I’m Buying My First Supercar…

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This event is application only, limited to 150 cars, and strictly operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are accepted, a $2500 deposit will be taken, second deposit of $5000 on November 1st, and the final balance to be paid by February 1st 2024.

Any payments after February 1st are considered late entries, and subject to a 25% increase in price.

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Here we go baby welcome back to the Vlog So where are we going we are off to do a Bit of car shopping I think I've said This before but what I'm in UK as you Can see most driven in Dubai I'm driven I'm almost in the back driving in Dubai Is genuinely stressful so most of the Time I just sit in the back do some work Make some calls yeah that's day-to-day Occasion when we go abroad I'll rent out Some nice supercars some nice sports Cars have a little bit of fun zip around So at the moment all the cars that I own Are all cars that's in the back today I'm buying my first ever Supercar well I Might be buying we're stopping off at One place then we're gonna go check out A few other spots as well see what can Be done how quickly it can be done Because there is for example one Specific car I want but it'll take three To four years and unfortunately I don't Have that time because I need a car in One year exactly for a very special Event that I'm very excited for and Actually it might even be a cool Opportunity for us to hang out and spend Some time around some cool cars but I Will tell you a little bit more about That at the end of the video I guess we have to wait until then to Talk about but there's not many people Who buy a car knowing that they're gonna Slap on an aggressive amount of Miles

Pretty quickly so it's only 1500 miles A Thousand Miles yeah so I guess that kind Of changes things you know and that's Funny like I feel as a listeners the Cars you want to drive for a quick 30 60 Minutes I have to consider a few other Things with this purchase you know like Such as like the health of my back oh Really What the [ __ ] This Is Not Gonna Change Oh god this is my worst nightmare I Actually can't think of anything worse Have you driven one before yeah was it Rock hard seats yes these have got Comfort Seats really I know you these Are Comfort Seats This is unbelievably comfortable I need my tracksuit all right what else We got well this is the one or you can Go super loud An sto yeah no not that thing yeah no no Chance no you don't want that it's a Comfortable thing I mean listen I get it if you're on Track days right that's a good tracking Car but like yeah Nah what how I mean yeah it's nice but You're in your 20s yeah so yeah but I Have a phantom bro I'm an old man you Know this is beautiful beautiful spec Great color nice interior drop top I'm sure the carplay in here is nice Yeah I'm sure it's great Ah I can get a nice and comfy on this

One I'm not letting you buy this I'll Buy that I'll go half of you if you were Half of me on a pet me Oh God I don't know what we're going about okay I'll consider it okay if you want Something that's got four months it's All the Lamborghini drama of v10 or V12 But you want five seats big boot space This is a car you buy you know what I Think this is probably the only Lambo I'd own yeah like I'm just probably the Only Lambo I'd buy I have no use for it But it's because you haven't been in an Event at all I have but it's not driven It You think uh the issue is I don't think It really fits into car rally to be Honest how much money you got a lot how Many problems you got Be honest he's not here be honest yeah It's you won't you won't drive it I know You yeah but I will What do you realistically for me it has To be a Porsche maybe a Ferrari I'm just So aggressively against Lambos Hey it works does it yeah you know all I Need now Lamborghini I bet me no Now's a good time for me to explain why I actually need my first Supercar so as You guys know I don't do any in-person Events I don't do Keynotes speeches I Got so much that comes across my table This is the first thing in so long that

Actually interested me and that's Because I know how incredible of an Entrepreneur John is and I know that This is just gonna be such a cool chance To meet so many you guys spend a week Together so now is probably a good time To actually unveil what this is so maybe You want to tell them a little bit about The magic that you've created with Mod Ball but basically the mob ball it's Been around for 17 years it's like the Craziest week it's like a rolling Festival last year I went to the Monaco Grand Prix this year's Ibiza but next Year we're taking it back to the Monaco Grand Prix because it's so incredible in The past year what I've seen you do on YouTube and your social media and your Businesses is like incredibly impressive And long story short we're partnering up For next year's event everyone's going To bring his entire but media side of Things all that kind of stuff and we're Going to bounce ideas off for all the Parties and events so I know that you Like to party every now and again so Yeah we're basically joining our brains Together to create the most epic model In 18 years so for most of you guys this Will be a court opportunity for me to Take you through the Journey of buying My first Supercar it's gonna be a super Cool week we're going to be touring all The way through Europe and ending off in

