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People thinking that I'm special or Different in any way trust me that's not The case the only difference between you And me probably is that I will take What's considered the risk lock yourself In a room switch off everything and Start visualizing start asking yourself What is the life you want [Music] After Foreign [Music] For the last four years I haven't been Completely honest with you and it really Took me a long time to come to this Realization now before I tell you what This realization is and why I haven't Been completely honest you need to Understand the full story of how I've Gotten here in the first place and Instead of telling you some long drawn Out story I'd rather just show you by Having you step into my life for a week Now this experience won't just teach you How to replicate my steps it'll teach You how to think like I do make Decisions like I do and ultimately have The success that I've had so my Objective during this week is to give You the three keys to my treasure trobe Of wisdom and above all get you to Uncover the hidden Untold secret to Success now one thing is for sure this Experience is going to create a

Revolution in the lives of those who use These Keys wisely and that's actually Why I'm calling this week the remote Revolution and right now I'm taking you To peek into a world many people only Dream of and if you're lucky at the end Of all of this you're gonna get to Experience this dream in real life with Me because I'm gonna fly out one Fortunate participant of the remote Revolution for a three-day all expenses Paid to stay in Dubai here with me so Are you ready for the remote Revolution So for you to start understanding the Entire story we need to go back in time The oldie man before the fancy Watchers The expensive cars the sparring Lifestyle the fame I'm talking about the 26th of December 2015. you see that was The day that it all started and little Did I know that after clicking publish On that video my life would never be the Same you see throughout our lives every Single one of us experience a few Inflection points and what I mean by That is those little moments in life That can be traced down to a single Decision that completely changes the Course of everything that happened after It and those decisions that if you Wouldn't have taken them you probably Wouldn't have achieved anything that you Did and you'd most likely be in a Completely different place in your life

And looking back at my journey going From completely broke to a 23 year old Multi-millionaire living a life that Most people could only dream of I can Pinpoint three of those moments three Exact decisions that if it weren't for Them I mean I wouldn't be here today in Fact I'd probably be living a very Similar life to what most regular people Do and there are really the three key Moments allow me to achieve 10 years of Progress in only a single year and do That for not only a single year but Eight years in a row now and that's why I say that even though I'm 23 years old I've experienced more life than most Regular people will experience in their Lifetime because in eight years I've Experienced What It Takes most people More than eight decades to do their Entire life to do and the beauty of this Is is that I'm about to share these Three keys with you and these keys will They unlock something something that is One of the most valuable assets and when The right time comes I'm going to reveal To you what that is now these keys are The stepping stones for you to develop a Framework of thinking that goes beyond Any sort of step-by-step tutorial I Could give you they won't just teach you How to replicate my steps they will Teach you how to think like I do make Decisions like I do and ultimately

Create success like I have with this You'll never need another step-by-step Video ever again listen this isn't about Giving you a recipe for success as well Providing you with the ingredients to Make your own now listen when you look At my story it's very easy to think that I achieved success fast because of how Young I was when I started making Serious money however I started working Long before that most people think I Just creating an online business hit the Jackpot my first try and that couldn't Be farther from the truth the truth is For the longest time I was a guy who Felt like he had a lot of potential but At the same time I had little to no Success in life well instead of telling You I'd rather just show you the 26th of December 2015. that was the day I Published my first YouTube video Documenting my journey to success and at First I thought that becoming a Bodybuilder would be my ticket to Freedom so I started a series called 60 Year old bodybuilder and obviously I Didn't really make any money with that So I just had to start personal training My friend's parents and let's say that I Quickly figured out that that would Never be enough to pay the bills and Then I transitioned again into something Completely different content creation You see on the 16th of July 2016 I

Signed my first client for Content Creation at an astonishing rate of 95 Pounds a week and that was a big Epiphany for me because I realized the Businesses would be willing to pay me a Few hundred dollars a month to create Content for them and I started doing Some simple math I mean I thought about If I had 10 clients paying me an average Of 500 a month that'd be more than most People make after graduating University And at that moment I felt like I had Just discovered a glitch in the system I Mean I've never felt so excited because I knew that I had so much potential but It was just a matter of me putting in The work to get it done but after a While the reality hit me see I tried to Get another client for weeks and those Weeks turned into months one month two Months three months four months five Months and at this point I was feeling Miserable I was feeling stuck I felt Like I had so much potential but I Simply couldn't turn that into real life Results I mean if you've ever felt that You know how frustrating it is and the Worst of it all is that I felt like I Was wasting valuable time in my life Going to school and studying these Pointless subjects which was time that I Could have been investing back into my Business and that led to the first big Inflection point in my life I vividly

