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Hello Iman hello Again no way this time last year was the Last time we filmed for YouTube correct And now look at us different location Big day over there gazzy on our Eyes Globe Trotters Globe Trotters What's the biggest change since a year Ago I don't think anything's changed you Don't think anything's changed I think Some things have changed okay what's Changed for you well from an outsider Looking in you've become a lot funnier Which I'm very proud of you've started To show your personality more and I Don't like that I'm very proud of you no No I love it I love it I have a running Joke with Iman well it's not really a Running joke with Iman it's a running Joke with myself about Iman that you are Funny for four times of the year but so Far you've you've been funny a handful Of times so I'm really proud of that and People are starting to notice that your Fans your audience are like I love to See imman just like a bit more Goofy and Stuff yeah I don't like that I let it Slip I had a Freudian slip a couple Times on short form mhm mhm never again No we we love to see it are you going to Offer me some big day sitting there yes And I would like you to hand pour it oh And since you're fasting currently I Will have both both yes please Sir what do you want first lime or

Watermelon I'll do the watermelon First M Delicious I don't know why I feel like I'm on the [ __ ] Oprah Winfrey show or Some [ __ ] that's Perfect so how are you Really no we're not doing this I'm Kidding no no No do you think there's such thing as Being too comfortable with your partner With your partner with your life yes Definitely but yeah specifically with Your partner yeah 100% for me personally Would never want to be comfortable with My partner if I ever got like I'm not Talking like a little like chubby I mean Like fat for extended period of time Like I would hope my partner would leave Me and everyone who says oh yeah I Unconditionally Love that person like That's a load of horeshit cuz I can tell You right now if they became a weed Smoking video game addict and piled on An extra 100 kilos you would leave them Unconditional love is something that's Reserved for your mother like so your Your mom is the only one that kind of Your mother un even if you are a weed Smoking video G addict and you gain 100 Kilos your mom will still love you your Wife should not because you actually Lied to her because the person she went Into a relationship with you went back

On that so you actually lied about who You are it's not the as in they don't Want to stick around or this that it's Just you are not the same person that They agreed to get into a relationship With that happens a lot the whole this Isn't the man I I fell in love with Yeah is there like something that you Crave in people cuz thinking about this Circle that you have okay we're all Super super different and obviously for You your circle's a bit interesting cuz It's your your employees but it's also Your close close friends and like we are All so different individually like What's the one thing that you get Attracted to in a person I'd say for me Loyalty like I know I said unconditional Love it though it doesn't exist except For your family but for me that's cuz Unconditional love is like people throw That around way too lightly it's the There's nothing stronger on Earth yeah But loyalty every single person I've Kept in my life is one of those people Where if I hadn't have kept them in my Life on my deathbed even if I hadn't Talked to him in 40 years I would have Thought back and gone I wonder what ever Happened to them and people don't really Realize it and I'm sure you've seen it How people come in in contact with our Circle yeah and it's like a drug they've Never seen such a cohesive unit and

They've never seen like a dynamic in a Group like what we have and that's cuz I Said I just feel like every person Around me is like some character in a Movie they're just mhm there just those Characters in life you you can't forget Them and I decid rather than forgetting These people let me just keep them Around um [ __ ] I had a great question It's just flown Away If I started dating a guy and you met Him you didn't like himh would you Expect me to listen to you how would you Navigate that if I really liked a guy But you you were like he is not the one For you I can't stand him and what would He have to be for you to not stand him Questions questions I think listen I Don't expect you to listen to me I think It's in your best interest if you do cuz I any sort of masculine relation you've Had in your life I've always been right About Oh Okay since you were 16 I've called the End of your relationship to the month oh Not to the month let's not exaggerate Basically to the month I'm just putting My phone on silence Sorry cheeky screenshot I I didn't mean To it was just awkward so yeah no I Don't expect you to listen to me I tell You even if you didn't want to hear it

