“Hurting Boeing’s Credibility” – Fifth Mechanical Issue With Boeing Planes

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they update the latest on Boeing whistleblower John Barnett’s suicide, and they react to Boeing having another mechanical issue, the fifth in less than 10 days.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

United Airlines reports fifth incident In over a week as us-bound flight Returns to Australia by the way this is After boing lost 4 billion of valuation In a single day you're saying there was A new incident another one it was a DJ Everything just happened another one Yeah there DJ pallet of Airlines another One yeah so and by the way even United Told boing to stop making the max 10 the Airline ordered look can you imagine Like he man stop building this we're not Interested but United Airlines boing 77 Uh 777 300 aircrafts suffered a uh mid a Fuel leak and was forced to make an Emergency landing Monday marking the Fifth incident the airline report in a Little over a week United Airlines 830 Took off for 14-hour Journey from Sydney To San Francisco but only two hours into The flight the plane had to be Redirected over a maintenance issue Monday's incident the latest in a string Of mishaps suffered on board uh a Boeing Aircraft on March 4th the boink 737 was Forced to make an emergency landing in Texas just minutes into a flight after Flames exploded from one of its jet jet Engines a shocking video from the ordeal Showed flame spewing do you have that Video by the way to show that rap do you Have the video can you imagine you're on A FL and by the way I've been on a Flight that this has happened and we

Were on on our way to Hawaii I'll tell You here the story but go go and play This clip Rob oh my God bro hey ladies and Gentlemen we realized Something happened outside we real Something happened Outside what the hell are you talking About you're on a flight you're like so We're on a flight to Hawaii it's me Mario and Paul and a couple of our guys And all of a sudden the plane starts Going really slow and it goes lower and Everybody's freaking out and said we're Going to have to turn around on the way To Hawaii we're turning around I asked The flight attendant I'm like hey is Everything okay I looked at her face it Was not she didn't answer she was so Scared she ran off she wouldn't even That's when I knew something was going Down when we landed there's like 50 fire Trucks waiting for us then we were Looking outside the engine was on fire The entire time what yeah it it was wild So it is a very scary feeling but this Is losing a lot of credibility right now With this taking place and this is D Like if you think about it the doors are Flying off the wheels are flying off There's there you know what terrorists Right now they're probably like relieved They're like hey Amir we have to cancel The trip why we're not we don't have to

Blow it up Boeing is just the airplane's Going to do it by themselves Inside Job Yeah what do you mean with virgins we'll Go to Vegas as virgins we don't need to Blow ourselves up this is this is the Flight and somebody's recording it just Like hey my family's on there and There's fuel coming out of the back do You see this one right where is it at This is the one R yeah see BR see all That stuff coming out that's not good That's not good guys and I'm telling you I've said this three podast four podast Ago something big is like they're going To lose a plane and they're finished They're going to be finished I don't That Redemption story stuff you guys Talk about you loses Tire Los watch this Look at the tire watch ready Ready Hey guys imagine that hey guys just Listen don't look outside the window we Lost the tire but we have 13 more let me Add another story then I want to get Your reaction to this FAA inspection Check this out finds boink mechanics Using dish soap and hotel key cards as Makeshift tools what first one when he Guys told me the story yesterday Rob I Thought this was a joke the recent six Weeks of Investigation started after a Large window ejected in January Revealing many quality issues the audit Found that Boeing and spirit didn't meet

Necessary quality standard often Boeing Passed only 56 out of 89 product audits Failing 33 audits with 97 non-compliance Instances noted Spirit AOS systems Underwent 13 audits failing to meet the Standard in seven instances the fa's Report gives details insights into Issues with the manufacturing process During the inspection the safety agency Noticed Spirit mechanics using a hotel Key card to inspect a door a method not Specified in the official instructions The New York Times reported additionally The fa FAA observed mechanics applying Liquid soap as a makeshift lubricant During assembly later clean cleaning the Seal with damp Cheesecloth is is this is this real dud I'm never Flying by the way and Adam you talked About this ear Adam Adam do do your part Because I want to say something funny Well you know uh John Oliver did a whole Expose on this obviously we've been Covering the store we covered it last Time but Al jazer went undercover not Even undercover they went and did a Report and they started interviewing uh The these people employ South Carolina Boing Bo exactly there you go and he Started asking question with simple Question uh would you fly on these Planes and the responses were shocking You know one was like hell no and then