Remember the day I was taking the tube And rush hour in London and it was one Of those classic humid but cold heavy Rainy London days where everything just Looked great the tube was packed with People coming from work it was one of Those days where you can smell the sweat Mixed with that terrible smell of wet Dog that people had from just walking in The rain and looked at the faces of Every person coming in and out of the Tube and I remember so vividly how I Could see the frustration in their faces How you could clearly notice that none Of them wanted to be there but they Simply had no other choice but to be There and I remember how depressing it Felt to be there in and amongst those People and how I never wanted to be like Those people when I grew up and it was On that day in the tube that I took a Decision I refused to follow the same Path as everyone else and for the Longest time after that I used to have a Picture of a London tube in a rainy day And that used to be the background on my Trello board which is where I used to Have all my daily to-do lists and I had It as a reminder that that wasn't the Path that I had set for myself and it Was in that very same week the first of March that I signed my second client Seven months after signing my first one And 45 days after that I had signed four

New clients and I'd actually hired my First employee and at the end of the Year I actually accomplished one of my Biggest dreams one of my biggest Childhood dreams one of my biggest Aspirations which was having a space That was peaceful that was Myspace that Wasn't stained with bad childhood Memories and bad childhood thoughts and A place where I felt safe and at the age Of 17 I moved into my own five thousand Dollar a month apartment in central London now listen it might have looked Fast but if you consider it from the day I started it took me almost two years to Start making minimum wage money you see The thing is once I got there getting to My Financial Freedom took only a couple More months and now looking back at it I've come to a realization that up until That point there was a single thing that Was stopping me from leaving that Mediocre life and that was the path I Was taking you see ever since growing up I was taught that I had to graduate in a Good University and work day and night To make a career at a big company and That's the conventional path but deep Inside ever since I was a kid I knew That's not what I wanted and if I'd Followed it I have no doubts that I Would have had the same result as 99 of The people that follow it which is Frustration stress a lack of money a

Lack of time and these are things that I Didn't want for myself and the truth is No one wants that the problem is Unfortunately most people just decided To walk a path that was put in front of Them without ever questioning where's That gonna lead them and the difference Between me and you is that I decided not To settle for that conventional path so Ask yourself are you purposefully Walking your own path are you just Walking the path that was put in front Of you you know what let's take a walk Come with me I want to show you Something This is Rolls-Royce Phantom it's Commonly regarded as the best car Rolls Royce has ever made and probably one of The best cars ever made in history and You know what's the saddest part about This car is that 99 of people will never Experience what it's like to be driven In the best Rolls-Royce that's ever been Made and that's because they're stuck in This conventional mindset but yet they Want an unconventional life and a lot of People ask me if you were to start over Again what would you do and the answer Is nothing because you see that's the Wrong question to ask the right question You should be asking is what were you Doing in year one that I can emulate Today so that in 10 years I too can be Driven in a car like this and that's

What I'm going to deliver to you this Week a plan a plan to achieve in one Year when it normally takes other people 10 years to accomplish but before I give You this plan you're gonna need these Three keys in order to execute on it These three keys represent the three Biggest lessons I've had the three Biggest inflection points that have led Me to the success I have today so the Thought exercise I mentioned before it's Very simple think about all the Decisions you've taken Monday last week From the moment you woke up to the Moment you went to sleep out of all the Decisions you took how many of them were Actually your decisions versus other People's decisions really think about it Waking up at the time you woke up was That your decision or was that someone Else's getting home the time you got Home was that your decision or someone Else's what you had for lunch was that Your decision or was that someone else's What about the clothes you were wearing The car you were driving or in general The transportation that you were taking Out of everything you did how many of Those decisions were actually truly Yours and in five years will you want to Be doing the exact same thing as you are Right now the point I want to get across Here is this everything in your life Depends on the choices you make the

