I Spoke Before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee

On March 7th, 2024, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson was invited to be an expert witness before the U.S. House Judiciary committee. This hearing was held to discuss “The Weaponization of the Federal Government,” in which Dr. Peterson was given five minutes to make an official statement, followed by an open period for the present U.S. representatives to ask questions.

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– Chapters –

(0:00) The hearing comes to order, overview
(1:21) FBI overreach, and their intended goal
(2:58) Swearing in Dr. Peterson
(3:53) Dr. Peterson testifies: “George Orwell could scarcely imagine this”
(12:48) Question one: will it stop with Conservatives?
(14:47) Question two: why not embrace AI and the surveillance state for improved safety?
(16:34) Question three: why did Canada decide that you need more “education?”
(17:32) Question four: why are the U.S. safeguards on free speech so important?
(19:31) Question five: should the banks be required to inform their customers when the GOV requests their records?
(20:32) Question six: can you tell us about the de-banking incidents during the Canadian Freedom Convoy?
(22:27) Question seven: who are the biggest victims of de-banking?
(25:36) Question eight: can you explain to what extent citizen’s “virtualized selves” will be used by big tech, big gov, and the banks?
(31:04) The hearing is adjourned

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Subcommittee will come to order without Objection big Government was colluding with big Tech To sensor Americans that's the first Thing we learned but now it's big Government colluding with big Banks and Big business to spy on everything Americans buy every place they go Everything they do big government one Shore financial data because it's full Of sensitive information about you our Investigation started when an FBI Whistleblower George Hill came forward And talked to the committee Mr Hill was Supervisory intelligence Analyst at the FBI up in the Boston field office told The committee that the FBI got Information from Bank of America Specifically it received a list of any Customer who made purchases in the Washington DC area January 5th through 7th 2021 The Whistleblower supervisor Special agent in charge of the Boston Field office Mr bonaval corroborator Mr Hills testimony when he spoke to the Committee and so did Steve Jensen the FBI's domestic terrorism operation Section Chief but it wasn't just purchase data Around a specific date that the FBI got From Bank of America that was actually Also overlaid with any firearm purchase At any time and how did the FBI get this

Information they asked for it fact you Can see on the on the uh display on the Screen here the email that was sent the FBI told Bank of America to recap our Morning call we are prepared to action Immediately the following threshold Customers confirmed as transacting Business in Washington DC between these Specific Dates so if you're in Washington DC Visiting your kids maybe visiting your Aunt or maybe just a friend the FBI Wanted to know about every single Purchase you made And and if you're a gun owner look out You're going to the top of the list for Simply exercising your Second Amendment Right you're on the FBI's Target list Never forget the federal government got This information without any process no Warrant and frankly no notification the Bank didn't tell the customer that we're Hey we're handing this information over To the FBI the most powerful law Enforcement agency in the world now These FBI agents Mr Hill Mr bonot Mr Jensen they all said this was wrong and In fact sent the information back to FBI Headquarters in DC so that's how our Investigation began but since then we Continue to investigate but since then We've learned that the financial Surveillance was broader and there was Actually a specific objective federal

Government is building profiles on the American people and the profile isn't Based on criminal conduct it's based on Political beliefs and if you got the Wrong political beliefs well you're Potentially a domestic violent extremist We now introduce today's Witnesses Dr Jordan Peterson is a psychologist author And professor ameritus at the University Of Toronto he previously taught at Harvard University and Mill University He is published more than a 100 Scientific papers hosts a popular Podcast hosts public lectures across the United States Canada Australia and Europe and offers online programs to Help consumers better understand their Personalities and themselves Dr Peterson Has been targeted for his views on the Importance of free speech and Traditional Values and is warned of the Dangers of debank political opponents as He is seen in Canada we Begin by Swearing you in would you please rise And raise your right Hand you swear or affirm under penalty Of perjury that the testimony you're About to give is true and correct to the Best of your knowledge information and Belief so help you God let the records Show that the witnesses have answered in The affirmative thank you uh and we will Start with Dr Peterson Mr Peterson You're recognized for uh five minutes

