“I Don’t Trust The Public Education System!” – Should Every Parent Homeschool Their Children?

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Sam Sorbo, Destiny and Adam Sosnick discuss homeschooling.

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What are the pros and cons of Homeschooling I I have a lot of friends That are doing homeschooling right now Pat's kids are in private school I went To public school my whole life and then At the end of high school I went to Private school I've done it all the last Thing that I ever wanted to do in my Life was be home with my parents and Learn from my parents like homeschooling Was not an option for me yeah so what Are the pros and cons that you're seeing From being outside in school so let me Say this my relationship with my Teenagers is amazing okay you want a Good relationship with your children do Not send them away from you for eight Hours a day do not do that no zero do That no okay or just with my parents You guys can't comment because your Waters were tainted when you were sent To school okay the school got between You and your parents the school Presented I don't know about it I was homeless for a month and I thought Man this is stuck but it's not as bad to Live with moments You can't say because you don't have Have the experience of not having the School come between you and your parents The thing that when you drop your child Off at school you are tacitly telling The child I abdicate my responsibility I Cannot be responsible the school is

Responsible the school has Authority my Authority is now challenged inside my Own home inside my own home the moment That the school disagrees with whatever You lose That's part of life no it's not I Disagree you're wrong my teenagers have Have never rebelled your teenagers have To follow a different set of rules Depending on what environment they're in If they go to a friend's house that Friend's house might have a different Set of rules that they have to play not If they challenge my rules If if you're let's say that I don't know If this is the case for you but if if Your house let's say you guys wear shoes In your house because you do that and You don't care and if they go to another Friend's house and then their house the Rule is no shoes in the house they can't Chat I mean they could challenge that it Would respect right the rules I said the same for school you respect What your teacher tells you my point is The teacher sets up this this conundrum Inside the child so daddy is Authority Except that now the teacher is the Authority and daddy told me that the Teacher's The Authority so now I trust The teacher and by the way as we know And I don't know what private school but We know in public schools there's a lot Of challenge to parental rights and

Parental Authority and that sets up a Huge conundrum for the child that's Child abuse can you just go back to my Initial questions obviously you're going To be an advocate of homeschooling I'm Not trying we're not trying to sway your Opinion I don't say homeschooling Anymore because school is child abuse The whole life you've got a whole the Far right yeah directive on this but but Let's go back to question what's the Pros and cons of home and education okay Yeah so what are the pros and cons give Me like maybe the top three pros and Maybe some cons if you would the Founders of the nation Geniuses right Sure Geniuses they create they they Created this this is the greatest leap In prosperity Never went to school top G is one might Say top G's never went to school yes What what uh well as you said there were No hold on I just want a quick quick Fact check for the audience so if people Start looking up Benjamin Franklin George all these people none of these People were educated in any institution Outside the home There were no tutors brought in outside There were no like teachers anywhere They didn't go to any sort of class but That's not the question the question is Did they go to school they didn't go to Okay but were they educated by their

Parents at home like a homeschooler Would do today perhaps well you're the One making the claim Is is that true that they were educated We didn't have schools so they didn't go To school but go on go on with your Point fair enough we're going for pros And cons of homeschooling I'm trying to Get this answer so my point is the Freedom model right created this Benjamin Franklin do you know what he Did He did a lot of stuff everything yeah of Course okay but what our system does is It pigeonholes the child and it says you Need to do this or you need to do that You need to choose you can't do both It Also says um don't try that's one of the Paradigms in school because failure is Bad okay failure is bad what's the key To entrepreneurship try try try again Fail yeah of course you fail and you get Back up and you try again all right but The school Paradigm is failure's bad That that red f on a white sheet of Paper that's bad so don't try that's the That's the subtext that's the underlying Message or one might say don't try to Don't fail okay yeah how do you get A's If you don't cry but keep going okay Keep going okay well I'm looking for Pros and cons here just for the pros the Pros are the the family relationship Sure that's a huge Pro the freedom that

