How To Stop Being Lazy

Is laziness something you’re born with or can you control it? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David explains why people are lazy by choice and gives his best advice to quit being lazy.

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So the question is can someone stop Being lazy there's a part of me that Says yes there's a part of me that says No you'll find out what that is there's Three things I'm going to reference one A book two stories then the third one's Gonna be a movie I just watched I was so Pissed off at the end Mario wanted to go Watch this movie with me I agreed we Went acting was phenomenal the whale Brandon Frazier crushed it but I hated The movie specifically the end and I'll Tell you why spoiler don't watch this Video if you're planning on watching the Movie it's probably going to be a waste Of time because I'm going to tell you Exactly what happens at the end so Having said that let's get right into it If you get value from this video give it A thumbs up and subscribe to this Channel I want to give a quick shout out Today to our sponsor Masterworks here's Why for the longest time you and I maybe Didn't trust art but we appreciated it Right for long example cards collectible Cards why would I buy a card what if It's not real what if it's not this then All of a sudden credibility enter the Market for collectible cards and art SCC Got involved PSA got involved and next Thing you know alternative Investments Went to the roof private Equity got into To Adventure Capital got into it Goldman Sachs is now sitting there there's now

Art funds there's funds that is about Investing into certain pieces of art for High-end clients last year was a Record-breaking year in art 18 billion Dollars of art was purchased last year It was the biggest auction year ever Nearly 18 billion dollars say now you May watch this in Pat 18 billion Square I don't have that kind of money I don't Yeah but just the same way you buy a Mutual fund or a stock of a company what If now you can buy a piece of a Picasso Painting or A bank's a piece of art that He has how cool would that be and then If it grows your investment also grows For you that's what Masterworks does They allow you to invest in this Multi-million dollar art for a fraction Of a full price and they qualify each Offering with the SEC which you can find At Edgar database at and Linked In the description will be below so if You do want to learn more about Masterworks click on the link below There's a special offer specifically for The audience of valuetainment so I'm at An event last week San Antonio or Houston I'm giving a speech and every Time I go through these January Conventions conferences there's a group Of people that I know when I talk to Them they're going to tell me the same Thing every time so how was your numbers How'd you finish off to your old Pat if

You only knew what I went through in 2022 but 2023 is going to be big as if 2023 is not going to have new sets of Problems right no you if you only know What I went through in 20 20 22 is very Hard for us very we went through so many Difficulties I'm like Four years straight your script is the Same it's as if you want to go on stage To justify why you didn't perform by the Way lazy people like to do that to Justify why their numbers aren't good Because life is so hard I'm going Through really tough times right now my Relationships with this with that no Problem so I get on stage I have a whole Speech mapped out I'm like okay I'm Going to change it up I'm going to open Up with a different story I said hey I Want you to write down the three biggest Problems you faced in 2022 30 seconds Everybody gets a minute they're writing It down I said now here's the game we're going To play you got your set of problems I'm Going to give you three tell me if you'd Like to exchange your three problems for The three problems I'm gonna give you Good yeah okay fantastic I want you to Think about your a 15 year old boy Your mother dies at 15 years old okay You watch or die I want you to think About your a 35 year old man 36 year old Father man husband

You had a soccer game your 15 year old Younger brother who's a great soccer Player gets hit with the soccer ball in A regular soccer match he collapses in The middle of the game goes to the Hospital dies at 15 years old younger Brother then six months later your Father dies from brain cancer okay you Have your problems I got these three Problems for you would you exchange your Three problems with these problems Nobody raised your hands so the reason Why I give it a story is because there's A guy right there Adam stand up his name Is Christian I said that's exactly what He went through last year that's exactly What he went through in his life the Brother and his father that just Happened last 12 to 24 months I said he Needs the MVP of the entire group here 2 000 people in the room he ended up Becoming the MVP in the entire group Everybody's like silence in the room There's nothing to say you know why one Of the biggest signs of laziness is we Have convinced ourselves our life is so Hard and that is our out And stories like that annoy because I Guarantee you no matter how hard you Think you're like you if you know how my Dad was If you know how my mom was Husband did to me my wife did to me my Kid do you know who just passed me you

