“I’m Not Trying to Be You” – Be Aware Who You’re Taking Advice From

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We go to this one therapist and he's a Christian therapist and we're Christians So he's like it's Christian therapist It's the person you got to go talk to so We sit there okay a couple hundred Dollars you pay so uh uh you know tell Me about your scheduled Patrick I see Here's my schedule you work that hard Yes are you planning on changing that no So you're planning on working that hard Guess you know I can tell you one thing the key to my Successful marriage with my wife and my Family and everybody is every night at Six o'clock everybody was at the dinner Table and we had dinner together and we Did this together I said tell me what uh What your dad did for work he was a School teacher what did you do Professionally I was a school teacher I Said you know here's the 200 thank you So much for your time shook Us in we Walked that so what happened did I say Something wrong said no but I'm not Trying to be you Thank you Foreign

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