I Gave an Ai Bot $50,000 to Trade Stocks

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AI Bots have now beat humans in chess Poker video games so why not the stock Market I want to start from scratch here And try to create an artificial Intelligence robot that day trades the Stock market and then give it 50 000 to See what happens that is if my budget Gets approved is that approved you see This number Budget approved but then on top of that I think it'd be interesting to put up Our artificial intelligence robot Against some actual humans to see if it Can outperform some social media trading Guru so first up we need to write some Code and create an AI bot Foreign I don't actually know how to Code I don't touch this stuff not gonna Touch the stuff but if you've spent any Amount of time on Elon musk's horrific Hate speech platform in the last few Weeks you've likely heard of chat GTP Which is like some genius AI assistant Which you can command to do or create Anything write an 800 word essay on the Effects of high screen time on teens Enter I think that's ridiculous just like that You have an 800 word coherent Non-plagiarized essay write a Haiku poem About Drop Shipping online sales flow Effortless shipping no stock Drop Shipping oh so fast but it gets even Crazier because this thing can code I'm

Going to type in right python code for a Simple game hit enter So if we paste that and then run it it Made a little game where you have to Guess a random number that it thinks of So let's try seven enter nine yeah two I Didn't guess in three tries so I lost Okay let's try one more thing write a Script for a Bia has a video explaining Chad GTP including one DJ Khaled meme in The beginning what if I told you that Every word up until this point in this Video was scripted by Chad GTP just Kidding but I got to brainstorming on How we could actually get this AI chat To script a trading bot we could run my First attempt was to get it to write Some code using think script which is a Coding language you can run on CD Ameritrade but the code simply just Didn't work it was either incomplete and The few times I got anywhere with it it Was just too simple like it was a three Line piece of code that would go through But it wouldn't actually work so instead We're gonna harness the artificial Intelligence brain power of Chad GTP to Create a day trading strategy for a bot And then we can have a developer take The strategy whip up some code and turn The strategy into a bot that day trades On Robin Hood so I started off by asking What stocks the bot should they trade Then how much of the account we should

Risk per Trade It recommended no more Than a thousand dollar loss and then Diving deeper what are some indicators We could use after you gave me a few I Had to pick one and develop a day Trading strategy revolving around that Indicator I think that's pretty much all We need so now we can hand this strategy Over to a nerd who started working on Writing some code to bring this strategy To life meanwhile I started shaping up Our competition once I see this Paid monthly service a lot of gurus who Shield day trading will offer is Something called signals which is where They tell you in real time when to buy And sell stocks every single day so you Dish out like 300 bucks a month and They're claiming that you can just Follow along and make a ton of money so That's who our bot is gonna be up again So the First Signal group on The Chopping Block is the daily Trader these Individuals are claiming to be up 489 Percent a year to date in one of the Worst market conditions of all time but Unfortunately after I dished out 300 to Join their Discord I found out that the Daily Traders didn't send out daily Trades the last signal was like three Weeks ago so this wouldn't work so to Replace that group I tried the stock Section of Andrew Tate's new program and Although they had some phenomenal

Medieval Empire role play going on they Didn't really give out signals I was Really starting to lose hope when Suddenly I heard a familiar voice in the Distance stop VIP what's good it's me Garyvee just want to say what's up hope You're super well Gary B was in this Tick Tock man man's stock signal group I Had to join they claim to have over a Quarter million members inside the group And when I joined there was a few people Giving out signals which was perfect and For our second competitor I found Kevin Trades with Boiler Room trading he does Have a tick tock but zero helicopter to Work videos which is kind of suspicious But he makes up for it with an abundance Of flakes showing at Richard Mills in Front of Lambo steering wheels now I Tried my best to get another 100 Grand So we could test out these guys signals With the 50k account each but not Approved so I'm gonna give the bot my Real fifty thousand dollar Robinhood Account with real money and it can trade That but as far as the gurus we're just Gonna have to follow them along on some Paper trading accounts with our Competitors in place I sent some Encouraging words to our hard-working Developer and waited for Monday when the Markets would open and we could Hopefully unleash our Beast onto Wall Street

