How To Stop Procrastination 💭 #shorts

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Whenever I'm struggling with Procrastination or what I think is Procrastination the first step is to Actually just stick the thing in the Schedule and figure out what Specifically the next action step Actually is good and there's other Research to show that when we think About things in the abstract they seem To belong to Tomorrow there's no sense Of urgency to them and when we think About things concretely there they Belong to today so you put those two Things together and it says something About the way the human mind works that We can well in a sense we can borrow This notion of nudge right that we we Move ourselves in the direction of the Way the mind works by saying I'm going To set a time and a specific behavior I'm going to make it as concrete as Possible because concrete goals my brain Treats them differently implementation Intentions also help us break habits or Establish new habits because we put the Cue for the action into the environment And not rely on internal cues because Internal cues I've already got my habits Established

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