“I Think Being Unmarried Is a Miserable Life” – Patrick Bet-David On Marriage

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Do you advise men to get married if it's The right match or is it is it is it a Positive move in most people's lives I I Think you're miserable if you don't get Married it's just when do you get Married if you really think you're going To be happy staying single the rest of Your life really like a man can really Sell me on staying single the rest of Your life and you never ever get married And experience life what's the whole Purpose of life like really what is the Purpose of life okay to to do what to go Out there and party fine for how long to Go out there and do what to go out there And you know have as many for guys body Count as bragging rights right it's Different for women but for men it's Like hey I'm at 182 where you at I'm at 62. where are you at I'm at 22 you're at Only 22 whereas it's it's but okay what No at what point did you is there like a Leader's bulletin that you eventually Make it is it like a Forbes 400

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