How To Build Resilience: 3 Tips From A World Poker Champion

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Strikes me that that poker would be a Good game to develop the skill of uh Resilience because if you know you're Playing well and then something you know The cards just don't go your way It would be easy in that context like in Real life to beat yourself up and kind Of go into a spiral about this but I Guess as a professional poker player you Have to just get over it yes exactly Um and it Took me and I mean it I struggled with That frankly to the end of my career you Know if I went on a period of not Winning much a downswing as we call it It it would because I guess I just Always had such high expectations of Myself and especially as my career sort Of started off so spectacularly It It just I never some some people are Better than others at not getting bogged Down by the downswings but I it always Got me and that was my weakness frankly Um But either way it's definitely it still Definitely taught me a lot of resilience I'm more resilient now than I would have Been without it for sure What were the some strategies that you Used to sort of somewhat cope with the Dancewings And probably the most useful one is just Sort of doing the perspective game you

Know just to go okay well so the last Three months have been terrible I've Lost this much I've not you know my I'm Slipping down the because this thing Came out which was like a sort of point System of recent Tournament results Called the global poker index so it was A way to try and like rank players even Though it was a terrible actual metric You know who's all it shows is like Who's been playing a lot recently in Caching but if you didn't if you didn't Play much and you'd drop down the Rankings but nonetheless my silly brain That loves to optimize for rankings as I Mentioned you know since kids looking am I number one in the exams I was obsessed With this and I Would yeah so I have a period of three Or four months with no results ah to Start feeling it and so the thing that Would be helpful would just sort of do You know zoom out okay so the last three Months of but let's look at the Last year okay it wasn't that good okay But three years ago I won that big one There and that was like Still above expectation and then prior To that and prior to that and generally Speaking just there will be a radius of Sort of time that you can go back to Where things are actually clearly on the Positive So just choose that because it's it's up

To you which perspective you choose That's that's what you can control you Can't necessarily control what life does But you can control the the time frame With which you want to compare it of how It's going you know where the trend line You know is it is it doing this overall Over a 10-year period or is it doing This okay but let's look at 20 years or Whatever So that's frankly the most useful one And it's also you know the longer the Time period the more meaningful the data Right especially in poker you know the Bigger the sample size then the more Relevant it is yeah so that that's the Main one Um and then the other thing as well when You're especially when you're dealing With any kind of Any kind of sort of decision-making Process process that has luck involved Is Is to Before you even sort of start playing Okay I'll just bring it back to the Poker as the analogy you know In between playing whether it's cash Games or tournaments in between the Actual action you need to be studying on Developing a good sort of thinking Process when you when you play it so you Know you need to go and do your homework And what I found helpful was coming up

With sort of Literally like a step-by-step process That I would follow during hand where You know which I know in a vacuum is the Optimal way of thinking through a Problem and I'd work with a lot with Like my partner Igor who's much better Player than me and other Pros you know What's what is their step-by-step Process okay I'm going to try and Emulate this and work out what works for Me and then at the end of a tournament I Don't look back and see you know how Much I want or not I look back and to See how closely I adhered to that Process that I know is the optimal Process for me So basically just being process focused As opposed to results based Um and that's again that's what I that Became the new metric to measure Myself By and that was a much healthier way of Approaching it and it again built that Resilience and so on now if I was Spending a lot of time not following my Process then technically I should be Annoyed at myself Um but interestingly I never yeah Would never get that annoyed with myself I would not feel as bad about that as I Would for example if I was just looking At the results hey friends thank you so Much for watching if you enjoyed this Clip then click here for the full

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