“Humiliation Ritual” – Did Hollywood Force John Cena To Appear Nude at the Oscars?

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss Hollywood forcing John Cena to appear nude at the Oscars.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

John Cena's goes nude on the Oscar stage In nod to Infamous Infamous Academy War Streaker quips the male body is not a Joke John Cena appeared naked on Oscar Stage while presenting the award of best Costume design to poor things was all Part of a bit that paid homage to one of The craziest moments in history of Academy Awards when a naked man ran on Stage at the 46 Oscars in 1974 while David nean was uh introducing Elizabeth Taylor it was the at the height of the 70s streaking fan when new people Frequently interrupted public events I Chang my mind I don't want to do the Streaker bit uh he told Kimel I just Don't feel right about it it's an Elegant event you know you should feel Shame right now for suggesting such a Tasteless joke kemel said the bit was Supposed to be funny to which Senna Hilariously responded the male body is Not a joke uhhuh I mean did any of you Guys see this actual clip did you see it Live no I I saw no I saw as soon as it Happened it was all over X but I just Wonder is he going to apologize to the Parents of all the kids cuz mind you a Lot of his fans wrestling they're Watching this Adam this isn't that late On the on the west coast is he going to Apologize to the parents for showing his Naked ass like he apologized to China in Chinese when he said Taiwan was a

Country this is a humiliation ritual all Right that that's they like in 20 I Think 20 he started wearing dresses uh He's on only fans doing weird weird crap Hollywood does this when you want fame And fortune they make you either you Sell your soul or you make a crazy Sacrifice or they have to shame your ass Like this and dude this is not him this Is not what he wants to do do you think He wants to do that Adam his wife his ex His ex-wife is there uh Nikki Bella was There and then his fan base is like bro There's kids watching you B you I've had My cloth off naked ging I was on Showtime I was on a late night kids are Asleep I'm not doing that [ __ ] on the Oscars let hold on you were naked in a G- street I've done a lot of crazy you Think we're just going to gloss over That real quick moving right along hold On V hold on can we get some images of This I was on show I was on Showtime I Did a protest Trier I didn't write the Sketch it was old and it was on Showtime Like I said late night this the osar why Why you keep saying it's on Showtime It's on Showtime CU cuz the kids well You think of a 8-year-old kid is Watching Showtime that late at night Well it was late at night so whatever Actually look I number one I got to see That image get out of there Rob get out Of there Rob I got I got to find that I

Think I think everyone in the audience Wants to see more respect for your eyes I will say that it was actually Hilarious well written is it Inappropriate for children you know he Basically was behind sort of a wall and The way that Kimmel sort of set it up he Was like a naked man Streaking yeah uh can we get Q to the You know and he's like I don't I don't Want to do this bro I don't want it was A bit and you got to give a shout out to The comedy writers again not necessarily Condoning this but it was funny he's Like best costumes so a costume but the Most you said what was the most Degrading you show the image that I sent You you know his Feud with the rock go Back One no the other way as he's leaving Naked he has to Shake The Rocks hand Backstage backstage what you don't have That image Rob I sent it to you in slack And it was a John Cena naked with The Rock and Bad Bunny um There it oh wow you should have it Rob There it is right there he's dress like A monk yeah so we all know that The Rock And John Cena two of the biggest WWE Stars they had bad blood back in the day Uh both massive stars rivalry uh Cena Actually admitted that he messed up There was a lot of bad vibes that he was Shortsighted and selfish I don't know

What their relationship is now but is There anything more emasculating to John Cena being naked and walking past the Rock having to shake his hand let me ask You a question Pat does he when they Tell him like Hey listen this is what we Want you to do does he have to do it or Could he say have to do it well oh Really no I think listen here's what I Think I think there's there's a couple Things in Hollywood Hollywood has a Reputation of having you do things you Don't want to do or else right so that Reputation exists now you know the rock Did a movie back in the days get Shorty With John trol and and Vince vaugh do You remember that where he was a gay Security guard gay bodyguard do you Remember that yeah I remember the movie Twinkle twinkle yeah do you remember That whole uh I don't know if you Remember or not and they're out of the Car and they're running around and you Know the Rock's done some weird movies That's the one I think I think that's The one yeah get short he was in it and And he was actually really funny and in The movie be cool that's what I'm sorry I said Get Shorty but it's be cool yeah So you know so so you do why are you Doing that well because at that time you Don't who is The Rock he didn't have Leverage yeah right when you don't have Leverage if if anybody wants to go into

The Hollywood business right now you're Going to be like I only want to play the Hero get the hell out of here there's Like 50 million people that want to play The hero no we're only going to use your Face for villain okay remember you know What Vince Von played one of his first Movies I think he played psycho go go to What what movie did it play now maybe It's not psycho but play Vince type in Vince Von psycho I think You're right uh uh yeah bro the guy Played psycho yeah can you imagine and This guy's like you know I don't want to Be Psycho I want to be somebody else and So when you get in you don't have Leverage you got to pick whatever Scripts that they're willing to give you For you to play that part but then when You're John Cena or The Rock you're like Look guys I'm only going to be the hero And I'm only going to do and by the way The rock played a villain in Fast and a Furious yeah it was form of a villain Right eventually it's like they become Friends but you don't have to do it you Choose to do it except if your career is In shambles and they got so many things That they own on you then guess what you Better do it yeah it's not even have to You better do it or else and it's not a Good position to be in this is what We're going to do anybody that places an Order of let's say $50 or more minimum

One future looks bright hat cuz I want a Million people this year wearing this Cure there was so many people in the Arena independently wearing the future Looks brigh gear and it's so confusing For people who are pessimistic when they See somebody say the future looks bright But this is what I'm going to do anybody That places an order of uh you know $50 Or more okay between now and Thursday But specifically anyone that places an Order every for every $50 you place an Order you get one ticket in the drawing And I'm going to get I don't know I'm Going to get four tickets to the next UFC fight okay I don't even know where The next UFC fight is UFC 300 and I'm Going to give two people two UFC tickets Rob if you can give me those Sam just Bring it to me just bring it to me it's Okay and here's what we got these are The things that we have right now for International women's day we just got These pink uh uh uh uh look at that yeah Pink future looks bright hats that are Here sville are these on the site so Rob Hats let's make sure they're on the site We got these two futur looks bright uh Women's hat pink to choose from and then We got the new navy blue navy blue if You're like a police officer we got the New navy blue future looks bright let's Make sure and these are on the site Rob Can you show these things being on the

Site you place the order of the hats oh That blue is sick $50 or more for every $50 we're going to do a drawing and on Thursday I'm giving away four UFC Tickets that that's the one right the Navy blue and then uh sville I don't Know if I see the pink one on there so If you can make sure that gets on there As well but uh that's what we're going To do make sure you place your order Okay it's uh April 13th Las Vegas Perfect there you go April 13 Las Vegas I'm going to give away four tickets so If you're like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right Here

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