Quality of your life the things you get To experience the place you get to Travel the car you drive your monthly Salary everything is a byproduct of your Choices so if you make conventional Choices you're gonna get conventional Results I mean it would be naive to Expect anything unconventional to happen With you if all you do is take Conventional choices think about it what Happened to anyone who decided to invest In Bitcoin when it was an extremely Unconventional investment I mean back When the general consensus about it was That it was simply fake money with no Value they all made unconventional Amounts of wealth and what happened to Everyone who decided to invest than Bitcoin once literally every Uber driver Every teacher even your mom was talking About it and conventional institutions Start to adopt and preach it to Conventional investors well they all got Conventional results and in this case That meant losses so one thing is the Fact the quality of your life will Improve drastically once you start Taking unconventional choices and this Is a choice you have to make I mean if Back then I had chosen the traditional Path I'd probably have very similar Results and be at a very similar place To where most people are today and it's Actually very funny a while ago I

Published a video documenting my entire Online business Journey back from when I Was 17 all the way to 2022 when I had Already become a multi-millionaire and In that video the top comment is Actually a guy saying he's 32 he's Finished University 10 years ago with an Honors degree and to this day he's still Struggling to pay his basic bills and The truth is I'd probably be in a very Similar situation if I had chosen to Follow the traditional path listen I'm Not a very smart guy I don't have an Above average IQ and I'm pretty similar To you you think we're different and Quite frankly we're not and I actually Have the YouTube videos to prove it I Have the YouTube videos to prove that I Was a 16 year old kid with acne on my Face not really that well spoken not Much confidence not much to him so when I say to me and you were not different I Really mean it I am just someone who has Noticed from an early age that most People never purposefully choose their Own path to follow they just walk a path That was put in front of them without Ever questioning where that's going to Lead them and I refused to do the same And if you two are gonna take the Unconventional path this is something Only you can decide now once you realize That the conventional path is not an Option for those who want to Achieve

Financial location and time Freedom the Next obvious question to ask yourself Becomes what is the unconventional path To take them now most people never Actually think about this but different Industries experience time extremely Differently they experience change very Differently and taking the Unconventional path is really about Finding fast-paced Industries and Jumping into them listen I'm sure you've Heard the saying before that money love Speed well let me show you what that Actually means you see right behind me You're gonna see the Dubai Skyline it's Actually quite beautiful especially at Night and you can see the biggest ferris Wheel in the world and that building Right there where the two towers Connected well on top of it is the Highest infinity pool in the world and I Actually she used to live there before I Moved here to the palm and we can't see It from here but downtown there's also a Building called the Burj Khalifa and it Happens to be the highest building in The world and by the side of it is the Dubai Mall which is the biggest mall in The world so obviously there's a lot of Money here in Dubai and it's the best Place to be in the world right now and You know why that is because things move So quickly here what takes 10 years to Get done elsewhere gets done in one year

In Dubai don't believe me take a look at This picture this is Dubai 50 years ago It was just sand and in a matter of 50 Years it went from an inhabited desert To the international capital of wealth Now look at this picture from Manhattan 50 years ago and compare it to today it Looks pretty much the same and that's Why 50 years ago people who wanted to Make a lot of money used to go to Wall Street today they come to Dubai because Manhattan has lost its speed and money Flows where there is speed now does that Mean that if you want to be successful You need to move to Dubai absolutely not That's not what I'm saying it means you Have to identify what industries are Moving with a lot of speed let me show You something this is a college class From 50 years ago and this is a college Classroom today College classrooms still Hold desks lined in rows professor still Stand in front of their chalkboard and The subjects of studies are centuries Old and here is a law firm 50 years ago And this is a law firm today now what Did the internet look like 50 years ago It didn't exist and today it's where all The money is Flowing to because it Evolves so fast so my point is for a few Industries even after decades everything Still looks more or less the same and For other Industries in just a handful Of years the entire landscape changes

Completely and what most people don't Realize is that the same is true to Careers in those Industries I'm gonna Give you a simple example I'm sure You've seen the come up of countless Extremely young internet millionaires in The recent years and in a matter of two To three years they go from completely Broke to multi-millionaires and I guess I'm definitely one of those stories and If you're working in a different Industry it must feel so frustrating to See these kids experiencing such fast And easy Ascension to success while You're grinding away day after day year After year struggling to barely achieve A fraction of their results I can Understand why that would be stressful Why that would be upsetting and Rightfully so because you're probably Working twice or three times as hard as All of them while getting paid a Fraction of what they they get paid and The worst part is they're probably not Smarter than you are either and I can Tell you that applies to me but they Have chosen an industry that has speed You see you won't become a top one Percent lawyer who makes multiple seven Figures in just a few short years after Graduation no matter how hard you work No matter how smart you are it takes Decades to get there because it's such a Slow moving industry on the other hand

