“I was Being Selfish” – How Tulsi Gabbard Overcame Anxiety


“I was Being Selfish” – How Tulsi Gabbard Overcame Anxiety

I looked myself in the mirror and I was Like what's what's your problem Well you got to figure this out and and Really just taking that time made me Realize that all of those fears and Insecurities the causes of that anxiety Were actually very selfish because I was Thinking like well You know I don't want to sound stupid What if they asked me a question I don't Know the answer to and I don't want to Bother them and and the common the Common word that came up as I was going Through this was was I and me I'm like Well that's a problem Especially as as you know I I had made This decision to to pursue this path of Service and and so that was that was Where things changed where instead of Walking into a room something that would Cause anxiety and anyone who's an Introvert and shy you can probably Relate was turned around when I realized Like stop thinking about yourself I'll See go in this room and and take the Opportunity to connect with other people To share Aloha with them to smile have a Nice conversation at a bare minimum

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