And thank you again for being here as Well I would like to start by expressing My uh appreciation for the privilege Awarded to me to testify here today it It really is an honor to be asked to do So I'm not here to talk about January 6th or about any particular threat Insurrection or protest political or Ideological real or imaginary I'm here To talk about the already Extent and expanding collusion of Government and Corporation in Restricting the individual freedom and Autonomy upon which the productive Generous and stable psych psyche economy And state are themselves necessarily Founded I'll begin my comments therefore In the most general terms to shed light On the mounting problem there are now 700 million cctvs in China under the Rule of the Communist Party the system To which those electronic eyes are Attached is the most complete State Apparatus of surve surveillance yet Imagined with the ability not only to Recognize faces at a distance but gate Itself when facial features are hidden Or obscured such capability can and will Soon be augmented to the point where the Movement of eyes themselves monitored by High resolution and intelligent cameras Will soon be sufficient to identify any Aware and active party the mented naive And prideful Engineers who so

Enthusiastically helped build this System call it Skynet after the Rogue and allseeing Technology that took such a dreadfully Wrong term turn in the famous science Fiction movie Terminator series Featuring artificially intelligent robot Intelligences hellbent on protecting Themselves by destroying Humanity the Name also references a well-known Chinese phrase describing the reach of The Divine itself the net of Heaven is Vast yet it misses Nothing which aptly describes the Capabilities of the new state apparatus The system is integrated with the So-called Chinese social credit system Which Awards its involuntary Participants with a Score indicating their compliance with The dictates of the Chinese Communist Party allowing for full full control Over access to everything they possess Electronically most ominously their Savings and their access to travel Certainly all modern means of travel but Increasingly as the electronic Gates Come up even by walking if you're a Chinese or a visitor your access to the World can be reduced to zero if your Social credit score Falls Beyond an arit Arbitrary minimum this allows you Purpose y to be shut out of all Activities that can be virtualized and

In a rapidly virtualizing world this Increasingly means all activities Driving shopping working eating finding Shelter even fraternizing with friends And family as merely being in the Presence of someone with a low social Credit score means that your own score Can be Lowered this has also opened up the Opportunity for the government to Extract slavik labor from its citizens So burdened as the donation of free work To the state still constitute one means By which airing Chinese men and women Can increase their score and remain part Of human society this is precisely the Payment system most desired by the most Tyrannical not the work for me and Benefit thereby that constitutes the Contractual Arrangement undertaken by Free and Sovereign citizens but the work For me and I will lift the deprivation I Imposed that has always been the late Motif of the slaver why is any of this Relevant to people in the West well because the technology that The Chinese Communist party employs is An extension of Western technology Because we already fell prey to the Terrible temptation of lockdown employed By that state in the face of Hypothetical crisis once and in the very Recent past because we're walking step By step in the same direction part

Because of the hypothetical convenience Of universal and automatic recognition Of identity and partly because any Problem whatsoever that now confronts us Can easily be used to justify the Increasing reach of the security in Nanny state it is said that stoneage People first confronted with cameras and Their resultant photographs by modern Anthropologists objected to having their Images captured as they feared the Captivity of their souls it turns out That such fear was preent the images That we leave behind while navigating Virtual space are such close duplicates Of our actual selves that the capture of Our Essence is at this point all but Guaranteed we all now have our Doppelgangers we all live so much in the Virtual world in consequence of our Purchasing habits and modes of Electronically mediated communication That our very selves have become Reducible to a frightening degree to Data the modern equivalent of our Footprint With the same data making up an image of Our identity an identity which can be And is increasingly bought and sold by The invisible corporate Brokers that Still mostly use it to sell us what we So desperately and carelessly and Conveniently want but can also be used To track Monitor and punish everything