Today there's one industry that moves Faster than all the others and that Industry is the internet you see when Compared to Conventional Industries this Industry feels like a completely Separate world it's as if in Conventional Industries where a year of Hard work yields a Year's worth of Result I mean really think about it Let's not even talk about 10 years ago Let's just talk about even a couple Years ago this idea of remote work was a Term only known by developers and some Rare positions in Tech I mean no one Would ever believe that it would become A mainstream concept adopted by even the Most conservative of Inc 500 companies And yet fast forward to today pretty Much every big company out there has a Mix of in-person and remote positions And the same applies for artificial Intelligence I mean it was a far-fetched Concept from movies portraying what Seemed like a instant future and yet Fast forward to today and it's being Used by high school students for very Simple tasks all the way to getting Complete books written in just a few Hours to even perform in complex tasks Such as data analysis and forecasting For the most tech driven corporations in The world now think back to all those Young millionaire kits how did they get Rich you see none of them got rich with

Accounting law firms Dentistry or any Other conventional field they all made It in the same industry under the same Umbrella the internet and that's really Why I say that one year on the Internet Is like 10 years outside of it so if you Want to be successful you already know That you have to be where the speed is Which means that today if you want to Achieve success there's only one option For you to be on the internet and I was Very lucky to realize that very early on And the biggest inflection point of my Career is when I chose to work online to Make money through the internet and if I'd chosen any other career path no Matter what that career path was I Simply wouldn't have experienced the Same level of success I did nowhere near It and that's my key number two that I Give to you in order to be successful You got to be in the industry that moves At the highest speed and today that Industry is the internet now after what I'm going to say next everyone who calls Me a genius they're gonna stop doing so I am going to be a hundred percent Completely honest with you I would be Lying to you if I said that back then When I decided to start working online I Had gone through this entire analysis And concluded that the internet was the Best industry to work in because you can Achieve decades worth of progress in

Just a few years because honestly I Didn't I don't think I was fully aware Of the size the opportunity I was Jumping on and how fast I could achieve Progress through it it was just the most Convenient option for me back then now Looking back that was definitely the Biggest inflection point in my career Now listen if you didn't jump on this Opportunity as early as I did or didn't Have this realization yet don't worry About it because there's still time and Now it's easier than it's ever been Because there are more tools available There's more information available and There are more opportunities now than Ever before and by starting an internet Career now you're future proofing your Career because as the internet grows More and more conventional professions Will become extinct just like on the Industrial Revolution jobs that relied Heavily on manual labor or outdated Skill were replaced by machines I mean Think about how the same happened with Travel agents with the Advent of Websites like Airbnb and booking.com and How the same thing is happening to Illustrators translators narrators video Editors and hundreds of other Professions with the advancements of Artificial intelligence and the fact of The matter is resisting transformative Innovations it often leads to getting

Left behind especially if you want to Live an unconventional lifestyle and Enjoy financial location and time Freedom I mean trying to achieve these Freedoms in any industry other than the Internet is the same as trying to win a Car race against the jet it doesn't Matter how good your car is you could Have a Pagani or you could have a Porsche GT3 RS it doesn't matter it's a Losing game to play so if you want to Play this game make sure you're playing On The Winning Side now at the very Beginning of this video I mentioned that For the last four years I haven't been Completely honest with you and you must Still be wondering what that's about Well this has been my most recent Inflection point and this is really the Epiphany moment I had at the beginning Of 2023 and it kind of links directly to Key number two you see the internet is The only place where you can achieve 10 Years worth of progress in one but Here's where I got it wrong you see for The longest time I thought that there Was only one viable way starting a Service based business and I had a very Good reason to believe so because I've Tried all of them let's never talk about Drop Shipping I ran ads in my Agency for Some of the biggest businesses in Europe I'm talking businesses that were doing Tens of millions of dollars a year Drop

Shipping products listen after talking About affiliate marketing I am a top Affiliate for some of the largest Softwares on Earth I make over six Figures a month just through affiliate Marketing if we're talking about E-commerce I've had a bespoke made to Order e-commerce blue live blocking Brand for three years now I have all These businesses plus my main business My software companies all the way from That to I have a concierge company all The way to investing in different Companies over the years because of all The deals that get sent my way so I know Every position every Square on this Internet chessboard and I knew for a Fact that a service based business were Just Superior to any other business Models for beginners I mean you've Probably seen me breaking down the Different business models on a video of Mine you see the thing is as time went By I realized that I was wrong I Realized that my thinking was Uni-dimensional although service based Businesses are indeed the best business Model to start as a beginner her I kind Of missed something I'd miss the fact That starting a business is not the only Way to Achieve Financial Freedom and Personally that was the only option for Me and the only option that I ever Thought about until something

