Is University Worth It? #shorts

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Most people that I know that have been To University that haven't got jobs are Like well I can't find a job for my Qualifications and you think well that's Because you've studied something you Didn't want to study in the first place And there wasn't any job opportunities For that and whoever promised you that University course was going to give you A good living at the end of it Essentially lie to you because it's not There but it is a business University Isn't it at the end of the day there's a Lot of people making a lot of money Pushing a lot of people through whether It's through the university itself or Whether it's through the accommodation Or whether it's through student units or Whatever it is there's a lot of money Being out so I can understand why people Push youngsters that way because in a Way it's an easy option isn't it if you Don't know what to do you've got three Stroke four years of I'm going to University I'm working hard everyone Thinks I am but then the reality will Hit after that so again not against University before anyone feels that way But I think a lot that go probably Shouldn't Foreign

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