How To Take Control Of Your Brain – Mo Gawdat #shorts

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Your brain is capable of anything I mean My new book is exactly about that it's Exactly about your brain being able to Uh to do anything what you tell it to do Right but if you leave it uncontrolled It's tendency it's instinct is to look For what's wrong why because it's a it's A survival machine yes it is there for The simple reason of detecting if there Is a tiger so it can protect you okay And yes if there are no tigers that can Go on and invent iPhones but but you Know if but it's still even as it's Inventing iPhones trying to detect Everything it's my boss Annoying It's My You know boyfriend girlfriend You know trying to leave me or you know Am I going to starve whatever right but That's until you take charge if you take Charge you know that little voice in Your head I basically say it's like your Computer it's like your device you can Tell it what to do and it will do it and Once you start to take charge that Machine can be instructed to look for What's right

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