“I Got Pushed And Beat Up!” – The Result Of A Missing Father Figure

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Brian ‘liver king’ Johnson, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about the importance of a father figure.

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Talk about how at least for you what was It like you know the the consequences of A missing father figure you're like I Don't even know what it is to be raised With a father figure sometimes we don't Talk about that enough we talk about let Me tell you what that kid did let me Well let me tell you the role of a Father plays in a man's life and what it Looks like if he's not there yeah so What were some of the things like you Know where you're like I came home one Day and I needed to talk a man talk to a Man not my mom a man wasn't there I came Home what were some of those events During that time that impacted your life Now this is like a Tarantino movie what I was saying earlier my 10 to 15 year Old days where I just got pushed and Beat up and I never stood up for myself Um there's this new kid Chuck who came To school another white kid like me I'm Like I'm gonna make friends with this Guy Um but from day one he was getting in Fights but he was fighting back and Blood was everywhere you know I'm like [ __ ] you know like maybe I could still Make friends and I made friends with him And then and then when they knew that he Was going to fight back he made friends With them And so I no longer had a friend and they Said something they said something about

Me that he no longer wanted to be my Friend so he comes out into the Courtyard and he starts pushing me and Pushing me and I'm walking back and I'm Walking back and now there's 30 people There's a big [ __ ] crowd yeah Um anyways I tripped over a planter and I fell on my ass and I said you don't Want to fight me I'm a [ __ ] [ __ ] you Know and I believe that Um and here's the thing you know like Again I so I go home and I do the same Thing I'm like you know I wish I had Somebody to talk to about this you know And but it was the same conversation I Had with myself in the mirror like You're a [ __ ] piece of [ __ ] you're Worthless you know what are you gonna do To change your life Um this big thing happened that changed My life not too long after that Um this kid Chris Rivera wanted to pick A fight with me if he got in this fight He would join this gang and so they tell Me hey there's this fight that you need To be in and uh and when I say they tell Me my brother I have an older brother Um and uh and his friend Justin and Justin's mom was around and they said You need to be in this fight and I'm Like what I've never been in this I've Never thrown a punch back I wish I had The dad that said Hey listen it doesn't Matter if you get your the [ __ ] handed

To you you need to stand up for yourself You need to fight you need to do this Thing for yourself but nobody told me That um and you know I think this might Be one of the greatest things that Happened to me at this stage in my life I believe this is my first true rite of Passage uh what ends up happening is um Justin's mom says you need to fight Because you're strong And then Justin said that too and my Brother said that I'm like what the [ __ ] Are you taught do you even know who I am Do you know you know what I'm thinking Anyways they convinced me to do it she Drove me to the fight oh wow she drove Me to the your friend's mom in the van Oh Sam in the van and uh and and Speaking of gangster I mean this his Gang was behind him he's standing there And I get out of the van my heart's Going a mile a minute I kind of walk up Quickly he's waiting there for me he Starts approaching me I'm facing him and Um and I threw a punch from like a mile Away everything that I had a maker I had No idea what was going on Um I threw myself to the ground you know I wish I could see this today Oh my God if you if you could see this Again I I know it came from a mile away Yeah I know I gave it every [ __ ] Thing that I had you know and so I threw Myself on the on the ground so hard I

Could have knocked myself out probably No that's hilarious and this guy Chris Comes up to to kick me because I'm on The ground round and I was able to catch His foot I was able to get a hold of his Legs I was able to feel how strong I was Wow and I manhandled him that's awesome And I put him on the ground and I Manhandled him so effortlessly that I Pinned both of his elbows to the ground Underneath my knees I had this hand on The neck I don't know if you've seen This [ __ ] in the movie but it's like all From the [ __ ] movie yeah and so I'm Getting ready to do my thing and I Looked in his eyes and I saw this Pathetic scared as [ __ ] hopeless Helpless kid And uh and so I saw me And I couldn't do it there's no [ __ ] Way I could do it and um just the other Day I'm I'm in the car driving to go say My apology uh video and I'm telling Myself this story why why why why why do You have to over trade like what what Are you dealing with and I'm telling the Story and I'm getting choked up and I'm Like holy [ __ ] like I'm able to go deep On this I I know I can talk about this I Know that this is you know a big big Part of that issue um and I couldn't do It and I got up and uh and he didn't There was no retaliation whatsoever There was a mutual understanding here

Um there was a mutual understanding Between us the gangs throwing rocks and Cracks or mini cracks the window on the Minivan we get back inside she says I'm Proud of you Justin says I'm proud of You my brother says that I'm proud of You you're strong and Um you know what I knew right then is Like as worthless as I had felt up to That point I can do that and if I can do That what else am I capable of and I Knew that it had been my working out That had led me to that and now I Finally got the first time first chance In my life to feel what that felt like To actually be strong to have some sense Of [ __ ] control Thank God you know that this happened Um but I will say this this started this Maniacal drive to be in the gym to do This to double down it's like Um I I know what my roles and goals are In life like I only pick a few of them Because I know I can only be great at a Few things I'm not a good son I'm not a Good brother I'm not even a good friend It's like you know what I'm I'm good to Myself to express my highest and most Dominant form like as a man I know I'm a Good husband I know I'm a good father I Dedicate everything to that there's There's these other things these other Roles that are important to me that are Probably the worst in the world that but

This is what I knew like there's this Maniacal Drive the ability to have some Sense of control some strength so Um I don't even know how this whole Thing started but this this is this is Why I started telling the story man it's Because uh thank God that happened I was About the father figure and the Mentoring because I because he wasn't There but she stepped in Justin's mom Stepped in she told me to do this this Was the equivalent of what a dad should Do wow you know and so thank God I did That shout out to the mom wow wherever She is if she's around that's a people You still keep in contact with them or Not oh no you know I mean this is in Middle School Um there are no cell phones or anything You know cell phones didn't come out Dollars after college but um but but Here's the thing uh This guy and his mom were involved with Some really illegal [ __ ] and and my mom Said there ain't no [ __ ] way you're Gonna go to the high school that this Middle school feeds to by the way I want To point this out in eighth grade I Almost figured out how to fit in now I Got my ears pierced and stick back I'm Now I finally have some hand-me-downs From one of my mom's boyfriends where I'm kind of figuring this out then my Mom says you ain't gonna be friends with

This guy anymore we're moving over here And it doesn't even matter if we have The same phone number would she change The number anyways like we there's no More connection and and this was one guy That I had started to gain respect from And I couldn't believe she was going to Take my friend away I had just figured Out how to kind of fit in she moves me To an all-caucasian School deck now I Don't look like anybody again because Now I got my hair sticked back I'm Wearing baggy pants everybody has short Hair everybody's an athlete everyone's Wearing these uh like kicker you know Tight jeans yeah boots I gotta do it all Over again you know and what once again Like these are all gifts you know like I Went through that and a big part of um What I try and you know challenge myself To figure out with my own boys is how do I put these kind of challenges not I Would never wish this upon anybody what I went through but I know I got to make Life hard for them and so I got to Figure out you know well how do I do That and not burn a bridge how do we not Not go too far Um so I I would say like that that's Probably just a classic opportunity you Know like she was like my dad and she Mentored me and I think she changed the Trajectory of my life in that minute so What all the craziness taking place I

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