Iman Gadzhi’s Jaw-Dropping $3 Million Watch Collection Revealed

Unveiling the Extraordinary: Iman Gadzhi’s Astonishing $3 Million Watch Collection


In the world of luxury watches, there are few collections as impressive as that of Iman Gadzhi. Known for his entrepreneurial success and online education empire, Gadzhi has quietly amassed a jaw-dropping $3 million watch collection that would make any horology enthusiast green with envy. From Rolex to Patek Philippe, his collection includes various brands and models, each with its own unique story. In this article, we will take a closer look at the highlights of Gadzhi’s collection, the reasons behind his choices, and the story behind his favorite timepiece.

Revealing $3M Watch Collection

Gadzhi’s $3 million watch collection is a testament to his passion for horology and his appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Spanning across different brands and models, each watch in his collection tells a story and holds a special place in his heart. Let’s delve into some of the key details of his remarkable collection:

  1. Collection Includes Various Watch Brands and Models: Gadzhi’s collection is not limited to just one brand or style. He has curated a diverse selection of watches from top-tier luxury brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and Richard Mille.

  2. Collection Stored in Different Locations: As a globe-trotter, Gadzhi’s watch collection is spread across different locations, with Dubai and London being the primary storage spaces for his prized timepieces. This allows him to have easy access to his watches, no matter where he may be.

  3. Rose Gold Daytona Least Worn: While Gadzhi’s collection boasts a wide array of Rolex models, interestingly, his rose gold Daytona is the least worn. Despite its exquisite design and allure, he seems to have a preference for other models in his collection.

  4. Preference for Platinum Daytona and Rose Gold Daytona with Oyster Flex: Among the Rolex models in Gadzhi’s collection, his preference lies with the platinum Daytona and the rose gold Daytona with an Oyster Flex bracelet. These models offer a perfect blend of luxury, elegance, and contemporary design.

  5. Vacheron Overseas and AP Offshore in Collection: Gadzhi’s collection also includes watches from Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. The Vacheron Overseas and AP Royal Oak Offshore models add a touch of sophistication and versatility to his already impressive assortment.

  6. Richard Mille and Patek Philippe Favorites: Gadzhi’s love for horological masterpieces is evident in his fascination with Richard Mille and Patek Philippe timepieces. These brands are known for their innovative designs, technical prowess, and exclusivity.

  7. White Gold Nautilus 5740 and Day Dates in Collection: The iconic Nautilus 5740 in white gold has a special place in Gadzhi’s collection. This model, along with several Day Dates, showcases his appreciation for classic yet timeless designs.

  8. Moon Swatches Worn for Fun and Affordability: While Gadzhi’s collection features high-end luxury watches, he also enjoys wearing moon swatches for a change of pace. These quirky and affordable timepieces bring a fun element to his collection.

  9. Preference for Thin Profile Watches and Comfort: Gadzhi’s penchant for thin profile watches is evident in his collection. He values not only the aesthetics but also the comfort provided by slimmer timepieces, allowing him to wear them for extended periods without any fatigue.

Highlight: The Favorite Watch – 5712r

Amidst his extraordinary collection, there is one watch that holds a special place in Gadzhi’s heart – the Patek Philippe 5712r. This exquisite timepiece combines elegance, sophistication, and horological complexity in a stunning package. With its rose gold case and warm brown dial, the 5712r stands out as a true masterpiece. This self-winding watch features a moon phase indicator, power reserve indicator, and a date function, making it a marvel of watchmaking ingenuity.

Gadzhi’s admiration for the Patek Philippe 5712r stems from its versatile nature. Whether he is attending a business meeting or exploring new cities, this watch complements any occasion with its timeless design and functional complications. It represents a perfect blend of style, craftsmanship, and technical excellence, making it the crown jewel of his exceptional collection.


Iman Gadzhi’s $3 million watch collection is a testament to his refined taste and passion for horology. From Rolex to Patek Philippe, each watch in his collection tells a unique story and holds a special place in his heart. Gadzhi’s preference for thin profile watches, such as the Patek Philippe 5712r, highlights his appreciation for both aesthetics and comfort. With his ever-growing collection, Gadzhi continues to be a true connoisseur of fine timepieces.


  1. What is the estimated value of Iman Gadzhi’s watch collection?

    • Iman Gadzhi’s watch collection is estimated to be worth around $3 million.
  2. Where does Iman Gadzhi store his watch collection?

    • Gadzhi stores his watch collection primarily in Dubai and London, allowing easy access no matter where he may be.
  3. Which watch brand and model is Gadzhi’s favorite?

    • Gadzhi’s favorite watch is the Patek Philippe 5712r. Its exquisite design and functional complications make it stand out among his collection.
  4. Does Gadzhi prefer luxury watches only?

    • While Gadzhi’s collection primarily consists of luxury watches, he also enjoys wearing moon swatches for fun and affordability.
  5. What is Gadzhi’s preference for watch designs?

    • Gadzhi prefers thin profile watches that not only exhibit elegance but also provide comfort when worn for extended periods.
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