“It’s a Sign Of Fear” – PBD Slams Mark Cuban In Rogan Twitter War Between Dr. Hotez vs RFK

PBD, Konstantin Kisin, Adam, Tom, and Vinny react Twitter War Between Dr. Hotez vs RFK.

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So there's a Twitter war going on over The weekend between Rogan hotels RFK Mark Cuban jumped in and I had a couple Things to say as well so Peter Ortez Goes out and says Spotify has stopped Even sort of trying to stem Joe Rogan's Vaccine misinformation it's really true That Anne Maryland just awful and from All the online attacks I'm receiving After this absurd podcast it's clear Many actually believe this nonsense so This is a vice article that's a Spotify Stopped even sort of trying to stem Joe Rogan's vaccine misinformation by the Way just so everybody knows they just Took down Rfk's interview with Jordan Peterson on YouTube Calling get vaccine misinformation this Just happened right but not how long ago Was that it's just happened today or yes Oh yes this is probably a two-week Interview it's a recent interview it Could be more or less than two weeks go To the next one so then Rogan responds Back Peter if you claim the RFK is Saying what RFK sin is misinformation I'm offering a hundred thousand dollars To the charity of your choice if you're Willing to debate him on my show with no Limit by the way at this point that Hundred thousand I matched a hundred Thousand acne matched uh 150 I think Tate put a half a bunch of people put a

Hundred it's up to 2.6 million dollars Now three million dollars now no Ward Nothing's happening so after that if we Want to go to the next Elon Musk Response maybe Peter Hotes just hates Charity and then Mark Cuban jumps in but Wait let me see what's okay I'm going to Ask you very clearly are you willing to Debate because he responds back and says Joe if you're serious about addressing Vaccines and the fact that a 200 000 Unvaccinated Americans needlessly Perished during the awful Delta you know Uh coveted one waves including 40 000 in Our state of Texas because of all Victims fail to vaccine and some Disinformation I want to have that Discussion with you again Joe wants to Clarify uh I'm going to ask you very Clearly are you willing to debate RFK on My podcast go to the next one So then uh uh by the way RFK uh what's It called Peter response back you have My information you have this he keeps Going back to it the answer is no here's What Mark Cuban says way to General a Lot go a little bit closer so I can see It way to talk in general generalities Joe not saying that there aren't a lot Of effed up things about Pharma that's Why we created Cost Plus drugs.com but To ignore that same industry has saved Who knows how many lives is and You know it plugged for himself it's all

Disrespectful to all the doctors Researchers and medical professionals That dedicate their lives to saving Lives like Dr hoads the 800 000 plus Doctors in a country that believe Vaccines save lives you aren't trying to Find a ground truth on vaccines if you Were you would bring other people uh Trying to bully keyword bully Dr howitz Is ridiculous you have producers that Will prepare you same as RFK you both do This on a daily basis Dr Hotes works Every day to find ways to help people Joe you and musk and Twitter are Mainstream media online media and your Platforms have become everything Supposedly wrong with mainstream you are Driven by self-interest this is after he Plugged in his company yeah and the First line just like the MSM has always Been accused of and you both have earned The right you busted your asses to be Great and do what you do earn all you Accomplish but don't lie to yourselves And all of us and tell us you are Different you aren't okay So that's and then I respond back by the Way all of these tweets get a 50 000 Likes a hundred thousand likes Joe's Gets 200 000 likes Millions on top of Millions of views so this is my response To Cuban Joe Joe trying to bully Dr Hotes Interesting let me address five issues

With your Tweet bullying number one Millions of Americans walk of all walks Of life were bullied into taking a Vaccine some for some course some lost Their jobs families were divided late Night hosting skits and syringes mayor Of New York City giving fries NIH Director flip-flopping on masks MSM Calling those who question the vaccine Conspiracy theories and you call Rogan a Bully okay number two capitalism what Makes capitalism work freedom to buy Sell try fail keyword is freedom you Told me 10 years ago Tom you weren't Doing when we were in Nashville when I Asked him what's his favorite book yep He said at the Shrek I even gifted you a First print first edition of the book I Think November of 2015 when I Interviewed him at the American Airlines Arena in his office yeah in his office a Story of dystopian American which Private Business suffers under Increasingly burdensome laws and Regulation of all the people who know What happened the last 30 years it's you We all know who got destroyed in that Book the small business owner the man And woman who risked it all okay they Were mock bullied silence how are how Were laws and regulations during covet How many small businesses owners lost Everything you know the stats you know The numbers you know you're against this

I sometimes wonder what you fear what is Preventing you from using your logic and Experience and Common Sense and that you Have a ton of to share your POV with Your followers number three debate What's wrong with debate I kind of Suggested for him to run for 2024 and if He can go a little lower you know about Protecting these guys let's not Disrespect these people that are doing This Wonder benefits in America is the Health care System my dad 37 years got a Massive heart attack he wasn't supposed To live past 65 we just celebrated his 81st birthday but just like cops 99 of Them do the right thing the one person Who don't should we not hold them Accountable all Joe is asking for is a Debate if Dr Watts is right then what's He have to lose is he too good for it You sure don't free debating anyone why Protect him debating is the American way It helps us get closer to the truth and The muskin Rogan comparing them I talked about what happened before October when we didn't even have Twitter Twitter you know we could only debate in Private settings our RFK interview was Taken out two years ago content creators Were walking on eggshells musk isn't Silencing anyone who's arguing for Vaccines he's actually creating a Climate to have the debate just last Week by the way I don't know if you guys

