I Never Fail – This Is How ✅#shorts

This approach will mean that you always win the game of life.

Imagine what your life would look like If you received five proverbial points For failing rather than losing five Imagine how you'd approach things if you Treated them as experim where failure Would be just as valuable as success Might you now see The Game of Life Slightly differently suddenly the stakes Are lower and suddenly you can afford to Play around a little if your goal is to Find a fulfilling career and your Hypothesis is that a corporate role Might be fulfilling then your data Collection process might be to sample Careers through internships and job Placements with an experimental mindset An internship that you end up hating Would be a failure or a waste of time it Would be just another data point to help You realize that that's not what you Want and if your goal is to develop Meaningful relationships then your data Collection process might involve going On dates attending social events and Engaging with new people with an Experimental mindset a date that doesn't Lead to a second one or a friendship That doesn't Blossom wouldn't be a Failure it would just be another data Point to help you understand your Compatibility no failure is ever just a Failure it's an invitation to try Something new

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