“I Was In a Shouting Match With That Son of a B*tch!” – Peter Navarro Tells Untold Story About Fauci

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Peter Navarro, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick talk about the untold story about Fauci.

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Dangerous lesson from what communist China spawned in that lab and it came From that lab is that The American democracy Seems extremely more vulnerable To Disruption by viruses than other Countries we just at the end of the day You look into you could quarterback this We just did not handle that Properly and we were lied to I mean I go Off on fouchy for I mean I know if you read read my my Last book that the taking back Trump's America but there's a scene in The Situation Room Where I first meet Tony fauci on January 28 2020. now let's frame that right January 28th 2016 24th before all the Shutdowns seven weeks before Biden just Took off yes was sworn in eight days Before uh prior no no no no no no no no No no this is a year prior to that January 2020. this is January of the election Year yeah yeah ten months before the Election yes That would take down Trump okay okay so I'm there I wrote here check this out 20 2006 in the coming China Wars I write That China Is likely to create a virus that will

Kill Millions hmm 2006. so when that stuff started coming In over the cable traffic I'm I'm looking at that in December and I it's like my antenna up right and the Boss sends me to the sit room on the 28th and he says give me the travel ban On China we got to do that and those People in that room are against it you Know it's Mulvaney running the room he Was the chief acting Chief of Staff Mulvaney at the time Republican Chief of Staff yes he's chairing that meaning I Walk in there I don't know any of these People who from outside the White House Right so who's there Redfield From CDC And fauci From NIH right those are the two big Players I go in there and within six minutes I'm In a shouting match with that son of a and all he keeps saying is without You with fauci I don't know who he is Okay I didn't know who he was didn't know he Walked on water wow didn't know he Killed tens of thousands of people During the AIDS epidemic and got away With that's another story Um don't know who he is but you know It's like it's like somebody walks in Here and sits down here you don't know Who he is and you start interviewing him

What do you do you take their measure Right and my measure of fauci was this Dude thinks he's a whole lot smarter Than he is and he's an arrogant son of a This is within the first six minutes six Minutes sounds like Antonio Brown Interview and I'm you know the one one Of the things I'm good at is taking the Measure of people pretty quick that boss Is good at that too Trump And I'm thinking what and so I fight With this guy Mulvaney I'm fighting with him Redfield comes in and supports fauci and We leave that meeting With Mulvaney tries to say all right we Have a consensus we're against the trail Ban I said no no no no no there's no Freaking consent I just like it no no no No Mick there are no consensus in this Room And and Ponder finally says something he Said National Security Council and what I do that night as I go home and I write A memo That I that I'm gonna plaster to the Entire Task Force and and Broad chain That says that if we don't do this If we don't do this this virus is Capable of killing Half a million Americans and costing us Trillions of dollars January 28 2020 and that was that's

About as the best memo I've probably Ever written because it was spot on and Here's the punchline Fauci when he was sitting there That SOB knew For a fact that that virus came from the Wuhan lab He knew that because he had funded the Gain of function research In that lab and he had already begun to Design a cover-up and we know that from The emails he sent to a group of of Researchers academics trying to get Their support to push that come from Nature Theory and that's the biggest Liable mission in American history Because if he had simply owned up to the Fact that that thing Came from the lab we could have Pressured the Chinese to give us the Genome sequence Which would have allowed us to design an Effective vaccine rather than the crap We wound up getting and again Trump got Lied to about that not just by fauci but By Pfizer the drug company in what way They didn't disclose the side effects of That and they weren't clear with him They made him think that it was a true Vaccine when it's not it's mRNA Technology and you know I I Worked with a guy named Dr Robert Malone You have him on the show sometimes yeah Yeah it's like the way I I mean balloon

Was out there beforehand but but I had Him on Steve bannon's war room when I Was guest hosting he sat kind of like Well like you and me are sitting Patrick And we talked about all this and wound Up writing a three-part Series in the Washington Times about how the universal Vax policy would basically spawn Mutations That would be more lethal Oh you don't have to get too much in That my point is that is that that day That January 28th day was a very Significant one overlooked in the History of the pandemic and in American History because fauci was there he Opposed the president's travel ban he Lied to the American people by not Disclosing right then what should have Been his his Even if he didn't know that it came from The lab he should have told us it might Have come from the lab and because he Didn't do that we didn't get the genome We didn't get a thing and fauci goes on And sticks sticks a knife in the back of The president throughout that election Cycle yeah you know he told the boss to Fire that SOB twice and what did she say When you told him well the problem was Um I was a lone voice and I don't blame Him for not taking my advice in that you Know I'm like what I'm like the trade Advisor right and and he had like every

Time fauci got into political trouble Uh with Trump Uh Redfield CDC Steve Hahn the head of the FDA Azar the head of the Health and Human Services Come to his rescue so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music] Foreign

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