“I’m Not a Chicken” – Patrick Bet-David on Handling Life

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Life is going to be annoying sometimes You and I are going to go through times That we uh are not necessarily enjoying Our marriage for a month three months Six months 12 months sometimes you don't Like being a parent we all love being Parents to two-year-olds maybe you don't Like being parents to 11 year olds maybe You don't like being parents to 16 year Olds when they're a girl dating a boy And you know you caught them doing Something in the bedroom and the door Was closed and it was locked and you Heard something and you're Furious and You feel your daughter's no longer loyal To you and no one knows that's why you Got a bad temper and you're bitter but You're going through life happens And there's different seasons for it but Regardless We have to step back and say this is my Daughter this is my business this is What I stand for I'm not a chicken like Some people I'm going to step up and do Something about this

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