We do and say behavioral scientists Facilitate this process with their Reprehensible nudging the practice of Pushing people in in a given Ideologically determined Direction by Manipulating invisible incentives behind The scene corporations track purchasing Decisions developing algorithms that With increasing accuracy track our Patterns of attention and action Allowing for the prediction of what Might next be most enticing doing so not Only to offer us what we want but to Determine and shape what we need Governments can and are colluding with These corporate agents to develop a Picture not only of our actions but of Our thoughts and words so deviation from The desired end can be mapped rewarded And punished the development of a Digital identity and currency is nothing More than the likely and consequence of Such inclinations and the combination of Both can and will facilitate the Development of a surveillance State the Scope of which optimistic pessimists of Totalitarianism such as George Orwell Could scarcely imagine the new AI Systems which are so rapidly emerging do Nothing but increase this danger Providing for the the possibility of a Super surveillance whose scope exceeds Anything that mere un augmented humans Could imagine while also making it

Certain that even the perceptions that In the real world shape our attitudes Conduct and personality can manip can be Manipulated to the degree that we will Not even be able to see a reality Outside which that has been constructed By the superstate the ultimate fascist Collusion between gigantic Self-interested corporations and Paranoid security OB essed anti-human Governments we're already selling our Souls to the superstate for the purposes Of immediate gratification while being Enticed to do so by Fe Mr chairman could The witness be asked to summarize Please and while do I have my five Minutes or do I not you've gone over Five minutes oh I'm sorry I can I can Certainly I can the winess could Summarize we're always a little lean it With the time if you I'll take 10 more Seconds sure with increasing ability to Monitor not only the actual attention Patterns and behaviors of its citizens But to predict those that are most Likely the persecution of even potential Crime becomes ever more likely if you Have nothing to hide you will have Nothing to fear will be the slogan Commandeered by those most likely to Turn to surveillance to protect and Control what was the famous Soviet Totalitarian joke attributed to lavrenti Baria head of the secret police show me

The man and I'll show you the crime Those words were true enough in the time Of alin's KGB and the police were secret Enough then as well but that's nothing Compared to what we can and likely will Produce now a police so secret that we Will not even be able to detect their Comprehensive and subtle activity Monitoring crime so pervasive that Everyone under the dictates of the System will have something to hide Mr Chairman we now proceed under the five Minute rule with questions Dr Peterson Do you think uh do you think they're Just going to stop uh stop with Conservatives my my my history tells us That the cancel culture mob the the Surveillance State whatever you want to Call it it doesn't just they never are Satisfied with just certain people it it Always expands and I'll give you an Example a few years ago uh Senator Feinstein iconic Democrat senator from The great state of California uh the Folks in San Francisco renamed the Diane Feinstein Elementary School they took Her name off the school because they Found that she said something like 40 Years ago that the cancel culture mob Didn't like so even a liberal democr Senator wasn't good enough for the mob They came after her too and this this is The thing that scares me we've invited Probably more Democrat Witnesses in

Front of this committee than any other Committee we invite Democrats to come in And say we respect the First Amendment Second Amendment Fourth Amendment Respect the Constitution my concern is It never just stops with certain people It always goes further do you agree with That well the reason I prefaced my Remarks with an insistence on Nonpartisanship is because the danger Posed by this increasing ability of Governments and large corporations to Collude threatens everyone's Freedom Equally and it could well be that at the Moment and this is I think the case the Republican Republicans here are trying To make is that the people who are in The sights of that collusion tend to Have more conservative leanings but that Will shift in a moment when whenever the Political Tides shift and we're we're Concentrating in this hearing a fair bit On the specific events of January 6th Very partisan on issue that produces a Very intense partisan divide but we're Not addressing the we're not addressing The fundamental issue here directly Which is that our new technology enables A mode of surveillance that's so intense And all pervading that no one will Escape its purview regardless of their Political views Dr Peterson why are you such a lite why Don't you Embrace artificial