Know who this do you know who that I Totally get it life sucks sometimes it's Hard to be a father sometimes it's hard To be a son it's hard to be a husband It's hard to be a woman a man it's hard It's not supposed to be easy it's just Not but every time clinging on that idea That your life so is so much harder than Somebody else's while somebody with a Heart of life than you is winning and I'm making excuses so number one is that Story let me go to the second one can Somebody choose to stop being lazy I Think it's all going to come down to one Thing a book I read a long time ago I'm Going to reference yeah reference as Much as I can I like to reference this Book It's called Power versus Force when You're looking at the screen there are Different levels that goes through that Gets somebody to be willing to change so It talks about levels of consciousness There's a level above 200 where you're Becoming a leader anything below you're Not the lowest level starts with shame You're ashamed okay we all at some point Have been shamed the next one is guilt Nobody does anything good that feels Guilty okay for something you did in the Past then there's apathy right then There's grief there's fear there's Desire there's anger there's Pride if You have any of those which we all have You're not going to change your pride

Your ego I'm wrong anger desire grief You don't know I feel sorry for me you Ain't changing you you are not changing The first level of change that it talks About in the book is courage one has to Have courage to stop being lazy right After courage is neutrality which means Being willing to receive different Arguments of people to say here's what I Think you ought to consider doing so you Got courage neutrality then it's Willingness I am willing to improve then It's acceptance I am willing to accept That I've been lazy the last two years And I want to do something about it then After acceptance is reason let's reason On what I need to do improve right so The part of me that says yeah this Person can change that person can change Is the following reason you know how so Many people DM and say I love to work With Elon Musk I'd love to work with Michael Jordan man I love to work I'd Love to be Brady's teammate I love to Work with you Pat I'd love to be at the Office with you seen exactly what you're Doing really yeah okay what do you think It's like to work with jobs You think jobs is always sitting there Saying imagine if one day Apple builds a Phone and you're like hey what a Visionary did you feel that I felt it or Do you think it's like hey I want you Guys to take something a computer this

Big ass computer and I want you to fit It in this You got six months What a who are you to say Something like that if you're so smart Why don't you do it you need to do it You don't do it you're fired That's how Steve would be I don't see him being like that I see Him seeing saying stuff like but I Believe you guys got this Because I just feel it let's do yoga to Get and take some LSD and let some make Some smartphones together no You may have worked with somebody that's A hard charging person but you hated it Because they drove you nuts they Expected so much from you they challenge You you couldn't stand it meaning maybe You weren't ready for it so this whole Idea about you know if I'm around the Right people I would change too only if You have the courage to be neutral to Accept willing to improve to reason yes If not your ego gets in the way your Pride gets in the way you feel sorry for Yourself apathy grief shame guilt any of That stuff forget about it it's not it's Not gonna happen and last but not least The third part which is the movie Against spoiler don't stick around if You're gonna watch the movie The Whale I See his speech he's getting the Emotional crying I'm like man I'm so

Glad this guy is back yet put on weight Everybody forgot about Brandon Frazier And now he crushes it with the acting That he does Now movie story I don't Like the story I like Brandon Frazier Not the story so I'm criticizing the Story let me get into it should I go Watch this movie with Mario so Pat you Got to watch the movie The Wheel great Let's go watch it sitting there's a Story of a man who was married got a Daughter eight years old he's married to A woman got a daughter eight years old Ends up falling in love with one of his Students and leaves wife and daughter to Be with this man This man he ends up falling in love with They end up being together ends up Committing suicide he puts on all this Weight is like five six hundred pounds The sister of the man he falls in love With becomes his caretaker so just kind Of following on what's going on here Anyways his doctor keeps saying you're Two weeks away from dying four weeks Away from dying because the way you're Eating he keeps eating pizza all this Stuff because he's just done with his Life right then all of a sudden out of Nowhere his daughter who resents him Because left him comes into his life and There's that relationship but she's Bitter she's angry she's upset at him How could you leave me all this other

