Is PBD Wrong About Andrew Tate?

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Here's the reality of it with Tate the Biggest challenge he's going to have is What how much can the world consume that Content before they get over it is it a One-year thing is it a three-year thing Is it a five or tenure I think he's not Going away for a while I think he is Very attractive I think he's very Entertaining I think he's also a great Storyteller I think he makes very good Points I think he is multi-dimensional He doesn't just talk about dating he Talks about politics he talks about Religion he talks about Finance he'll Talk about sports he'll talk about Fighting when you're that Multi-dimensional you can be in any room And you can be interesting most people Are not very multi-dimensional if you Were actually to sit there and take the Top 20 content creators who are out There going viral and you were to say Who are multi-dimensional Kate's on that List Logan Paul is multi-dimensional you Know you got you don't have that many People that are that multi-dimensional

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