Intelligence and facial recognition so And massive computer surveillance and Cameras on every street corner so that We could all be Safer well because there's tremendous Danger in too much Security There if if the emerging collusion Between government And Corporation gigantic Corporation Continues in the manner that it is Continuing there won't be anything that You do that can't be used against you And will be used against you in very Short order and the concerns that are Expressed here about the local Consequences of that let's say with Regards to January 6th seem to me to Fail to take into account the much Broader threat that lurks underneath That everyone should be attending to We're we're in danger of eliminating the Private Sphere Entirely that's already happening in Places around the world particularly in China which is why I made reference to That that Tech Technologies at Hand and it appears as though both giant Governments and giant corporations are Utilizing it in every way that they can Manage and it's Generally it's often motivated by the Claim that that's forestalling an

Immediate proximal Threat right while that's a short-term Justification for engaging in a Tremendous long-term danger and it Should be perceived as dangerous to Those on the left who are politically Committed because it will be the Politically committed who are first Identified by such systems is is it true That you have a PhD yes well then why did the Canada Decide that you needed more education Can you tell us about that well one Reason the entire transcript of an Interview that I did with Joe Rogan was Submitted as evidence with regards to The unacceptability of My Views what I Was doing primarily in that interview That was criticized was questioning the Validity of the economic models of Economic collapse that were stacked upon The unstable models detailing out Climate change 100 years into the future That was deemed in Canada sufficient to Proceed with complaints against me with Regards to my professional competence to Serve as a licensed psychologist that Was only one of many Anonymous Complaints that were fostered directly In relation to my political views well I Thank you for showing up today I think They may use your testimony as evidence That your re-education has not been Successful I yield back to the chairman

There are Republicans and Democrats who Want to roll back the Patriot Act what a Beautiful name but it's being used to Violate American citizens rights to Privacy we have one of the rarest things Possible you have Mr Jordan and and Mr Nadler in complete Agreement on how to reform the foreign Intelligence surveillance act and Frankly the foreign intelligence Surveillance act part works pretty well It's the domestic surveillance act well There isn't one because the Fourth Amendment guards it it says you're Supposed to get a warrant and we're Covering a giant hole here not about January 6th what about the bank secrecy Act and third party Doctrine things that Are being abused weaponized against the Citizens of this country now they don't Have all these same safeguards in Canada And Dr Peterson you've experienced some Of the consequences of not having the Safeguards that we have in this Country um I wonder if you could Elaborate on on how consequential it is To have the safeguards we do have here On privacy and Speech well I know that my colleagues on The psychological front and on the Medical front in Canada are increasingly Frightened of making any of their Political opinions known in any form Whatsoever because governmental agencies

Usually of the mid-level bureaucratic Sort have been empowered as a Consequence of our lack of First Amendment rights to intervene as they See fit in relationship to stated Opinion political or otherwise and it's Not good it's seriously not good and There's new legislation coming up also Reflecting that lack of proper Constitutional protection that will make Even the suspicion that a crime may be Committed punishable That's Bill C63 I'm just saying in a Fundamental sense do you think there Should be a warrant requirement before Some financial institution hands over The name of the customer based on Certain purchases they may have made say In a general sense yes you think there Should be yes that's great because your Colleagues don't think so now let me go To this do you think Mr Michelle that if It can do a warrant do you think there Should be at least a notification so Should at least the bank say hey Mr Smith the FBI just ask me for all your Purchases on a certain date and they Want to know if you've ever bought a gun Do you think that the bank should at Least tell their customer their customer Who they're supposed to serve do you Think they should at least be compelled To tell them that yes Mr Tadesco yes Mr Knight yes with