Interesting happened over the last few Years my companies Grew From three Employees to over 150 employees and I Started to see some of my own employees Making more money than majority of the Business owners I know I mean some of my Employees make over a million dollars a Year take home and a lot of business Owners out there when they talk about oh I made four million dollars this year Yeah you made four million dollars but At 10 margins and that's really when I Realized that for some people starting a Business is the best way to Achieve Financial location and time freedom but For others that's just simply not the Case because I've come to a realization That you can make just as much money Working for someone else you see over The last decade there's been this Glamorization of Entrepreneurship in Becoming Your Own Boss and being a boss Myself I've fallen for it too but the Truth is majority of high income earners In the world are not actually business Owners they work in positions that have High perceived values for companies and These companies they pay him a ton of Money to do so and I'll explain exactly What I mean by High perceived value on Wednesday but what most people don't Realize is being an entrepreneur can be Kind of miserable too you see some People love the risk the intensity the

Pressure that comes with it and knowing That if you up you may not have Enough money to pay rent the next month And of course with higher risk come Higher rewards but the risk the Intensity and the pressure that makes Some people thrive that's the same risk Intensity and pressure that makes some People break and get paralyzed and the Fact is there's not a one-size-fits-all Solution different personalities better Fit different career paths and what ends Up happening to most people is that they Follow a path that is not the right fit For their personality and end up playing To their weaknesses instead of playing To their strengths so if you feel like You've got a lot of potential hidden Inside of you and you're still Struggling with little to no results in Your life exactly like I was eight years Ago well that's probably why you're most Likely walking a path that has been put In front of you instead of choosing your Own one that plays to your strengths Rather than your weaknesses and this is Really the third key to the Treasure Trove which is choose a path that plays To your strengths rather than your Weaknesses so listen I know this is Gonna be a little bit of side tension But I always have people you know when They see stuff that I had put out on my Vlog Channel I always have people they

They always ask me how do you feel Spending that much money on one dinner Or one shopping spree or on one toy Right okay but like how much did this Cost 244 000 which comes out to 66 437 and to Answer that question that I know always Pops up I'm gonna be completely honest With you I feel completely indifferent To it and I know for some people that Might sound bad because that's how much They make in one two three maybe even a Year maybe even a few years but at the End of the day I'm aware of something That most people will never realize is That money is just a commodity and its Only use is to serve as a means to Transact Goods so money is just a Commodity and just like all Commodities Its value is very low so that's why I Feel completely indifferent towards Spending it and I know you might be Asking yourself if money has such low Value will be something valuable in that Case and that's a really good question Remember that earlier today I mentioned That the three keys I gave you unlock Something that's very valuable they Unlock something something that is one Of the most valuable assets and when the Right time comes I'm going to reveal to You what that is it's one of my most Valuable assets well let me show you now What that is we're here

All right so This is a box but it's not any regular Box inside of it holds one of the most Valuable assets I have and the reason I Don't feel bad about spending money on a Dinner or taking care of my mom or Surprising my friends is because I know That by using the thing that's inside of This box I can pay for a lifetime of Those dinners I mean that's how valuable The thing inside of this box is I mean Can you imagine having something that Will allow you to spend money without Having to worry about it because you Know that this thing you can also make More of it and that's what the thing That's inside of this box has really Done for me would you like to know What's inside of it you will But not today you're not ready for it Yet so in order for you to be ready I Need you to complete two missions so Mission number one is to reflect on how You can apply in your life the three Keys you just got in order to create the Same inflection points that can lead to Your success just like they led to mine Now remember key number three I Mentioned that you gotta play to your Strengths and know your weaknesses now It's time to find out where your Strengths and weaknesses are so your Second mission is to take a myers-griggs Personality test you can look them up

Online there's many websites that have Them you see it's going to come handy on Wednesday because on Wednesday at 5 PM UK time I'm gonna reveal exactly what's Inside of this box so make sure to mark It in your calendar and come back with Your two missions completed and with That I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday

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