How To Bullet Journal – Ryder Carroll #shorts

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A lot of people know how powerful Journaling can be to hear about all the Mental health benefits that it can have And I very much encourage long-form Journaling but it takes a lot of time And a lot of people see it only as an Emotional thing I Journal when I'm Confused or when I'm sad or when I'm Angry and that can be helpful and then You have blood lists which essentially Are for very specific things this is What I have to buy you know these are my Goals these are all these things so Bullet journaling kind of combines The Best of Both Worlds where it helps you Organize your thoughts as bulleted lists That's one component there's two parts Of the bullet Journal method the system And the practice the system is how you Organize information and then the Practice is more about what you do with What you write down writing things down Is only the beginning so you write down The things that you experience so your Events the things that you don't want to Forget which are your notes and then Your tasks things that are actionable

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