The child has to pursue his innate Giftings right and so there's a there's A lot of freedom built in there's a lot Less time spent on quote education and Let's let's just talk about academics For a little bit because the school Focused very much on academics so we Believe that we believe that education Is academic right I mean when you define Education how do you define education That's a very broad word Well your child goes to school to what End well they I mean they go to school To to learn things but generally to Prepare them to exist in the world it's Probably a functioning unit but one of The criticisms that you had at school is It doesn't prepare them because it Doesn't teach homeic it doesn't I didn't Say it didn't prepare them period It Prepares you for the future job Hopefully that you hold and it kind of Rounds you out of the person you learn Other things do you know that school Today that the jobs that the schools are Preparing children for are going to be Gone in the next 15 years that no like I Don't I think if you go to school jobs That no that that are being create that Will be created in the next 15 years the Schools aren't preparing children that Might be true but I mean but but who do You think is going to have how many do You how many besides you do you two have

Kids he's got four I've got zero you if You had kids would you send them to College or no Well that's not the question Would you would you send your kids to College depending on what they want to Do yeah just so you know for me it's More around stem like my kids college so Let me let me give you an idea about What my thoughts are on this I don't Think homeschooling is for everybody I Do think more people should consider Homeschooling uh uh right now we have About 3.7 million homeschool students in America it's a bigger number than I Thought by the way I'm looking at them But I almost doubled because of covet Yeah and I'm not surprised he thinks one Event covet also probably encouraged Parents to say you know what I I kind of Don't want to put my kids in school I Don't like what they're doing so it was A bad reason no problem uh I'm I'm for The average person that doesn't want to Do home like my wife doesn't want to do Homeschooling we've talked about it she Doesn't want to do it she's like no I'd Much rather have the kids go to school So they go to a private Christian School And we're happy about it my concern is The values and principles being forced Down kids throat today When you're talking to them and that is A to to do that too early makes me a

Little bit uncomfortable didn't you just Recently say you had a conversation I Feel like I feel like you had a Conversation about LGBT with your kids Recently or something that you kind of That's one of those two right and and The exposure not not just to like what's Being taught in the schools but the Exposure to the culture that comes from The other children So all of that is like the this this Nefariousness from the culture that's Feeding in to the kids who are in school Today yeah but we used to say that that Education was the three r's Right the three R's it's academics and And that was the big thing is like take The Bible out that's the three R's Reading recess and arithmetic yeah Reading right right it's not even three Hours like we know that it's a lie and Yet we we sort of like laugh and move on But it's not education is the whole Doctrine education should be focused on The whole child and how to to manage That child into adulthood you're raising The parents of your grandchildren you're Not raising children you're raising the Parents of your grandchildren so so keep Your eye on the prize what do you want For them from their lives and the school Teaches college prep and career Readiness that's the whole focus of the Schools is to get those kids into

College college prep and career Readiness makes the value of the child His earning if if there's one then I Will say is I don't trust in the public Educational system I don't if a person Can make money if the person can make Money enough money like you know how People just sell the dream on hey go Make money since you buy a Ferrari or Lamborgh Bill if you can go make money To get your kids out of public school to Put them in a private school that's Teaching the values and principles that Align with you go make your money for That that'll be better worth of your Money being spent than going and buying A fancy car or dream house yeah I'm not I'm not a fan of what's going on public Schools yeah so some want to do Homeschooling and some can take the Alternative and put them in a good Private school I fully agree with Pat And and you're again I've been to public Private but I do want to get this Question answered because because no Because there's a lot of people Considering homeschooling and that's Great Ben Franklin yeah everything the The household but are you willing are You are you willing to at least Acknowledge that there are some cons and What are the cons sure so well first of All so we call it homeschooling but the Problem is that's that means we're