Foreign Good I ended up getting the code for the Bot yesterday just when I FedEd my Robinhood login information it's Supposed to just be plug and play on my End I'm gonna hit run once the Market Opens and we'll see what happens Although there were a couple changes Mates in the Box it's only gonna scan Three stocks at a time and it's just Gonna go into every trade with a set 40K That way it doesn't have to I guess Recalibrate after every trade this is a Time for me to do any last minute Stretches before the Market opens Foreign Okay so it looks like the bot is Scanning the market and keeping track of RSI which is very promising I'm so hyped To see working but the real test is to See if it'll actually go into a trade Okay so just detected an RSI under 30 on Google stock let's see if it Automatically signals a buy and after a Very concerning minute of tense Hesitation I saw trade pop up on my Screen the bot had just successfully Bought forty thousand dollars worth of Google stocks Eventually went above 70 and just like That the Bots sold we had a profitable Completed first trade and it was Straight back to scanning for another One okay end of day one here the bot did

A total of three trades who were in the Green one was a loss but the loss of the One bad trade was higher than that of Both profitable trades combined so we're Down 300 on the day which honestly I'm Not even mad about I'm just happy the Bot is working but still we shouldn't be Getting more trades right than wrong and Losing money so I want to see if Mark Can quickly tweak our bot to cut losses Quicker and then take profit at a set Amount unexpected problems good we have The opportunity to figure out a solution So maybe the bot would sell either a Hundred dollars in the negative or 300 In the positive now as far as the groups First up I dove a little deeper and Looked through the one I found from the Garyvee video and I'm not making any Accusations but this looks like a Textbook pump and dump scheme it's Actually ridiculous to see they only Trade tiny penny stocks and if you plot The timing of their call outs on some Stock graphs it looks incredibly sus I'm Just saying these graphs would look very Similar if somebody were to buy up a Stock for themselves then announce it to Their group members which would pump the Stock up and then you sell it to the Members trying to catch the wave and That's when it dumps And given that like 10 gurus on Twitter Just got charged by the SEC for any pump

And dump schemes like a couple days ago I don't want to touch this with a 10 Foot pole I'm folding on that but as far As the Boiler Room signals following Their position size and their stop loss Guide first straight hit stop loss for a 2500 loss second trade 1500 profit third Trade two grand loss and fourth trade Was also quite the loss so even though The bot didn't crack a profit it's still Currently up by quite a bit and while I Peacefully went on with my life for the Next four days in the background there Was an all-out war between human and Machine Foreign A full week of trading five Market Days Let's dive into these results So we went over day one on Monday day Two the guru took the day off which Actually highlights the benefit of Training Bots right whether you're busy Or not rain or shine the bot is showing Up and trading but that day the bot did Two trades both profitable and then the Third one that didn't seem like it would Close by the end of the market day so I Had to manually close it which it was About break even when I did that so we Ended up getting a total profit of about 600 for that day alone which is kind of Crazy day three the crew hit us with Three trades the first was a solid Profit but it was followed by two heavy

Losses so that account was really Starting to disintegrate as far as the Bot it did four trades two were lost two Were a profit netting us about a 400 Profit for the day day four the signals Actually kind of popped off hitting us With two solid trades really saving the Account whereas the bot really took a Turn for the worse it kept on trying to Catch a falling knife so I think this Bot works a lot better when the market Is in an uptrend but that day wasn't Over 900 loss and then finally day Number five I heard nothing from the Guru hopefully he's okay okay however The bot hit two profitable trades and Then a third that was open and doing Well but I had to close it manually Because the market was about to close in A few minutes so the ending balance on The signals account is 48 899.67 which I mean given the current Marketing conditions I'm surprised That's not bad now if we would have just Put the 50 Grand into the S P 500 ETF at The start of the week we would end up at 48 950. I know the results could have Been different if we tried this on a Different week this isn't a conclusive Study but the AI bot account ended up at 50 441 beating not only the human but the Market itself now these results say more About the power of AI or the day trading

Guru space up to you to decide hope you Enjoyed this one and have an amazing Rest of your day peace

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