How To Understand Your Brain’s Approach To Productivity – Tiago Forte #shorts

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I think of productivity as a face there Is a a phase in your life where you have To think about productivity and then There's other phases where you think About creativity I see this kind of like Pendulum productivity creativity Productivity creativity and if you go Too far on either end of the spectrum You start hitting diminishing returns And you start to get stuck so you can Get so fixated on productivity your work Starts to become formulaic it starts to Become very boring and it's time to kind Of go to the other end of the spectrum Creativity but then you can go to Foreign creativity that's when you get Too precious you get two oh no that's my Art it has to be this certain way and You know you talk to someone six months Later what are you doing oh I'm working On my my one painting for the last six Months that also doesn't work you're Getting stuck you're getting locked up In your own preciousness

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