How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself #shorts

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I have this huge urge to be the best Person that I can be okay so if I look At like my top three goals in life Number one is to make myself the best Person I can be and have kids who are Greater than me number two is love I Think love is the most important thing In life and the more you give it the More you have to give it's like fire you Light a flame and you can then light Another one without extinguishing the Original one Renewable Energy Engineering energy cannot be created or Destroyed but love can it's like a jug Where as you pour of it The Jug gets Bigger has more water in it so I think Love Is Magic so maximize love in my Life whether it be with my friends with My users with my kids with my partner Whatever it might be and number three is To create as much value in the world as Possible and Elevate the collective Quality of life and I see creating value As a function of love it's how you love On someone who you've never met before

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