Is A University Degree Useless?

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Personally I I would say and this didn't Exist when I was younger it's not Necessarily a year out but spend some Time doing a lot of different jobs Because doing a lot of different jobs You do find out what you don't like so We mentioned McDonald's there so you Could flip burgers for two weeks if you Wanted to learn the ropes of the McDonald's trade then quit then go on to Your next job learn that job see what You didn't like from it take the things You did and then put them together in The third job you go to so I think Taking a year away to find out what you Don't like is a great way to do things And then if the choice is to go to University because you want to be XYZ That needs that then of course you go But the problem with going when you Don't know what you want to do is that's A lot of debt that's a hell of a lot of Debt and that debt at some Point's got To be paid off and you may never go into That job or use that degree ever again In your life so is a bit of a waste I Think for a lot of people yeah Even in the UK where you know some People would say it's not really debt It's more like a graduate tax so it's Only nine percent and you only have to Pay off once you're earning more than 25k or whatever the number is do you Think the debt thing is still a factor

That people should seriously consider Um I think so because I think it also Limits their job options as well because Most people that come out of University Feel there of a certain level that you Don't want to earn below a certain level And you are going to be paying it back Nine times out of ten Um but you also job trap yourself to a Certain degree as well well most people That I know that have been to University That haven't got jobs are like well you Know I can't find a job for my Qualifications and you think well that's Because you've studied something you Didn't want to study in the first place And there wasn't any job opportunities For that and whoever promised you that University course was going to give you A good living at the end of it Essentially lie to you because it's not There but it is a business University Isn't it at the end of the day there's a Lot of people making a lot of money Pushing a lot of people through whether It's through the University whether it's Through the accommodation or whether It's through student units or whatever It is there's a lot of money being out So I can understand why people push Youngsters that way because in a way is An easy option isn't it if you don't Know what to do you've got three Straight four years of wow I'm going to

University I'm working hard everyone Thinks I am but then the reality will Hit after that so again not against University before anyone feels that way But I think a lot that go probably Shouldn't yeah I think I'm I would I Would broadly agree with that I think Yeah in in some schools in some in some Backgrounds it's just you know in my School like 100 of people went to University and it would it was like Really weird if you didn't and the same At my son's school as well I mean my son Every single person in his school Leaving in his year went to University He deliberately did not go to the open Days of the University because he knew He didn't want to go and if he went to The open days then they would probably Coerce him into wanting to go you know Like you can join this team you can be On that team you can do this the Nightlife's great and he felt that it Would hold him back and I think that's The bravest decision he's ever made Because if everyone around you is going You say no I'm not you're actually the Strong one in that situation and he's Now built obviously a business with my What he built a business before we Worked together but now we work together On YouTube and everything else that we Do and on the podcast strike it big and It's it's a fantastic relationship

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