“Infrastructure Attack” – Was Baltimore’s Key Bridge Collapse An Attack From A Foreign Enemy?

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss the possible causes of the Francis Scott Key bridge collapsing in Baltimore.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

There's a lot of weird things going on 1:30 in the morning today guys Apparently allegedly a bridge collapses Because a ship who is ran by some Professional people runs into the bridge Can you play this clip Rob on how the Bridge comes down in in Um watch this here guys go back a little Bit watch this boom slow motion oh my God bro Bridge goes down it's 40° Outside that water is 30° some are Saying the bridge didn't hit anything Some are saying it did even the captains That have been doing this for the Longest time R what did they say with The experience that they have you know You were saying something the fact that They've been doing this rod for a long Time the captain has been yeah I believe That Baltimore Harbor is their main Harbor so they they navigate that daily That they navigate that daily and this Happened at 1:30 in the morning uh the Number that I I saw I think it was what Let me read this number to on what it Was 20 people so Uh where's that story for Baltimore Bridge collapses it's says page five the Yeah so video ship do rams into Francis Scott Key bridge causing it to collapse Pro prompting Maryland Transportation Authority to issue a warning against Using the interstate 695 Kevin cartright Was from Baltimore City Fire Department

Describes it at mass casualty multi- Agency incident with potential victims In the water the bridge collaps disrupts Both shipping and Road Transportation Impacting one of the busiest ports uh on The East Coast Uh and severing a crucial link on the Major highway in circling Baltimore The Vessel involved allei registered in Singapore carrying approximately 4,900 Containers arrived at the serd marine Terminal in Baltimore after delivery to Port of New York New Jersey the incident Halts shipping operations affecting the Buslink port which in 2023 handled the Highest volume of autos and light trucks In us for 13th consecutive year so kind Of weird when you're seeing this I think 20 people can you find out how many People fell under water I think 20 People uh some people late at night is Typically when they work on that bridge Based on what I read earlier this Morning um do we have any stories on how Many people fell under the water is There like an update on the Story Vinnie what are your thoughts I Just I saw cuz I saw a couple of reports That the ship's it changed his course Approximately 2 minutes prior to hitting Uh the the bridge the lights go out Twice right before it goes on some People I mean and again we don't know But some people are saying it could be a

Cyber attack this is the most traveled Cargo for like cars and all that stuff This is going to disrupt this this uh This path horribly like like something At this magnitude it doesn't I don't I Don't think this is like a whoops the Guy the power went out and I just Crashed into something I think there's Something deeper that's going on with The story well speaking of something Deeper going on who is the Secretary of Transportation Pete budha judge Pete Booty judge but a judge so look budha Judge just had almost honestly the Highlight of his career during the State Of the Union when Joe Biden singled him Out and he was like dude you're killing It like P budit had a big smile Everything that's going on look all I I'm sure there's a ton of stories that Go here this situation here your story With East Palestine I want to I want to know what Pete Buddz has to say here that like if You ask any major major Biden supporter Give me give me his accomplishments They'll always point to the bipartisan Infrastructure deal oh I don't know What's going on guys but these things They need to be looked you know what you Know what that reminds me of you you Said it a couple weeks ago remember the Beginning of that movie but Barack Obama And Michelle Obama what was it Leave the

World Behind what's it open with the Ship that's coming the ship is just Coming and people are like what the What's Happ cuz it was an attack cyber That right there looks to me how does it Just boom change course lights go out That looks like that's like you nailed The two ad them an infrastructure attack That could be something that's set up by By by Foreign agents who knows bro That's that's really rare and random to See you know you can you can speculate And go down that that path and you can Also just say a great big ship you know Lost power couldn't turn and by the way It takes forever to turn those big chips Those big thing they're very very slow But it's like the the weight it takes a While to move a small boat that we go on Right let alone a that size and it it it Hits it this is an older Steel Bridge With the uh steel infrastructure post You know they hit it they crumple it it Goes down I mean look at the size of That thing it takes forever to turn that Thing that we're talking something That's like 12 15 stories tall if you've Ever been to a port and driven by those Car all those little squares that you See on that those are the size of the Back of a semi and you see though they Get put on the back of trucks and they Go deliver things This thing just ran right into the end

Of it K and so is it as simple as they Lost power they couldn't turn and oh Crap they hit a bridge you know is it That simple or is there oh it was an Electrical pulse and it affected their GPS okay well where are the rest of the Boats running into things if that's What's going on if there is a you know I I I want to wait and see what's going on Here real the real issue is there were Eight people innocently working last Night on a evening shift and six of them Are missing in the water and families Are asking you know where's our where's Our loved one I mean Rob did Pete budit Say something I I just saw you had a Pete budit video I I can't verify that This came out today um but there is Video of P Pete budeg talking about how Uh bridges are racist oh yeah I love That how what he said bridges in the E Co this came out so let's see how racist This bridge was an underpass was Constructed such that a bus carrying Most mostly black and Puerto Rican kids Uh to a beach or that would have been in New York was was designed too low for it To pass by but that obviously reflects Racism that went into those design Choices there's a part of this that he's Actually right because this is about the Book written by what was that power Broker name in New York Tom uh uh do you Know who I'm talking about the power

Broker in New York what was the guy's Name Robert Morris or something like That it's it's a uh uh uh yeah Robert Moses and the fall of New York what he Talking about is about the power broker It's a different Bridge he's talking About how they try to keep people away From certain communities by keeping the Bridge so low that it couldn't go under It there there is actual some Credibility be they couldn't bust Children this way and that way he's Actually he's actually pretty accurate On that part all you have to do is read This book and you'll see this guy was Maybe the most powerful man in New York Ever that uh wasn't actually the Governor but okay so that's the Baltimore unfortunately you know Hopefully we'll get a little bit more Story on what's going on that for those Of you guys that watch the podcast Regularly and maybe you have hot tea Like me with honey or you drink your Coffee to the coffee Community I'll most Likely join you guys in 5 years but at This point I still don't eat coffee we Have these new mugs and by the way this New mug that just came out is the pbd Podcast mug with future look Sprite on It so let me kind of show this to you And I'll tell you what we're running on This podcast and Kelly took care of this Let me pour this so I don't burn my I'm

Taking I'm I'm acquiring one of those After this watch this here so you pour The hot water in there if if it's hot And guess what it turns into by the way While you're having this hot tea or the Drink let me see if this thing is hot it Is hot all of a sudden slowly but surely You see the color changes I see it to The pbd podcast Colors oh that's sick And yes you'll see the red and the blue Of pbd podcast color coming in I don't Know you like one of those models on Those late night like by the Q QC Back In the Day Q pbd QVC here's what we're Doing we got the value tment mug you Have two different four different Options on whichever one you want to get Whether it's the gold the black the red The OG red or the black you buy two you Get the third one for free pick and Choose which one you want the Link's Going to be below the discount code is Going to be pbd mugs I believe right ra Pbd mugs plural pbd mugs and what's the Website to go to VT merch.com find the Mugs order two and you'll get the third One for free so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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