Taking the school Paradigm and adopting It in our homes and I think that that's Basically the Trojan Horse right we're Allowing the school Paradigm to invade Made our homes and that school Paradigm Is not a learning Paradigm it's a don't Ask don't try don't think Paradigm so It's it's it's the anti-learning Paradigm that's why I bristle at the Word homeschooling and that's why his Wife doesn't want to homeschool because She doesn't like school she didn't have A good time in school so she just Doesn't want to spend her entire day Teaching four kids well because she Believes that it takes the entire day Because we've been brainwashed by the System to think that school takes the Entire day but the only reason it takes The entire day is because parents were Working and they said hey give us your Children while you're working and we'll Keep them for the full day but school Doesn't take education doesn't take the Entire day so what are the things it's a Completely different paradigms so what Are the cons the cons of homeschooling Is trying to replicate the school at Home that's a disaster and in fact the Parents who choose the the K-12 which is Like the public school curriculum they Choose to do that at home they have the Highest just recitative recidivism rate And they put their kids back in school

Because they can't do it because it's It's a it's a setup okay you went to School for 12 years and you were taught You can't He does it feels like he can't uh I can't Vibes exactly uh how much social Interaction do your kids have with all Their peers so my son is an extreme Extrovert he's got two and a half Million followers on Tick Tock I'm Talking about in real life So many friends it's been real life Sam Real life friends I know how much Interaction conference and I sat next to A young guy yeah and had some nice Interactions with him he ran all the AV Stuff for the conference I go home I'm Telling my son about this conference he Goes yeah I know you were sitting next To Josiah he's a friend of mine That he met online no that he met in Person okay forget about your famous Tick tock song you have how many kids Three three I'm asking how much social Interaction they have with other kids I A lot and where I have to ask you why You're asking that oh okay I'll I'll can I I'll my fear is that they're probably I'm not saying your kids if you're doing Homeschooling and you're hanging out With Mommy and Daddy every day my fear Is that you're not interacting with your Peers one of the things that I fear what What do you I mean because you got to

Get out there and and and be a part of The world my fear is that this I don't Have kids but I have a nephew that that I basically helped raise he's a 10 year Old kid he goes to a great Public School In Miami Um that's hard to believe for him is That he's being bullied or he's learning How to bully but I don't operate in fear I operate in reality he's not being Bullied if anything he's doing the Bullying you're operating yeah exactly I Can but my fear would be that I'm home With Mom and Dad every single day I have Like a some sort of mommy Oedipus Complex going on and I don't have any Interaction with any kids my age with I'm not on a sports team I don't Interact I'm sorry but it's not complete Bull no that's even made a tick tock Account yeah he created this whole false Bear because I'll tell you that That school is being hot let me tell you Let me tell you some of my best memories Of school and anyone out there is Watching this it isn't in class raising Your hand it's in between Halls recess Talking to a hot chick over there Understanding social dynamics Socializing what are we doing during Recess oh those kids are smoking Cigarettes holy I don't want to Smoke let me go over here those are the Gangs I mean I go over there I'm on a

Sports team right now cool there's my Best friend hey buddy good to see you Yeah that is what school is my kids did They get none of that at home they don't They don't they absolutely do not get None of that at home school you're Saying to see you in between periods What do they get to see Well my kids all did Sports they all Went to piano wait wait what kind of Sport how do you understand You actually participate with schools You just participate with the school Sports they'll let you they just let you Send kids or the non-school sports Leagues gotcha they they by the way they Went shopping with me so they had plenty Of interaction with people real people Adults in the stores for instance they Went to events with me so they had Plenty of it my kids all grew up on film Sets so they had plenty of interaction With people of all stripes on film sets So so the idea that somehow they're just Home you're you're painting me as if I'm I'm I grew up or I you know raised my Kids in some Backwater in Georgia and And prevented them from seeing people And that's just a fun what are some home Schools in Georgia right now they're Very offended yeah okay what about the Kids who go to school who can't talk to Anybody because they're extreme Introverts and and the schools actually

