Is College Worth The $50k Pr Year?

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If college is so great and it's so worth Paying the 30 40 50 000 per year why Don't private banks finance it why is Most of the financing being done by the Government and why isn't the government Uh preventing these colleges from Increasing the price of every your College increases the tuition the Government's like yeah we'll Finance it Yeah we'll Finance it yeah we'll Finance It and then when a kid who's 23 now and Wants to follow BK they'll be able to BK Their credit card that the car loan all This other stuff but you're not able to BK your college loan how why not well Who created that law well the government Is how because colleges and government Are officially in bed together for every Dollar that they loan out tuition goes Up 60 cents for every dollar so Universities are like oh my gosh loan More because I can increase my tuition a Lot more because I can increase my Tuition

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