm about to teach you how to Be a top one percent man in this video I'm going to give you three subtle ways To be a top one percent man outside of All the stuff that we already know work On your health work on your finances get More resources more connections more Power all of this stuff still holds true But I cannot tell you how many men I've Met that take those boxes and will never Be considered a high value men because You may have all those things but the Truth your real character is in the Subtleties and this is what people don't Really talk about now the first step to Being a high value man is never ever in A genuine serious manner in a genuine Serious conversation refer to yourself As a high value male I see this time and Time again men say that they're a high Value male and go tell their girlfriend To make them a coffee while they live at Home with their mother listen I'm gonna Be very honest and real with you there Is pretty much no one in the whole Manosphere red pill space that is Actually about about it I know their Personal lives I know behind the scenes And most of these men are dating subpar Women or don't have real respect or can Hold frame with the woman that they're With the reason is they are so busy Screaming how high value they are rather Than being it you need to be not do it

Needs to be effortless you think guys Like Drake or guys like Brad Pitt in Day-to-day conversations listen it's one Thing on YouTube when you've got a title And a theme for the video that's one Thing you think Drake and Brad Pitt are Telling their friends or girls they're Dating or their wife I'm so high value Look at me no you might say oh they're Celebrities okay let's talk about the YouTube game for example you think Someone like Patrick Bet David which is One of the only few people I genuinely Truly respect and look up to in this Whole social media influencer This that space I can tell you right now He's not sitting at dinner tables Telling people just how high value he is So in this video I will use the terms High value top one percent but in Day-to-day life I just say simply that a Man is of integrity a man is of Honor a Man is of substance a man has character For me that's how I would describe an Exceptional man not the whole top one Percent oh I'm high value look at me I Don't know I just think all that stuff Is lame honestly and I would Call the top one percent simply the New Renaissance men so in this video I'm Gonna run through three concepts the New Renaissance men live by and I'm speaking Mainly but our plans to everything in Life Concepts to attract the opposite

Sex now as I alluded to earlier in the Video These are the subtleties but you Still need to get your income up you Need to get your resources up and in Order to do that I recently uploaded a Video called how to get rich in your 20s This has been one of my most popular Videos and it has helped guide a lot of Men to making their first income so I'll Go ahead and leave that YouTube video as The first link in the description now One of the most important Concepts that The new renaissance man lives by is Making things look effortless now they Shouldn't be effortless we all know that In order to accomplish anything in life It takes effort and hard work but Everything pure effortless everything Must appear as smooth as possible I'll Give you a small example I would say That 90 to 95 percent of time when I'm Going on a date I order for the other Person now it's probably a smart idea to Suggest it and ask would you like me to Order for the table and I can tell you From experience 99 of women would rather The man just take charge take lead and Just order so that is one small example Of effortlessness the experience of Going to dinner is effortless she Doesn't need to think about it so I Highly suggest you do the same and in Order to do the same because you don't Look like an idiot fumbling around

Looking at the menu oh what should I do Before you go study the menu or if You're like me I'm a creature of habit There's maybe only you know five six Restaurants that I like going to I know The menu pretty much back to front at This point so either study the menu Before you go or just make it a habit of Going to the same few places now the Next thing is the bill I highly suggest As you guys are coming towards the end Of your meal either you or her will go To the restroom if she goes to the Restroom square away the bill very Quickly if you know that you're done With your meal you're not going to order Anything else or vice versa if you go to The restroom at the end of the meal just Square away the bill while you're going To the restroom and once again this is Another era of effortlessness there is No bill at the end you fumbling for your Wall or trying to pay trying to maintain Conversation while that's happening now I know there might be a very small Stupid subsection of you that are going Wait but if I do that how do we split The bill if you are still the sort of Guy that thinks you should go on a date And split the bill with a woman please Just unsubscribe to my channel you don't Belong here you belong in the kitty sand Pit playing with the other children you Are not a man and I understand not

Everyone grew up with a middle eastern Russian background like I have you know The way that I was raised by my mother The man pays for a bill on a date and That's just not even a question so I Understand that maybe some of you raised Differently if that is the case this is Probably not the channel for you I'm Trying to educate and nurture the next Generation of stand-up men and for me Personally in my opinion that is not a Very stand-up thing to do to split the Bill with a woman on a date now getting Back to the point of the bill obviously As time goes on you can actually start Doing things are even cooler things like At certain establishments that you go to Often having the card on file so the Bill actually never even shows up or for Example with me my head of security is Always on premises wherever I am so I Actually never even paid the bill the Bill is just taken care of and I just Leave and really this is what women Dream of This Is The Stuff of fantasies And by the way I'm not saying that you Have to be a billionaire here because I Can tell you right now when I was dead Broke first starting my businesses I Still thought about this stuff of course You can't do the whole Flex of the bill Doesn't come and all this stuff but I Mean simple stuff when I went on dates And we would just go for long walks

Because that's all I could afford I Would plan routes where I knew that There was a nice hot chocolate place or A nice ice cream place so these are Really ten dollar dates but if you do it Right if you plan it right if you make The whole experience effortless then This is truly the stuff of dreams of Fantasies of movies this is stuff that Women dream of it's this effortlessness That everything just seems to be going Right and that's what she sees and That's what really women want to see is Just effortlessness and that's why women Love all of these romantic movies and These rom-coms and stuff like that Obviously she doesn't realize that on The back side you're here planning Everything and making sure everything Goes in order so things shouldn't be Effortless but they should look Effortless now effortlessness also Reflects on how humble and under the Radar you are never make a massive deal Of something no need to ever tell the Woman the price of the bill or how much You spent on some new thing that you Bought no need for all this stuff the Lesser you flex and the more comfortable You seems you can still talk about Yourself you can still talk about your Achievements you can still talk about Things that are going on in your life But we all know the difference between