Reasonable exceptions for an ongoing Criminal case fair enough Mr Peterson they should get a warrant they Should get a warrant back to the first Thing Mr Fone again with exceptions for Criminal investigations we got we got Agreement on the panel we' the first Time we've had that this morning Mr Mr Um Mr Dr Peterson I want you to talk About the the debate the de banking Issue we saw so much of and how that was Particularly I guess with the truckers And and how that's because I see it Coming I see it coming here and it Frightens me I want you to talk about What took place in Canada and if it if It in any way impacted you well there Was a essentially A working class Protest against the covid law extensive Length of the covid lockdowns and one Consequence of that was that Canadians Who Participated even by donating to the Protest and even by donating small Amounts to the protest had their bank Accounts ceased by seized in consequence Of a collusion between the banks and the Government that was extrajudicial that Was recently deemed Unconstitutional despite the fact that We don't have strong First Amendment Claims so this happened it the Government is currently maneuvering in Canada to make the possibility of such

Collusion a certainty across multiple Pot actual and potential domains of of So-called harm particularly in Relationship to government defined hate Yes this is this is absolutely coming And it's facilitated by the kinds of Advancements in technology that we Talked about today yeah we know it's Coming because we've seen the this what What do they call it the liaison Information report from the FBI to the Bank saying possibly include firearm Legislation the easing of immigration Status new limits on public land and Discontent with renewed measures to Mitigate the spread of covid-19 so the Very issue the very issue that these Truckers were debanked in Canada is the Very thing the government is saying to Banks we need to be we need to look at This as well that single issue that is Again what frightens me so much who Would you consider to be the biggest Victims of this surveillance operation I Think it's the American citizens and I Think it's a bipartisan issue even our Even the um uh some of the Democrats in This chamber and the Senate sent letters To the big Banks just a few weeks ago Talking about drisking they call De Banking der risking we're talking about The same thing uh of Arab Americans Muslim Americans in including because of Their religious donations and donations

To charity so it's a bipartisan issue And I think we all should be concerned About it and try to work together for Solutions no I 100% agree with you and And you know what what do you think Right now under the BSA under the Current structure what is the remedy for Americans well there there isn't there Is none right there is no mechanism for Judicial review right so Americans Cannot protest a bank who is ostensively In arm of the government at this point They cannot protest the disclosure of Their financial transactions to the Federal government there's no mechanism For that is there that's right and so That and obviously they don't have any Knowledge that their their data was Collected to begin with do they yeah I Think one of the scariest thing I things I heard at this hearing was what Mr Michelle said once the bank has the data The government has the data right Can You hire a private security firm to Search somebody's house without a Warrant I don't think so no no you have To have a warrant so what is the Difference Here it's a big risk and it needs to be Fixed you so you you would articulate Let me ask you the the panel this do you Think that under the current BSA or Other laws that that that it would be Wise given given where we are from a

Technological standpoint do you think it Would be wise to revisit the BSA or the Other laws to provide that protection For Americans privacy Sir well there was some concerns Expressed earlier about what might Happen in the aftermath let's say of Donald Trump's election with regards to Uh political belief and anything that Facilitates the collision between Government and giant Corporation and Enables that kind of information Gathering will absolutely be used in That way that's why I made comments Earlier regarding this as a bipartisan Issue once this capability exists and It's being magnified now it will be used In all directions so the people at risk Will be politically active vocal Americans The Silent Ones Will Remain Relatively safe by anyone who speaks and Briefly do you all think that that we Should examine we should absolutely Examine it start Agree yes Definitely yes gentle gentleman's time Has expired the Gent lady from Florida Is recognized Mr chair I have a point of Order in your last statement you said That Steve Jensen of the FBI opposed the Collection of this information for banks That's a misrepresentation of his Testimony said that the information was Not used recogniz would you release the