Like kill them because they they are so Burdened by all of the interaction like You can't just paint one picture and say Wait I totally agree with you I I there You made a very clear case of why you Should do homeschooling that's great but I think it'd be unfair to acknowledge That there are certain situations where They're not the best approach like for Instance Destiny and myself if my mom or My dad was trying to be my homeschool Teacher I would flunk out of school and I would skip class if you know what I Mean every single day because they Brought the school Paradigm into the Home I enjoyed school I enjoyed Interacting with others that has helped Me become a salesperson an entrepreneur And understanding networking social Dynamics that actually worked out well For me so what I'm saying is like not Every kid should just go to homeschool Period end of story there's pros and Cons to everything listen if you were Legit to go to CCD there are after School clubs you can send your kids to There's plenty of socialism uh like Christian education for kids like if you Wanted to send it to a private school But you homeschool them instead you send It to those things Sunday there are lots Of co-ops and other places Maybe you're a bad relationship with Your parents is because you were

Conditioned at such an early age to Spend so much time away from them when You went to the school to be clear I Love my mom if she's watching I love Well you sound like you couldn't be Schooled by her so and maybe that's Because the school got between you and Your mom at an early age yeah listen I I Think it is an argument that's being Made and I think more people ought to Consider homeschooling but I don't think It's for everybody here's some Statistics to look at 3.7 homeschool Students in U.S state what the most Homeschoolers are Carolina Florida Georgia top three reasons for Homeschooling is concerned about school Environment uh top reason homeschool Students outperform institutional school Students academically interesting the Highest home schooling rate is among Students with a great equivalent of six To eight 48 of homeschooling households Have three or more children the average Cost of homeschooling is 700 to 1800 per Student per year wow took a big savings One in three homeschooling households Has an annual income over a hundred Thousand dollars and homeschooling saves 56 billion dollars of taxpayer money Annually go little lower to show which State has the most it was interesting to See was number one keep going down keep Going keep going keep going you'll see

Carolina yeah Carolina's number one with 10.4 percent keep going right there okay 10.6 of all the students in Carolina or Home schooling did you know that it is A big number I know why is that yeah Florida's 4.6 then it's Georgia Virginia Washington Wisconsin uh Minnesota South Carolina Massachusetts Infectious I think when you meet Children who have been home educated They they're they're A Cut Above they Are more adult because they haven't been Coddled the schools tend to coddle Children and infantilize them and make Them feel like they can't Um and so children who grow up in a Homeschool environment they they do Chores at home they have a Responsibility to the family that's That's more cemented right they're They're more uh Locust focused or Whatever and so I think that um and They're more conscientious they tend to Be more conscientious with their work Because there's there's the Paradigm Between them and the parent not a Teacher that changes every year or every Semester or what my my son in second Grade had two teachers and they just Alternated days and I was like that's Not a great Paradigm for a kid to go Back and forth between a different Teacher every day Um so there's there's there's so much to

Recommend it and there's so little to Recommend against it and the Socialization argument is this cropped Up this this sort of uh straw man Argument that they've built up as a way Of sort of saying hey but school is good For this and I'm like no the idea is School is supposed to educate the child So we're talking education you want to Bring in socialization I'm like I don't Care because because you because every Choice is a binary Choice a okay and the Reason that we know that is because you Have your priorities so if you Prioritize the education of your child Then education is first and Socialization is well I'll get that Figured out once I get education handled Okay so there is there is absolutely no Argument you can make for socialization That would say the child should be in School when I lose the education Argument the argument's done let's say I Fully agree with you by the way you're Making a great case I'm not being Argumentative but but no but I think There are no calls Let's go let's trolley right now I think There are rules and I think there are Exceptions I think what you're doing is Exceptionally the exception because even Like let's take out North Carolina which Is the complete anomaly here 10 of kids So it's I don't know what happened in