Talking when addressed or when the time Is right or just weird flexes that are Incongruent that are poorly timed that The girl or even just people you're Networking with are just kind of like Cool I didn't really ask you need to Remember in general to be the guy rather Than telling her you're the guy now the Next concept is you need to be a modern Gent here's what I see right now I see Either the black pill or just like the Women hating crowd that are like the World is unfair and all this stuff and They're just like so aggressive this way And then there's the other end of the Spectrum which is just like the the Dudes who just watch way too much Rom-com and don't understand that they Will be trampled over by women the women In the modern world will eat them alive Because they are too nice they have no Boundaries so you want to be somewhere Around I'd say here which is a little Bit more on the skeptical side but when The time is right and by the way be Polite be courteous respectful to Everyone but going over the odds to be a True gentleman and give a woman the true Gentlemanly experience of course you Have to pick the right women don't just Give that to anyone so this means having Old school gentlemanly values but Understanding The Perils of modern day Dating as I said there are so many women

Who set out to pray on nice guys and When I say be a gentleman some people Think I mean be a simp no you need to Understand how degenerate and crazy the Modern dating world is you need to look At her Instagram and understand Realistically what kind of girl is she You should be able to ask small Fielding Questions to her see how she reacts in Different environments and from that Derive realistic what kind of girl is She so definitely you need to learn how To have your wits about you but once you Have fully scoped out a woman and assess The quality of a woman and if that Sounds bad to some people assess the Quality of a woman well you think a Woman isn't assessing the quality of a Man it goes both ways so once you've Properly assessed the situation don't Venture into the woman-hating territory Because honestly that's a lot of what The whole Red Bull Community has become You know they simply can't get over the Fact that women in their 20s especially Early 20s have certain privileges that Men simply don't have you know all they Can do is just cry and think about how Unfair the world is so cut that crap and Be a modern gentleman now here are a few Examples now the first one is pick up a Girl and drop her home don't say oh I'll Meet you there at nine o'clock pick her Up on the way that's a genuinely thing

To do and obviously after make sure she Gets home safely I've already discussed This but pay the bill the next Simple Thing pull out the chair for her and Here is the next thing and this might be A little graphic make her finish first Listen if you want to get your numbers Up and you want to have another notch in Your belt sure just have sex but quite Frankly if you want women that are going To stay around for a long time because They respect you they're obsessed with You they adore you then you need to stop Watching porn you need to stop all this Over sexualization you need to drop your Ego and maybe learn a thing or two about Female anatomy and the correct way to Pleasure a girl and once again just a Reminder all the things that I just Listed if a woman does not treat you With respect if she is late if she is on Her phone all the time during your date If she is all of these things and you Still do all of those acts and do it for A long period of time even though she Disrespects you you are a simp you are Nothing else you are needy you have no Other options so you need to tolerate That sort of behavior if a woman is Nothing but respectful to you on time Listens is not on her phone has positive Uplifting energy and you do all of those Things you are a gentleman you are the Modern gent so there's a very big

Difference you need to understand that Difference now the last concept of the New renaissance man lives by or the top One percent that I would consider lives By is never get comfortable you need to Understand that a man who becomes Comfortable is the most disgusting thing On earth to a woman and the funny thing Is she will try to make you comfortable If you're in a relationship with some Woman they will try to keep you in bed And cuddle and oh you don't need to go To the gym you already went uh three Times this week and all this stuff You'll have certain women that try to Tempt you with morning sex every morning Instead of getting up training showering And getting straight to work instead You're there having morning sex then That turns into oh let's have some Breakfast and watch some Netflix and by The time you're actually at your desk Working it's like 12 1 o'clock so you Need to acknowledge that women will Constantly test you they will constantly Try to make you comfortable and being Comfortable is how you become complacent And weak so I'm not saying never have Sex or never cuddle or never having a Morning lay-in with your partner I'm Saying that there is a time and place And yes you can do that when you deserve It when you have accomplished your Missions for the week but I have seen so

Many incredible men put aside top one Percent these are the top zero zero one Percent and they meet a woman and that Woman makes him comfortable and then the Woman resents him she doesn't respect Him anymore and the worst part is at the End of it all she just leaves him so be Proud of your situation but never be Satisfied with where you are always keep Pushing you know it's funny Pierre who's My business partner one of my software Companies he asked me to meet one of his Close friends very successful dude 100 Million dollars plus and this Entrepreneur this guy he asked me hey Can I bring my cousin you know he's a Fan of yours and stuff like that I said Yeah sure this kid was 14 years old had Started multiple businesses so switched On so humble so well spoken so well Dressed all of these things at 14 and You know he asked me for advice and I Told him listen because you have time on Your side there's no doubt that you will Be successful where I will truly see Your colors is if you will stay Successful and this is a very important Message for all of you guys if you stay At whatever you're doing for the next Two years three years five years ten Years you will be successful that is not A doubt I've never seen someone stay at Something for a prolonged period of time With unwavering focus and discipline and

Not be successful the real question and The real test and the real place where Legends are made is once you are Successful what do you do then do you Get complacent do you falter do you get Comfortable or do you keep pushing Forward every day so that my friend is The last subtle concept that the top one Percent man lives by so I want you to Know that I'm watching from afar as a Big brother of sorts and as always I'm Rooting for you

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