There was uh look I think this quality Is kind of going down it's kind of going To one guy's like look it's a Little sketchy and then one guy I won't Forget he was like yeah I'd fly it but I Kind of got a little bit of a Death Wish Like what the hell's going on here I Think 10 out of 15 said no way what what Essentially the conclusion was is they Were more focused on their stock price Going up than these planes staying up in The air and that was uh sort of Pervasive when they use their uh slogan Their Mantra and this is in 2021 More For Less and they basically encouraged All boing employees quote unquote to Play an important role in improving Shareholder value so when you're more Concerned with shareholders than Customers and safety of course Ridiculous things like this here's my Only question how much of this is on Boeing and how much of this is on the Airlines and what they do okay so like Bowen makes the planes but when you buy It like are you not doing safety checks Do you not have a crew out there like You know there's some wear and tear on These Airlines it's not like when Boeing Sells you the plane they're coming in After each flight and being like all Right how you doing like that's the Airlines responsibility so yes you know I'm not shering responsibility from

Boeing I don't know what the hell They're doing with dishwasher and credit Cards but at what point is United Airlines Am airlines Alaska Airlines Whatever how much of this is on them That's my only question when you said The flight attendant was it a guy or a Girl when you when girl it was a girl Okay because if let's just be honest the Majority of flight attendants that are Male are in the Lgbtq they're just like like I like the LA I I think that's kind of D if shit's Going down could you imagine the Panic Of a gay guy like hey guys we're going Down it's like wait that guy's going to Lose his fun fact you know those Guys favorite app What grinder grinder Yeah there it is what's up Tom back to The first well I think Adam almost Touched listen just put your gas mask on Adam almost touched what adamy Adam yeah I I brought that back I was G to say Adam touched on something he touch it oh Yeah and it's basically there are more Than just Boeing stock price here There's United stock price American Stock price Delta stock price spirit and Our good friends at Southwest and the Mechanics Union Is represented across the board and each Airline has their own mechanics and Responsible for maintenance and our Understanding is you read this thing if

They discover something that that is on Multiple planes the same way Boeing Comes in but they're responsible for Doing it those tires weren't changed as A normal thing tires wear out on planes Way they wear out on your car those Tires weren't Changed by Boeing they Were ched by United correct that's United mechanics there now door plug on The side of the plane I don't I don't Boeing took credit for that because That's the design of the plane they're Not you know United's not screwing Putting screws on the side of the plane As regular maintenance so it goes both Sides here but the the first thing I Want to say is you know what I am I Rarely complement a government agency But since the two crashes where they Grounded the 737 Max there have been no Crashes and these incidents are called Out and the news is big and The Whistleblower what a tragedy that guy um On Boeing but we haven't had crashes yet Yet and I hope not but our FAA is Stepping in and this is the government Agency doing what it's supposed to do Step in and saying WTF guys you can't Have that you Airline have to be doing Maintenance you Boeing and then United Says hey those other planes I ordered Don't make them I'm not taking them and The FAA is backing them up that's On great Point Tom that it's it is on

The mechanics with within the airlines But we have had crashes thank God it Just happened hasn't happened in the United States you know we forget Indonesia flight never those are the two Crashes I mentioned on7 Max Ethiopia Took off so like imagine you just go on A flight hey I'll see you in a few hours Never heard from again it's my biggest Fear thank God I mean God think about It's like there's been five in in a Month it's like guys what what are they Doing the CH what's the question when People are on flight like the fear what Do you call that there's a there like Fe Fear fly Rob can you can you put a poll And ask do you have a fear of flying Mhm yes no a little bit by the way he Did a poll last time Rob what were the Results with that like would you feel Comfortable flying B people concerned I'm just saying what was the full Results last time Rob because it was Like 70 30 80 20 that they were Concerned yeah okay yeah so so but the Thing is like for the people who are Afraid of flying I want to sit next to Them Oh I want to sit next to them I just Want to be like did you feel That did you smell that turbulence Turbulence look look look look look look Outside my God oh my God they're turnz Something's going on oh no is did

Something come off you know who I want To sit next to pbd you know who I want To sit next to I want to sit next to a Big manly guy who's a little bit scared Of heights yeah scared of height yeah Not on planes though for me it's it's Called balconies on the 60th floor and You standing looking over saying look at This view here I'm like no man I'm Thinking four kids not going to happen With me oh huh but uh uh but yeah so What does it say yes you have a fear of Flying yes no a little bit you know what Helped me overcome my fear of flying cuz I used to get a little uh anxiety with It I was flying this was when I was Dating the girl from London and we were Flying back from London back to Miami And we were sitting next to a pilot you Know sometimes like a pilot will patch a Ride and like you know the plane and and It's like turbulence and like you know You just hold on and it it was a lady Actually she's like you why what's going On here you know a lady pilot United Thanks guys uh and I go yeah I don't Know just she goes listen you're from Miami you've been on a boat before you Know when you're going over the waves There's like a little bit of turbulence At the waves that's all this is it's Just you're going over air waves like That's a cool yeah it's just like a boat Baby welcome to Miami so that helped me

Actually a little bit so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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