North Carolina but every other state You're talking about two to five percent Of children so there's there's 90 to 95 Of kids that are never ever gonna be Home schooled whose parents don't have Enough confidence in themselves having Gone K through 12 having graduated high School do not have enough confidence in Themselves to even teach their children The third phrase they were documented at An early age with the school system it's The only thing they know so their whole Life is a binary like my kid either goes To school or he's a loser How could a Parent like that be in a state of mind To even begin to homeschool their kid I Don't know if you're trolling me with That comment right there I just go Everything you said sorry I'm just fine What do you wholeheartedly disagree with Sam on and you have an 11 year old so You could speak but he but he's making a Really great case yeah but I think They're insane cases I don't agree with Anything almost like even the numbers Right with that you're still making the Case and you're and you're being highly Effective even the numbers over here Were crazy that 600 to 1500 a year I'm Guessing that's only spent on curriculum Like on books and stuff but that does Yeah but there's something in economics We learn called opportunity cost and Having a parent stay at home for the

Entire day that's 30 40 50 000 a year in Lost income if they were working a job On the other hand yeah but but you would Say that parent would insist that their Child go to a private school that could Be 20 grand 30 grand I don't know you're Going to a really expensive private School it could be that no that's what School is called that was ours that was Our channel in Miami I mean I've looked At the toys I want to send my kid to the High school that I went to which was a Private high school and I think that's 15 000 a year right now okay um so but But I understand costs are going to Change in different areas Um I I think the socialization argument Is a valid one I think there's a lot of Stuff that's being hidden in terms of What you're advocating for uh in terms Of host willing so for instance you keep Saying this that eight hours a day is uh Is too much what do you think is the one What is like the ideal amount of time a Day it should take for instruction and Then two what are the things that you Want to cut out I'm curious By the way before you answer that I Think would be great since we're on this Topic before we move on Rob are you able To do a poll from our audience if They're an advocate of homeschooling or If there's I would like to get uh maybe Some numbers from the audience quality

Home Learning would you please yeah Please do not call it homeschooling do Not understand that Paradigm that Dichotomy that false dichotomy he was Asking a good question yeah you can do a Poll without having to stop him go ahead Ask the question yes yeah my two Questions would be one is what do you Want to cut from instruction because it Sounded like you were saying eight hours Is way too much you could do it in way Less yeah and then two what is the daily Amount of instruction you think you need Like how many hours a day or 30 minutes How long do you think you need to spend It okay so I home educated my and I Actually homeschooled so I'm culpable Here right this is an educated no I Homeschooled I schooled them okay Because I because I bought on I bought Into the whole Paradigm and I thought School was education so for for several Years I homeschooled my children until I Figured out that the freedom model is a Much better model and the school model Is a failed Paradigm right because I Felt inadequate I went to Duke University I speak five languages I felt Completely inadequate to educate my own Children just to refocus I want to know How long do you think the instruction Man what do you want to say I spent Roughly three hours at the kitchen table With my young children every day all

Three of them three hours the rest of The day they pursued instruction the Rest of the day a few more hours during The day they pursued instruction but They didn't need direct instruction from Me they didn't even need me for those Three hours I just chose to be at the Kitchen table available to them getting My work done because I worked full-time I wrote a book and I also did three Hours of radio every day so I was also Working And then one day a week we had uh a Let's see when they were very young We didn't do we didn't do the co-op then We started doing the co-op and when my Son entered seventh grade actually Before then when they were uh fourth Fifth and sixth grade we did a full day Of Co-op So that was from uh nine o'clock in the Morning until three o'clock in the Afternoon okay and I spent the day with Them there did what do you you said how Old are your three children know about Do you mind saying 21 18 and 17. gotcha Did any of them or are any of them going To college no not yet do you know what So the 21 year old does tick tock he Does tick tock and he does social media For people and he's an actor and you Know what the two younger ones want to Do so my my second seems to like Engineering but he's questioning whether

