Is Lust a Adultery? | Biblical Series: Exodus

What are the religious laws that God gave to the Israelites after they were freed from slavery in Egypt? Jordan and the group discuss how God wants us to stay loyal to him and not turn to other gods. He also doesn’t want us to make idols or use his name in a disrespectful way. We should take one day a week to focus on him and keep it holy, setting aside our usual work. God is a jealous God and shows mercy to those who love and obey him.

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I am less interested in the interior Person morally speaking than you are Then and probably any of you are and It's largely I do believe because I come From a behaviorist law based religion we Care how you act that's why we don't Have a claim that if you look at another Woman with lust it's as if you've Committed adultery with her I am as I Said yesterday I I thank God for America's Christians and uh maimonidity Said if it weren't for Christians the World wouldn't know about the Torah so Uh I'm a big Christian fan but obviously Christianity and Judaism are not Identical religions uh and and we have No equivalent that if you look upon Another woman with lust it's as if you Have committed adultery with your heart There's only one way to commit adultery And Judaism and it's with a different Organ and I'm not being cute I'm being Very realistic uh looking with lust is Not a sin in Judaism what's the stance On what's the stance on pornography So pornography When I'm asked this question just to put You on the spot you did indeed uh okay So my my answer when it's raised on my Radio show I have a male female hour and I'm very open about sexual subjects I Always ask if a wife calls me and says My husband looks at pornography I I Found on his computer I have one

Question How is your in life of intimacy with Your husband is it good in other words Is the pornography in lieu of you or in Addition to you And I know this is not a religious Answer I'm not even giving a religious Answer I'm giving what I think is a Moral and realistic answer men want Variety and uh if adultery is a Substitute for if pornography is a Substitute for one's wife it's awful if It's a substitute for adultery it's not Awful that's that is why there is a Predictable there is a clinical rule of Thumb that's akin to that I would say if You're trying to decide clinically Whether someone's partaking in a habit Say use of alcohol has reached the Threshold of clinical significance one Of the things you do is ask the the Person you're assessing now is it Interfering with your employment has it Got you in trouble with the law is your Family complaining does it stop you from Doing other things that you should be Doing and so the Judgment isn't the use Of the Forbidden substance itself it's It is in some sense consequentialist and I'm not saying that that's an absolute But it is a it is a Hallmark of clinical Judgment but don't assuming I think too Big a gap between you know behavior and Where it comes from and surely the tenth

Commandment is exactly that you could Expound Everything Jesus said from Thou Shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife or Another woman you're not whatever well The whole point of coveting it begins in The heart And I understand your Hebrew word for Covered is the desire Doesn't stop halfway Right it takes action it's to take yeah It's not there's no ban in the 613 laws Of the Torah on lusting I don't even Know there's a tava is the closest you Can get to Lost in Hebrew but yeah okay So let me ask you about that so The Confident is critical I can say I can be Attracted to my neighbor's wife I can't Want her There's there's a difference because but What about a single woman I asked one of The great Protestant thinkers of Our Generation in a public debate in Phoenix I asked them so can a single Christian Male look upon a single woman with lust He can't be committing adultery he's not Married and she's not married so is the Real band lost or is the ban on adultery Yeah I mean at least for me when I hear All of this from my own Orthodox Perspective it's bewildering because at Least from the tradition in which I am It's not a morality question even the Word morality it bothers me the at least In in the Christian tradition that I

Participate in the call is to be Transformed the calls to be free that's The call Christ is calling us to be free And so the idea of like can you lust or Can't you lust or can you do this or not This the answer is they are we have Desires in us and these desires tend to Enslave us they tend to pull us into Themselves And these laws are exterior ways For you to understand how it is that you Can now be free from these desires none Of the desires are wrong like sexual Desire isn't wrong desire to eat isn't Wrong none of these things are wrong the Problem is when they capture you the Subordination right and so it's not About it's not about like trying to Figure out if I'm sinning or not sinning Like when if I go to confession I I ask Forgiveness for all the sins I've done Voluntary and involuntary it's like I'm Sinning all the time if you if you want To know like every every you know all Day long I'm sinning but the idea But the idea is rather is rather that You know to to attend to my desires in The sense so that I'm not captured by Them so I don't become obsessed with I Don't fall into that so to me like the Question of like legally trying to Figure out like where I'm sinning or Where I'm not it's just like uh it it Pulls me into a world it's true if a man

