Is Artificial intelligence Making Sports Boring

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Roger Clemens and Adam Sosnick talk about artificial intelligence’s influence on sports.

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Anthony Edwards the other days in the All-Star game and I don't know if you Know Anthony Edwards is start up a guy In the NBA the guy's a rock star I think He plays for the Timberwolves he's a Fireball I mean he's just an exciting Guy to watch and he says so what do you Think about what's going on with the the Product of the NBA and he says you know Um I if there's one thing I could change With the NBA is I wish Superstars would Play every day and they wouldn't take These two three days off right And then I I saw Barkley yesterday uh He's being interviewed by Stephen A Smith not yesterday probably two days Ago three days ago and Stephen A Smith's Talking to him about the future of the NBA the product all this stuff he says Barkley said the NBA is about to come up For uh re-signing their new uh TV deal You know whatever the TV deal they got To get NFL gets great TV deals but he's Saying hey this new TV deal they did They do the the company is going to be Asking and saying why the hell are we Doing TV deals people are not watching Season NBA games because players are Taking two three days off and they don't Want to work so to me the product of the NBA season has become shitty that's my Opinion and I'm a guy that loves the NBA I don't even watch season anymore Because it's fake to me we got seven

Guys averaging 30 points a game annoying This ain't no real basketball if you're You know the other day All-Star Game the Worst All-Star game of all time Sacramento Kings were playing the Clippers the other day the winner won 176 to 175. that doesn't even make any Sense to have a score like that right so I think that's hurting the MBA product Do you think Ai and Predictive Analytics Is taking the emotion fun complete game That Pride the shutout concept out of MLB do you think AI is kind of getting People to say well we're gonna have Three different pitchers today you're Gonna pitch three Innings So but that's that's kind of cool to get That but dude it's I don't like that as A fan so you think these guys are no Longer thinking about what fills up the Seats and what gets people to watch Season baseball is that a concern of Yours I I think you I think you're dead on uh Pat um listen let's start with the NBA So you gotta understand when I came up With the Red Sox uh across the street I Got to go over and watch Larry Bird and I got to watch uh Mikhail and Danny Ainge and uh yeah some some you're Talking about your Parish you got me Straight trash talkers right and uh Red's there doing his thing and on Parque floor so I I was I was lucky you

Know enjoy I I actually did a little BS Show uh I think it was called the Rocket Report and I had I interviewed Michael Uh Jordan and uh I was just with Michael Not too long ago in in his course and uh I've just smiled and laugh about it that We're so young and but what I'm saying Is you're exactly right it seems like in The NBA I mean if you give an NBA player Two feet You know I'm guarding you from two feet You're making that shot every time and And I've heard the stories too they go Down and uh you got your 32 yeah I got My 28 let's play defense the last five Minutes see who wins but the scores are That that's you know that's why the Scores are well over 100 and doing Things there's just I mean other than The playoffs like in baseball I preached It's great that you guys can slug but When you get to the playoffs pitching And defense is going to win for you it's No difference having a great defense in The NFL But if I'm if if I'm giving you this Distance from where we sit right here Pat I mean you're scoring you're you're Gonna you're gonna score 50. and uh So again I I don't watch a lot of the NBA I watch when I know my friends in The NBA are playing I watch them because We have the same conversation you know About what's going on have the same

Conversation with my 30 PGA buddies is you know and some of Them are bitching a moaning that I'm in Not in the top 30 and they're pissed off So well you play better and we talked About early you know do something about That and play better is what you got to Do so Um the changes in Major League Baseball You hit it dead on um there's a bunch of Old school coaches uh in these camps and I'm going to experience it tomorrow and I'll see some of them and they'll they They tell me you know like I said when I Was on the mountain the seventh inning And here comes the pitching coach or the Manager I got the ball tucked under my Armpit And when he gets them out I said what The hell are you doing out here get your Ass back in a Dugout I'm I'm gonna Finish this game or I'm going to eat as Many outs right now as I can we talked About it earlier And um there's only three or four maybe A shirt sir uh there's a few there's a Few Verlander he'll stretch it out now He's got a got a new elbow uh he's been Stretching it out and doing his thing And um there's a handful of those guys But you're right uh I I won't mention The name but I was in I was in a locker Room during the game Talking to actually A couple of the analytic guys the

Picture the pitch that came out after Five innings he was done he was one in The game three to one He saw me you know you knew I was there To watch too and he came in like he was Exhausted after five innings rips his Jersey often kind of throws it in the Laundry basket on the floor and I was Talking I said hold on a minute guys I Go what are you doing Oh I'm done I'm done Mr Clemens I'm done I said yeah you want five innings I said Pick that up there's no way it's Dirty and hang it back in your locker There's no way there's no way yeah And he started to I go no I'm just Kidding I wasn't but I said no I'm just Messing with you so But uh yeah so I mean they're they're Doing some things where they call them Openers you know they're bringing in the The long man first and then they're Going that way too so I I get that you Protect they protect they they watch me Early in my 20s uh still at about 115 120 pitches when I got in my 40s they Kept an Army in August because we were Going to the playoffs so they wanted me Fresh in October uh a lot of times if I Was the game one or game seven I was Always game three swing because that's a Big momentum do you go down two a lot of Times I was pitching where we were down 0-2 and

I couldn't have a hiccup when I went out There we this was you know a must win is A must win so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here Foreign

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