College is the way to get to the um Cutting Edge of engineering so he's Exploring his options right now so what Is your metric for success for Homeschooling your children their Happiness That can't be the answer No no if I let my kid run around for Eight hours a day until he's 18. you'll Be very happy no but that can't be the Answer for Education should be the Pursuit of truth beauty and goodness so As long as I've equipped them to pursue Truth beauty and goodness then I know That they are well okay my so my mind is Completely business wired so I'm Thinking like kpis like K performance Indicators so if I educated my child From K-12 Um in my home one marker for success for Me I would think that if he performs Well on like the act or the SAT okay He's I've done a good job educating him Or if he goes to college and he's very Successful right that's or if he maybe Gets a good job like a traditional job Now if they do non-traditional work That's cool but I don't know how much of A bearing that is on like how well I Educated him right so like I could Probably set my kid up to be decently Successful on YouTube Just because I am If we started doing videos together but I don't know if that's like if that's

Showing that like I educated him well or I'm just like kind of letting him Piggyback off my career so I'm curious In terms of like how do you mark that You were successful or that your Children had Um a positive experience doing the Home Learning thing as compared to a Contemporary as compared to somebody Else at the same age so to me a a marker Of success is that my child can teach Himself and is not afraid to learn so my Children will teach themselves anything That they need to know and they're not Afraid to go try to figure out how to How to learn it but if I ask like what Is like the other thing is that they're They're all entrepreneurial spirits and So they're they understand how business Works because that I think is something That we ought to be teaching our Children sure um how business Works in Fact my son is a lot brighter than I am With with regards to that I think that's One of the powerful things that you said Is to is the entrepreneurial free Thinking Spirit Well because that is not taught No that's no that's not but that's not Powerful though right let's say that I So your metric is the academic metric so Well let's say let's say I'm standing in A room with 100 parents okay and every Single parent here what is is it 2400 is

The max SAT score today I don't even Know is it 24 I can't remember I thought It was 16. Let's say that yeah SATs every every parent here is telling Me that like oh my kid got a uh 1700 on The sat right very quickly I can kind of Ascertain like the academic capabilities And the math skills the English skills Are really skills of these kids let's Say that you stay in a room with 100 Parents and I know both of you know this Because you guys have probably hired People and talked to people before Somebody comes up to you and they say oh I'm an entrepreneur I don't know what The that means I'm gonna need to See some work I'm gonna need to see a Portfolio I need to see like just Because you're an entrepreneur that Might just mean that you run a channel And you like do Drop Shipping and you Make 400 bucks a month doing that deal With your mom right but if you tell me Like oh I graduated from duke or I Graduated from you know even like a Decent state school with an engineering Degree okay cool I I immediately have Some idea that at the very least you can Show up and get it to Green engineering That says something right Um so but it's superficial because it's Not superficial entrepreneurs yeah but If you if you also sure but if you score

1600 on the SAT it doesn't mean that you Can have an original thought to me Having an original thought is more Brilliant than scoring 1600 on the SAT That's true but I feel like the goal This happens everybody does this there Are problems this this goes back one of The first things I said on the show um In terms of me defending institutions I Wish that we were better at criticizing Things without throwing the whole thing Out I'm not going to sit here and tell You that school K-12 or colleges are a Perfect institution I think there's a Lot of wasted time I'm very Progressive But I think that the ideological Leanings of the school are Insane right that 13 to 1 is barely even A real number because you know that one Conservative is not like a gun-toting Manual I mean that's like a liberal Conservative right that's a guy that Would have voted for Clinton right the One conservative right so there are Definitely problems with the school I Just don't like the idea like okay there Are some problems I'm gonna throw all of It out we're going to ignore all the Pros and we're gonna get so Ideologically invested in our particular Solution that we can't even name a Single response because I still don't Know a con from the homeschooling thing And I can think of three off the top of