Stuff he says but you know what I have a Hundred and twenty thousand dollars That's safe to give to you he's like I'm Going to give it to you all you need to Do is write all you need to do is do This if you come here I'll help you with Your homework I'll help you with their Paper I'll help you with this and I'm Going to give you this hundred twenty Thousand dollars And then at the end there's this scene Where the daughter is begging say I Don't care about your 120 000 Begging the dad to change to choose to Change and lose the weight because he Can so he can see his daughter winning So he can see his daughter's dreams Become a reality the daughter wants the Father to walk hit walk her down the Aisle one day you know how the movie Ends the movie and saying no no but this Is the right thing he dies leaves her The money and the movie ends and the Credit shows up I'm sitting like what a Freaking stupid movie kind of a story is This you want me to be inspired by this Uh you know what when life gets hard Screw it just give up and you know let Your life die your daughter loves you But it's a hundred and twenty thousand Dollars You know you're leaving 120 000 no that Movie is a movie that inspires other People to think they can't change and

Refuse to change even though your Daughter who's lived a miserable life Without a father figure they're always In trouble the dad leaves for another Student a man and now that dad doesn't Want to change what's the moral of the Story you don't want to change You don't want your daughter to have a Relationship with you don't want to Change see the whole reason why I'm Explaining this story the way I'm giving It to you is because if you're still Watching this video at this point you're Feeling the pain of this video okay the Only thing that caused this lazy man to Change this guy up until 18 my dad only Thing he would say you're so lazy you're So this you're so that you're lazy Eventually I watch my dad potentially Dying on his deathbed when he lost 40 Pounds And I said this is not going to happen I'm going to give my ass to work it was So freaking painful visualizing my dad Dying I was not willing to live with it Period I dropped certain habits I feared Success I feared failure I feared Embarrassment what if I can do it what If I'm not good enough what if I'm not Smart I've had all the grief but you Don't know I went through my parents Went through a divorce but you don't Know my life all this I read This I'm like Don I'm doing this I'm

Changing pain eventually got me to say I'm going in the Army Force putting Myself in a situation that I don't have A choice I have to be up at four o'clock In the morning I have to work out I have To run I have to be in shape I have to Be around all that stuff A big decision with that now someone may Be watching said I'm 42 years old what Do you want me to do have a workout Partner and you work out with them at Six o'clock where you can disappoint Them hire a trainer you're paying them Money to get you to get up in the Morning create a seven o'clock breakfast With potential prospects for you to see Create opportunities where you are being Held accountable in a situation where You have to choose to change or else Because if you don't change He can convince everybody life is hard But eventually you're going to be a Certain age and you're going to look at That person in the mirror and you're Going to say you're so full of That's very painful it's very painful if You're okay with that go watch the whale Let that inspire you to not change Go watch the will and said you know what I'm all about this Pat's wrong some people are this some People are dead no problem that's why I Said I don't know if you're going to Choose to change or not or if you're

Watching and saying you know what I'm Sick of it maybe go buy the book power Versus Force Maybe go read maybe do certain things That's going to put you in a place to Say I better get my act together maybe Paint a picture for yourself if you Don't change what life's going to look Like how painful is that you okay with That your girl even your kid's not Wanting to see you you're being alone by Yourself if you're okay with that do What you're doing If you're not go light it up so I'm 50 50. on some that will change and some That won't because 100 of it is on who Is on you so I got a video for you to Watch okay the video I want you to watch This video I did four or five years ago It's called how to improve your work Ethic if you've never watched this video Click here to watch the video take care Everybody bye [Music]

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