CU to me that's what a friend does MHM Okay but what would he have to be for You to not be able to stand him someone Who challenges you slightly mhm I think For you I would never want you to date Like someone with my character that Would be that would be that would be a [ __ ] disaster my hair would fall out I would be 10 kilos underway which Wouldn't be a bad thing to be honest but I would hate that so I think for you you Definitely need someone a lot more on The emotional side not a lot more on the Emotional side but slight more than me Yeah yeah just in tune a little bit it Would be nice I'm just going to dble dabble between Flavors for now double dip why not Double Dip M you should do watermelon lime Next you taste it mix should we do rock Paper scissors but with a bet with a bet Yeah no you're good at rock paper Scissors no what no I remember you good At rock paper scissors [ __ ] out of it Okay should we just do best out of three Just to do best of three no cuz you're Still going to win I know you're good Rock Paper Scissors Shoot Rock Paper Scissors Shoot Rock Paper Scissors Shoot Woo how does it feel To so naturally females are obviously More intuitive than men okay and

Apparently males in the workspace like There was some statistic that men are Trying to channel their inner intuition And femininity more so that they can Work on making incentive decisions in The Workspace and where did you hear that Report I heard it at my female Founders Panel of course you Did we're talking about this on our Podcast now I thought that was Interesting I just wanted to give you Guys a little fact fact of the day yeah That's not a Fact all right what would you give a guy Who's like like just a normal dude right What advice would you give them to level Up their life and attract their dream Partner you know the thing is with me Man and this is this is where we're Different is I base a lot on if Someone's just a decent person for me if You're like a decent person that kind of Already gives you browning points no for Sure it gives you browning points but Respectfully you you know many decent Guys you've never gone on a [ __ ] date With them so because I'm not attracted To them cut the crap so let's I'm not Attracted to them how do you become Attracted to them cuz I know you you're Not attracted to looks I am though no But I've seen the things you've dated And the things I've dated are you having

A giggle every guy I've ever dated has Been super hot that's not true but who Hasn't been hot the only one who hasn't Been hot is girls don't necessarily need The guy who's the most attractive they Just want to be attracted by himely yeah Well that's that's all about charm Knowing how to speak to a female knowing How the female mind works I'm not saying Be toxic definitely not but Understanding you know charm and humor And I'm telling you if you can make a Girl laugh immediate panties are wet Like you have to have some humor you Have to not take yourself seriously and Also you have to have your own style Like no offense I'm not going to date an IM man gadzi wannab be I'm just not I Don't like it so the guy's definitely Got to have his own style and not trying To morph into someone else that he's not I think that's really Important what do I get if I do do 20 Push-ups what do you want what what's on The options try your luck shopping spree How much I want to you know I don't like Taking advantage so maybe a pair of Shoes one pair of shoes one pair of Shoes if you can do 20 proper if I can Do 20 push-ups I want to get the the Travis ones that I've been wanting for a Really long Time that's not a push Amar

That is the only pish I've ever Known one I just did two of these okay 3 4 5 6 78 think about those travs 9 10 11 My 13 14 14 15 no that Doesn't 16 17 18 18 19 no that doesn't Count SC your legs Amart I did 20 my body is shaking I did 20 okay Fine I hi I just need some big day this is a Great ad this was a great ad this was a Great ad you know you were only able to Do that cuz of the big day it must have Been cuz of the the watermelon lime Concoction I've never done 20 push-ups In a row before what's the most you've Ever done like 12 well I guess you still Haven't even done One what can can we make an edit out of That w Upy Have you ever had a moment where You' Just be like I can't stand am Mara uh yeah sometimes past and why you Don't do it as much used to be bit of a Pick

Me What that's a joke no that's serious how Was I pick me with the guys with the Guys yeah you're a lot with guys what do You mean I'm a lot they they're they're On my ass 24/7 no because you let them You love it Iman you totally entertain Encourage it when I'm with you guys it's Like I'm on the hot chair 24/7 it's like I have five brothers that I never asked For never wanted in my face the whole Time didn't you literally ask to come to Cave Town I specifically remember you saying Even if there's no other females present I would still like to come aren't you Happy I'm here over the moon can't you Tell yes I can Tell You know when when fans reach out to you And say how much you've changed their Life and how much you mean to them and How much you've helped them Etc like has It gotten old for you or do you still Get affected the same way as like the First fan that ever came up to you I Think I've definitely gone desensitized To it but to be honest I got Desensitized to in like 5 years ago mhm When it's different is when it's in Person yeah when it's in person it's a Different experience still always Special to this day mhm cuz you like It's a real human in front of you and

You can actually see the emotion MH cuz It's very easy to say things over texts M but when you're in person with someone And you actually genely see what it Means to them Mhm yeah nothing compares that mhm love That Amazing pleasure pleasure as always

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