Monaco for Grand Prix and Marco Grand Prix is one of the probably five to ten Events a year that everyone wants to go To and no one can do it right and not Only that but be there with a hundred Plus other people that have the same Interest in you have the same likes as You and it's not just that but a week of Traveling with people I mean that's That's one way to bond and you're Definitely going to leave with a very Special connection with all the people Who attend it's good you mentioned that Because obviously we're opening up 150 Slots but for the hundreds of other Thousands that watch this but Unfortunately you know don't have the Financial means to attend this yet and By the way this is something that can be Aspirational you guys can actually come And we'll make it known where we're Stopping off in which cities and you can Basically come and see a 150 incredible Supercars speak to the owners I'm sure That if you ask the owners of these Supercars hey what did you do how do you End up in this position you know can you Tell me a little bit about your story You know you're going to end up meeting So many interesting characters along the Way so one of the things I've always Wanted to do on mobile because we have Like a we have a Great Gatsby pie during The week and in Monaco we can have a

Charity vote and I would love love to Raise a million dollars somehow for Charity it's a little bit about how you Can get involved bear in mind it will be Application process this is similar to Any serious business Mastermind of Course we're gonna go we're gonna have a Ton of fun we're gonna raise a bunch of Money for charity we're gonna have Lifelong experiences but at the end of The day we need to make sure and it's Very very important we need to make sure We Safeguard who comes the caliber of People to come because then they were Spending a week together so for us to Dedicate a week of our life and interact Daily with all of the attendees we want To make sure that we have the highest Caliber people there so there'll be a Link below where you can apply the cost Is 9950 per person minimum of 2 two People in a car and John maybe you can Tell them what that actually includes Yes that includes all the hotels the Entire experience all the events doesn't Include alcohol obviously but yeah Includes actually everything car Displays all the stickers on the cars Everything that goes along around it and Then the final part of it is that we We've already put together the final Party on top of Nikki Beach so not only Do we get to experience the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix as a group and

With a big party but we're overlooking The hairpin and the Yachts at the same Time that's probably the best place you Could be for F1 Grand Prix yeah the Question is though how are you doing it I think we need to go to Ferrari next And that's about it I'm very excited to See some of you guys next year spend a Week driving together creating some Amazing memories and top it all off at Monaco F1 All right so in London now off to Rolex Dinner for their top clients I will see What I can record and if I can get Anything for you guys then yeah and I'll Show you some of the new pieces So guys it's the next morning on from The Rolex event we are currently on the Way to farnborough airport where we came From yesterday the funny thing about Patek is they're not gonna be like oh And then we take the jet to Geneva but It's at farnborough airport which is Only a private airport so I think we're Going back on a jet I think or they may Have just told the Wiz there to come to Farmer so we'll see we'll see yeah Anyways it's early morning off to go to Geneva to go around the factory to get a Little tour of the historical buildings And see some of New pieces so I'm very Very excited for this one to be honest As you guys know Patek is outside I've Even watches that says party my favorite

Brand on Earth so Oh baby No text back so call misses I feel like We all victims Drunk testing I should not do Patron What are we doing well Amara planned Activities and then the worst [ __ ] Activities on earth look at it Segways And you have to wear a helmet apparently I can feel how bad it is clay pigeon Shooting except it's [ __ ] laser This is pathetic I'm already talking out Here Amara took a fat out okay so just Get it over them all the way around yeah That's it and then you've got to go Around the pole all the way around on The second one come through here for the Second nap yeah Okay I'm late because I come bearing gifts Santa Claus lots of gifts Yeah There's like actually like [ __ ] tons of Gifts You supplies Also um wait uh there's one other thing Thank you So much Well listen uh I mean there's 101 things I want to say but as you guys know I Don't have much family that's basically Just me and my mom only child and and You know when I was younger I found that Very difficult I found it very tough

Just being me myself and I I'm sure you Know maybe some of you guys have Brothers or sisters but maybe you felt a Little alone and you felt like you know Maybe You don't have your tribe or the people That had your back no matter what you Know as you mentioned the people who you Know you'd go to war with I always say This I think loyalty to me is such a big Thing and I think I know from the bottom Of my heart that we all have each Other's back and I know from all my Heart that we would all go to war for Each other that's why you know it's Listening to do some incredible things For our customers for our community for For the kids in Nepal but like I can Tell you out of everything for me the Most incredible thing about this company Is having family and you guys Jenny are From low in our best family I've ever Wished for so Thank you

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