Has and I know this case I Know a Man Who was saintly in taking care of his Alzheimer's wife who got Alzheimer's at The young age of 50. and and watched Over her and bathed her for for a decade And then So I would just ask you asked me about Pornography so this man was faithful to A wife with whom he could not have Relations obviously for a decade or more I may have I think it went to 15 years Would he have been wrong in relieving His sexual tension uh with a with a Photograph I'm wondering if it's this Dentist maybe and this is something that I had talked to people in my clinical Practice about So imagine there's the and I guess we're Into Thou shalt not commit adultery by The way which is the next uh commandment You can imagine Um an erotic image that compels sexual Desire and and I think that's part of What we're discussing the morality of That or it's its potential to be an Implement to the instantiation of an Ideal you can imagine a situation where Your desire is to to sleep with your Neighbor's wife you're not acting on it But the reason you're not acting on it Is because she doesn't want to sleep With you now it still seems to me that Given that your desire is to undertake The Act and the only reason that you're

Not able to manage it has nothing to do With your moral stance it has to do with The impossibility of the action now Given it's I don't know how you would Deal with that because that's a Violation of do not covet he's coveting His neighbor's wife is as clear as a Bell okay okay so we here's a point Worth making There's a great Gulf between the Ten Commandments and the Christian faith in This way first of all by the way the the Ten commands are painfully obvious Aren't they doesn't everybody know that Before the tablets But uh I I had a great teacher most of My great teachers were Jews Dennis will Say maybe that's why I know things but Uh I wouldn't say that I do but there's a great man he's dead Now his name is Harry Newman and he Styled himself an annihilist And we would argue with him about that All the time and he was a very very Learned man and a great teacher and so Sometimes we didn't want to put the Point that he's an nihilist he would say I'm a non-practicing Orthodox Jew And that emphasizes the point that it is A set of practices More than a set of beliefs whereas Christianity is more a set of beliefs Well these four are beliefs I mean Behaviors are they and they're pretty

Well Universal yeah almost all societies Would agree with these four but thou Shall not covet Is innovative and I'm intrigued you have Renee Girard as you know everything Based on mimesis in other words we Desire What other people desire and I read Jiran Whole of American consumerism is based On mimesis is it not we are taught to Decide what other people desire want to Wear what you wear or well it's a good Way it is a good way of figuring out What's a value I mean because that is an Open question there's many things you Could value and one way of becoming Informed about that is to see what Everyone else values and so I I'm trying I'm trying to strip the morality out of That to some degree I mean that can Become that can become weaponized and it Can become pathological so to go back to Larry's friend I mean you know Larry's Teacher you've got there's got to be Even if you're committing yourself to Certain exterior practices or habits or Behaviors on the basis of say commands There's got to be some prior belief Prior commitment in to the authority of The the person or the the source of These commands so there's got to be well One question question you've got to Believe that that Society they wouldn't

Agree with those four no but well let's Say it doesn't matter where the source Of authority might come from it might be Being a one's one's conscience that the Nihilist is still going to accept that There is some degree the nihilist who Conforms to these behaviors is going to Say is going to be acting on on Something I'd like to challenge Larry's supposition just for the sake of Of discussion Are these self-evident and I would say They're not exactly self-evident to Psychopaths Right so the self-evidence argument's a Really interesting one because You could add the psycho the psychopathy Twist to all of these it would be well Thou shalt not kill unless you can get Away with it and it works in your favor The same with adultery the same with Stealing and the question there would be Something like well Why shouldn't I do this if I can get Away with it

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