“It Scares The Hell Out Of Me!” – Reaction To ChatGPT Taking Over The Workforce

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to ChatGPT taking over the workforce.

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Has caused shock waves in many Industries due to its skilled writing Encoding abilities the bot has already Accomplished several impressive Feats Including passing the U.S medical Licensing the exam A Wharton MBA Examined four Law School courses however Chad gbt has also caused handwriting Among teachers and other education Professionals who say the bot will help Students get better at cheating and Plagiarism on Tuesday the company Launched a web-based program called AI Text classifier to tackle the issue the Program will flag paste it in text With the following labels very unlikely Unlikely unclear if it is possibly or Likely AI generated anyways so this is To help with the teachers but again what Are you going to do with that there's Very likely that you did that or Unlikely it's going to be kind of weird But what are your thoughts on what's Going on with cha gbq right I think with Chat gbt pad just with Automation in in General it scares the hell out of me Because it's slowly but surely like like Amazon's laying off thousands Microsoft Is laying off thousands McDonald's Laying off thousands it's gonna Eliminate half the workforce robots are Going to take over so if you're in high School or your kids are in high school You better have them learn a trade that

A robot can't steal from them do you Understand what I'm talking about Doctors uh you're fine Engineers you're Going to be good but if it's something a Robot's doing bro you better find Something your Niche that's different Like thank God we're in the Entertainment world I tell a robot can Make people laugh and write and that Which will be I'll be dead by then Figure out something because and I think It's scary Pat all those people are Gonna be losing all those jobs they're Going to be trying to look for food and It's poverty it's going to be in the Next 20 years bro it's going to be scary As because they're taking over the Jobs that all these people are like ah They're not really trying to upgrade and Get better because now it's a really big Shift because I don't remember Pat I Remember as a kid this is how old I am I Was watching TV and I would see www dot That's when the website the internet Started I was like what the hell why are They putting it on everything and then Not look where we are right now is that Age for that robotic chat gbt and all This my our friend Mike Mike that works Here showed me this and it what it's Doing it's mind-boggling so you better Tell your kids tell yourself figure out Something that an iRobot type of machine Can't can't take over because it's

Coming and it's coming fast it's scary Yeah I mean look there's a there's a Camp that is part of your Camp that's Afraid what's going to happen in the Future that a lot of jobs are going to Be stolen and taken and there's a camp That thinks this is going to create the New jobs and we're going to have to Learn new skill sets there's a article That came out from Harvard Business Review that said anybody you hire today Within 18 months has to learn 10 new Skill sets meaning things are changing So Rob you're typing your mic yeah so Every yeah there it is uh uh no that's Not the one there's another article that Says uh Executives it's something about Executives that Executives have to learn 10 new skill sets every 18 months Whoever you hire today doesn't yet have The skill sets for the job that's going To be needed in 18 months wow so that's Just the the only problem today is going To be the following here's a problem Those who take their time to learn a Thing that we had to learn today will be Left behind your your ability to adapt And learn quickly if you don't you will Pay a price for it that is the only Thing those folks will pay a price a lot Of changes are coming and it's constant And it ain't slowing down so but we're Going to see what's going to happen good You look yeah no I just there's the I'm

Not even sure if Vinnie's in that camp But he kind of it pled his case for that Camp I'm in the other camp Um the market will figure out what the Market will do I mean I think that camp That Vinnie's kind of describing is the Andrew Yang Camp Technology's taking our Jobs we're going to need Ubi we're going To need to print money people stay home We got to work because technology taking Your job there's anything we learned During covet is that just printing free Money and paying people to stay home Doesn't exactly work well I think uh Much like how the internet people kind Of were saying this in 2000 why 2K the Internet's taking our jobs we don't need It it's like well things are fun I think Con uh capitalism free enterprise Um inventing Reinventing Reinventing Yourself pivoting A wise man once said Out work out improve out strategize Outlast The Market's going to be changing and I Think it's your job to improve get Better learn new skill sets and utilize Technology to help you improve rather Than being scared of technology so you Know I'm utilizing chat GPT just to come Up with copywriting and to come up with Ideas or titles and I'm using that to my Advantage I'm not worried that they're Taking jobs necessary so just keep Improving you know it's amazing you said

That years ago a guy told me because I Used to love shining my shoes I used to Love ironing my clothes I mean I love Ironing clothes and you know I love it You know the main stars I love it cheap Ones I used to love it right and one guy Says you know that's a 10 an hour job You're doing right there how do you Expect to make millions and you're doing 10 an hour job right what Chad gbt does Is it just showed you that job that used To be worth fifty five thousand dollars Is no longer a fifty five thousand Dollar job now somebody else can do it No different than somebody that does you Your shoes or your suit or your haircuts How come you don't learn how to cut your Own hair how come you don't know how to Because somebody else can do that this Is not an insult that is a job that Someone else can do and there are many Jobs that others were doing that Technology is going to start doing go Ahead Tom yeah I see three things I First of all I agree with you 100 uh There's three things I say on chat GPT First of all it's plagiarism second of All is jobs and third is New Frontier Under plagiarism you know this is always Comes around but it always gets solved I'll give you an example teachers were Concerned about Wikipedia oh kids can Just go on the internet take the mouse Cut and paste all the stuff and make a

Little term paper up by putting their Own voice on it and then editing a Little bit that was true well guess what Capitalism struck entrepreneurs struck Chegg chedg.com and dupla Checker are Used by teachers in schools all over the Place and I require you to send in your Uh your term paper digitally they were Run it through check check comes back Yeah this is plagiarize this is Plagiarize this is here here it's very Effective and guess what it's resulted In because of the presence of the Capitalist tool giving teachers the Ability to check guess what they did use Wikipedia they put in the bibliography As a source but they're still writing Their term papers the same thing is Happening now they're going to put tools Together to say hey you know what this Is it this is this is AI generation and This is how it it how it how it happens And so Plagiarism and the biz talk babe tells Me all about this she says tools always Show up to all the teachers because the School's just the most concerned about It the second thing is jobs it's just Changing there look there are robots That are welding together cars now and All the scare and everything oh this is Going to eliminate Factory workers UAW Is going to lose workers well guess what It those workers are doing different

Things now and there are robots putting That together oh we want 15 an hour you Know minimum wage in New York suddenly McDonald's Had kiosks apparently built By the same company that builts out with Airlines kiosk and by the way the kiosk Showed up at airports and there was less Workers at the desk to do anything other Than take your bags it's just a rotation Of the economy the jobs it's just a Rotation the tide comes in the tide Comes out and in terms of New Frontiers That's right a 55 000 a year for you Know a marketing person writing copy Suddenly becomes you know maybe a Seventy thousand dollar a year somebody Managing and using chat PPT to write it And so I I think this is just another Example a technology comes up there's Fear but then there's acceptance and Utilization and understanding that it All keeps working forward personally you Know I want things to keep growing Toward the future because we talked at The beginning of this about has the First person been born that will live to 150 years why is that because of Medicine because of research because of The time in which we live not because That they could get a toothache in 1915 That could go septic and kill them right This is all part of the the wave of how Technology actually makes life better Don't be afraid of it embrace it go do

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