My head my sister was homeschooled um For her entire uh life I know I know Tons of cons off the top what are the Cons Um one is that you have a parent that's Stuck in the household um two is that You have to go out of your way to find Extracurricular groups to set up for the Parents in the household is not a con to Me well you're not well that's because You guys had a lot of money for parents Where both parents need to work that's Unfortunately for a lot of people that's Not an option right right so one is not A con to homeschooling it's it's a Barrier but it's not a con the con is That it's a job that you don't get paid For you're a slave to your kid which is Kind of okay it's part of like being a Apparent to some extent but a lot of Parents I reject that characterization Okay well for the people that can't Afford to have a single uh person a Parent staying in the household for Until the child is 18. go down yeah That's one the second one is you have to Go out of your way to um to find uh Extracurricular activities Stuff it could be whatever uh thankfully My parents were religious I say Thankfully I'm an atheist now but like They so they had an easy Community to Kind of like do enroll their kids and They cut my sister in class whatever and

Then three is support can be difficult If um at least back when they did it 15 20 years ago it's changed a lot sure It's probably changed a lot but it could Be like if you've got questions about Like a certain curriculum or which books Are the best or whatever it could be Hard to find that support online whereas If you've got issues with schools There's a whole infrastructure built out Um and then four is not as big a deal But things related to special education Requirements can be really really Complicated in the home if you're not Ready to be like a full-time caretaker Or meet like the individual needs of a Child maybe a child has a speech Impediment and you know how to train Them you'd have to take them to a speech Pathologist instead of relying uh on School right maybe they're asking for Career guidance and you don't know the Answer your child's like oh I want to be Um I want to be a mechanical engineer When I grow up and it's like okay well I Got my degree in right writing I have no Idea like what God it's going to be so There's like four on the top of my head That are like I went to I went to high School and I had my drama class because I really like drama and I really wanted To be an actress and everybody at the High school literally like everybody at The high school said you can't be an

Actress because nobody ever succeeds and Frankly the gal who taught acting pretty Girl had spent a bunch of time in New York clearly had not succeeded because She was teaching High School drama in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania so of course her Paradigm was nobody succeeds because she Didn't succeed so just because your Parent doesn't know how to get you Somewhere doesn't mean that the school Does and in fact there are plenty of People in schools that dissuade children Like I was dissuaded from pursuing Acting which is why I ended up at Duke University and then had debt because I Was studying something that I eventually Didn't didn't do but the other thing That I want to I just have to say we Live in a culture right now that Believes in the school model because why We all went to school so we were all Brainwashed into the school model so You're very deaf definition of education Is well you have to perform well on a Test that is not the true definition of Education and the idea that it's a Terrible burden to have to be enslaved To your child I will say this we also Live in a culture that our schools have Taught us that sacrifice is the ultimate Evil that you should never sacrifice Anything because you can have it all and That's a lie from the pit of Hell and The fact is that sacrifice is the

Highest good and the only reason that Our culture has survived and that this Nation is Crea it has been created is Because they understood that the free Exchange the free sacrifice of self for Something greater than is the greatest Good that we can have and that's the Basis of our economy it's the basis of Capitalism it's the basis of growth and Frankly it's the basis of family so when You have a family you learn that you Sacrifice for your family because in the Sacrifice your true value comes out and Then build your value that's great but Keep when you say sacrifice face that Implies a con that's all I was saying if You can't afford to stay because the the Definition that we have been given from Our schools is that sacrifice is evil Sacrifices sacrifices it's not a con Sacrifice by definition if there's no Con involved then it's not a sacrifice No that's wrong that would be like me Giving my wife a 500 certificate of some restaurant and be like look I Sacrifice for you get the off my Back that's not a sacrifice that doesn't Mean anything I didn't give anything up To do that right Sacrifice by definition Implies that you're giving something up If you've got plenty of money but it's Not a con Uh You're we're playing exotic language