Transcript so that we can hear exactly What Mr J an appropriate point of order And the Gent lady knows that but she Continues to try to ask same way you Question that is way you interject I Don't think I've raised one point of Order today you interject all the time Lady from Florida is recognized all the Time thank you Mr chairman you know I'm Actually just I continue to be stunned By the big government Advocates that we Come across and the ones that serve in This very chamber uh they're not even Hiding it anymore they're saying the Quiet part out loud they want dependency They want control and the total Disregard for the Constitution and the Oath that many of my colleagues actually All of my colleagues have taken uh and Violated it's just it's so disturbing to Me many people know probably as Evidenced by what is on the the face of Of my iPad that I detest big government And I detested big Tech the two combined Have proven to be a lethal combination When it comes to Liberty and freedom Because quite frankly we know that the Mo of big Tech and big big financial Institutions combined with big Government it's to erode and evade Americans constitutional rights and We're here today because of a blatant Fourth Amendment violation where big Banks colluded with big government to

Turn over data that didn't belong to Them to Target Americans innocent Americans because in this country it is Still a fact that you are innocent until Proven guilty despite what everyone is Trying to do and flip that around now Dr Peterson it's good to see you again I Couldn't help but notice your reaction When my colleague was talking about the First Amendment uh not being absolute And so I I do want to give you the Opportunity to weigh in and respond to That um I couldn't I couldn't help but Notice your reaction but before I do I Am really glad that you have been Talking about the um social credit System that the CCP the the Chinese Communist Party utilizes I I am Literally around the corner in a Classified briefing while right now Talking about the use of big Tech and How it is targeting uh American citizens In fact this very morning I have been Inundated in my office with phone calls From Tik Tok users who have been denied Access to the app because they live in My congressional district and until they Call my office and demand that I do not Take adverse action against the app that They cannot use it talk about big Tech Directing Behavior I think that we are on a very Dangerous path and I want to give you my Time to really lay out in the most

Succinct way possible the D danger the Dangerous Nexus of big Tech big Government and financial institutions That seek to weaponize that information Against Americans and I know you are More than capable of doing that in 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds I I don't think people Understand the degree to which they are Profiled online and to which their Virtual representation is now a iconic Representation of them nor do they Understand that they have no rights Whatsoever to that representation so for Example let's say we turn our Information about our purchasing habits Over to the bank when we open a bank Account 30 years ago that wasn't such a Big problem with AI systems it's a Problem that's so big you can't imagine It I mean I'm certain that I my staff Could find the data online to absolutely Predict your voting patterns with 95% Accuracy you have no idea what sort of Digital footprint that you're you're Leaving behind you and there are almost No protections for that that and So now that and you also asked about the First Amendment yes well we have very Weak Free Speech Protections in Canada And I can tell you that is not going Well and so the combination in my Country the combination of that and the In invasive technology that we're

Producing at a rate that is beggar the Imagination um produces a threat to the Integrity of sovereign citizenship the Likes of which has not yet been Experienced Right and that's what this committee Should be concentrating on like it's Very interesting to watch it because it Devolves continually into discussion of A a a particular event serious though That event was it's like no matter how Serious that event was it pales in Comparison to the potential severity of The issue that we're attempting to point To with regards to our Testimony the these artificially Intelligent systems can do things you Can't imagine and not only only can they They are and they will and that will be Abetted by the collusion between large Corporations and government and it's Certainly the case that the people who Stand on the left especially with Regards to their what would you say Skepticism of large corporations which Is oftenly often perfectly warranted Should be utterly terrified about This man you did that in less time than I thought well I had to get it right Once today no I appreciate that and I Think you have seen it front and center Certainly we all watched in horror as The trucker bank accounts were were Seized were shut down who protested the

Mandates and people think that that's Such a far away concept but we have seen That here with people who have been Given ultimatums of jab or job and we've Seen ways that they've been targeted and And positioned in ways that are just Unamerican unconstitutional so thank you All to our Witnesses for being here to Today I appreciate you guys in the fight Against weaponization and we're seeing It more and more every day Mr chairman With that I yield tell yields back this Concludes today's hearing we thank our Witnesses for appearing before the Subcommittee today and I apologize I do Have to run out to another thing but uh We really appreciate the discussion that You all brought uh in the analysis that You brought today without objection all Members will have five legislative days To submit additional written questions For the witnesses or additional Materials for the record without Objection the hearing is Adjourned [Music]

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