Games to say that there are no cons Involved in sacrifice a Sacrifice by Definition is a pro on one side and a Con on the other then you can't call it A con you is it do you have the Sacrifice to go to the gym you can't Call this you have to sacrifice to go to The gym is there a con to go into the Gym there's a sacrifice to everything so You can't call it okay I'm gonna keep Asking questions is there a con to going To the gym Is it painful do you spend time doing it Okay there are cons to it but there are Pros too you're healthier so you can't Just call it a con it's disingenuous You would say there are pros and cons That's what we were saying before that Was Adam's initial question I think two Hours ago was What are the pros and what Are the cons just because something Might be on the net good they're still Going to be cons involved sure sure okay Not good sure also I think it's Important to note you you mentioned Having this a really bad Drama teacher Um all of us have had bad teachers I Imagine right all of us have probably Also had hopefully at least one we've Had good teachers and Bad Teachers yes Exceptionally amazing right but we tend To glorify the school and say but school Is net good and my my view is school is Net bad okay but the people go to school

I think that different people will say Well there was a net positive and there Was a net negative I think that's this Is the whole fundamental question I was Asking what are the pros and cons Because I don't think that there are all Pros I'm doing homeschooling I also don't Think there's all kinds of going to Actual school right but the but and and Of course my viewpoint is Net Good for schools Med bad for school What's your how old is your youngest kid 17. okay I think you guys should just Swap lives for a day and your kid should Go to the homeschooling with Sam and Your kid to go to I wish You want to take it from here to try it Because it is the most amazing I'm sure I don't understand here's what you Here's what here's what people who send Their children to school don't Understand they they fundamentally can't Understand the sacrifice that they are Making I mean you say that but then on the Other hand too I was a lot more lukewarm To the idea until Adam started asking About the socialization stuff I feel Like there's a lot of socialization that You're under counting for your children When he asked you like what kind of Friends do my kids have and your first

Answers well he's a two million follower Kind of tick tock in my opinion that's Actually one of the fundamental driving Forces in our society today that is Destroying children yeah he doesn't Believe in touch my point is you might Not believe in it but it's too much I Think you're just mad that he has more Followers on Tick Tock than you always My accounts keep getting bad exactly Depressed because you want the Homeschool because he went to school and You hung out on the wrong let me let me Clarify that my point with that is he's An extreme extrovert he has a ton of Friends everywhere like he goes he goes He listens he here's the let's Transition to a different topic here's What I will say on on just listen to you Guys going back and forth uh you know What you think the world of a Homeschooling is you don't have full Context on it right totally agree okay What she thinks of everything else as Being very evil may not be as realistic To you and I because we're like yeah I Mean like the biggest thing for me is The reason why I like uh conversations Like this is because I learned through Debate that's how I learned I learned Through people debate sometimes if it's At the house they're only hearing from One personality one teacher there isn't Enough debate maybe that's one thing uh

That is a high value in our family I Love debate I love exchange I love Disagreement because it's getting your Brain to work it's like a muscle work in Here if you don't have that there's no Debate so it's not getting us to learn So we read good books right I mean yeah We we read plenty of books in our family And I still like to have the debates now On the flip side of it let me tell you What what does concern me this whole Like sex sex change stuff that they're Talking about right now is transgender Right Um hey you know what's wrong with it you Should let them do it they should let Them go through it you know what's wrong With a kid wanting to do that and hey if The parent agrees and proves to they Should let them do it Some of that stuff for me is the brain's Not yet been fully shaped to make tough Decisions like that in your life that Should come later on to me uh to make Some of those things introduced to kids Like hey now we got seven billion Different pronouns to go to school and I Gotta my kids gotta come and say my one Of my classmates today said they have a Pronoun they want to be called this what Is that that I don't want to have those Conversations with you I just don't and The public school has made the mistake Of allowing that to be normal and

They're taking a hit for it by the way States have also made a mistake California's losing people to other States so is New York's those other People and a lot of people in Florida no Matter what they say about DeSantis love Them or hate them his philosophies took Him from barely winning the governorship By 34 000 votes to winning by 1.5 Million votes he's speaking to parents Who have similar fears to the ones that You have so power to him you are not Alone here you know uh uh on you talking About the issues that you're talking About so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here

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