Saw this clip or not on MSNBC with Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow one is CNN won His NBC they're like we won't air to Trump speech because we already know in Advance that he's going to tell lies as If Joe Biden only tells the truth that Sounds like a dictatorship where the Elite knows what's best for you and I as If we can't think for ourselves a bit Arrogant and pompous don't you think Thank God for Twitter Spotify and Rumble And other panel last but not least I Gave him a credit for plugging his Company as a market I respect your Strategy of getting into this threat to Promote cost drugs Cost Plus drugs a Less than 12 small business owner keep Pushing the envelope we need more voices By the way all of this is going on all Of this is going on simultaneously guess What he's not doing the debate and he Made a video saying what people came to My front door and I'm being harassed and I have to kick people out and I'm doing Made of all them if everybody's going After and protecting them all this stuff But at the same time they're fearing the Debate what are you what are your Thoughts about this Twitter war uh Rob Are you able to pull up my tweets uh It's much shorter I promise you Um it's uh like the hot take mixer I Called it below uh I I don't think it's Good that people are turning up to his

Door whatever whatever's going on that We don't want that in society right just Someone had disagreement online suddenly People are showing up at your door I Think it's bad but in terms of the the The discussion I I made this point in This thread that if I don't know if you Can scroll down a little bit Um it's like the hot mixer uh that I did Maybe yesterday it's just like keep Going Um there we go part one party can you Just I do I do that's a great picture Were you in front of ten darling with That uh all right so uh this is my take On it right and see what you guys think Many of his in my opinion many of much Of what rfk's saying about the medical Stuff isn't accurate okay the why not is Not accurate the Wi-Fi is blood barrier Thing vaccines cause autism the the Maybe the vaccine injury is a real thing My I come from a family of scientists so My dad my mum they're both biochemical Engineers my dad used to make vaccines In the Soviet Union didn't take the Covered one but in general you know he Can explain it to me what's going on There like it's not my opinion and I'm Not a scientist but my random person's View is I don't think many of the things That RFK is saying are accurate okay but The part that wasn't mentioned in your Brilliant Twitter uh post is that uh

Peter I think he said that Rogan was Part of some kind of neo-fascist thing With like other people which I think was What Joe was doing he talked that tweet Down and Joe said I saw that tweet you Took down and I responded to it that's Right so talking to if you just go back To to my thing talking talking to RFK Even though I don't agree with Everything you're saying doesn't make You a bad person and the best way to Challenge misinformation is actually Good information if you just scroll down To part two there's also stuff about Covert right like the vaccines were Pushed on people who didn't need them With covert 100 most masks don't work And we weren't allowed to say this right And that is how the science wrecked Credibility in itself okay that's how we Got here so how do you fix it well You've got to restore faith in the Science by acknowledging that mistakes Were made communicating honestly and to Me if you're a scientist and the biggest Show in the world says come and talk and Look if you think RFK is an idiot and You're a scientist I mean that is a slam Dunk right come in explain to people why He's wrong challenge some of the things He's saying I mean RFK in the interview Himself says well this is beyond my Level of expertise you're a scientist You can make can look

Pretty silly very easily if you know What you're talking about right and it Just it's frustrating that we've lost The idea that we can have conversations If we don't agree and we can have Debates and your point as a scientist is To educate the public by coming in and Saying this is what's actually going on And engaging with people's ideas instead Of just dismissing them so if it's not Dr Hotes I've never heard of him prior To this Texas Children's chair he's a Chair he's a very very incredible guy Extremely crucial all good and if it's Not fouchy and if it's an incredible guy For the people on the left who use his Mouthpiece to say if he said it it's 100 Right so Who's next in line because why is an Abate a bad word why is it a bad thing We have presidential debates we have a High school debate Club so don't have Presidential debates anymore no RFK is Not going to be debating Joe Biden we do Have presidential debates I mean whether They get we were supposed to have three Last time we only ended up having two People are avoiding presidential debates So this whole thing about debates you're Right yeah what you're trying to say It's a good thing I'm just saying like This is the American way we've Constantly had debates why is it being Shut down now this particular subject

That's my point is that they're they're They're Eliminating these essential debates that Need to occur because your your post is Absolutely right you don't agree with RFK you're basically here saying Hey Listen I don't agree with what rfk's got Going on but I'd like to hear what he Has to say because the whole premise is Of a debate is to expose the other Side's leaks in their argument right and If you're basically saying RFK has leaks In his argument a lot of people believe That a lot of people believe that he's Saying very accurate things the only way To get to the truth is a debate right The Bible the definition of debate is Settling a difficulty with a neighbor or An adversary and that's the only way You're going to get to this so if it's Not Who's next in line because for every RFK Out there there's a Robert Malone There's a Dr Peter McCulloch that we've Had here these people are willing to Engage they're willing to debate and They could be wrong but they're willing To at least come to the table who's Willing to come to the table on the Other side well here's the part so this This is what you're asking a Good question but you also know the Answer to the question okay I mean it's Not like you don't know the answer to

The question we all know the answer to The question so here's a guy named Mary Hassan you know who Mary is we know Medicine so he says uh noted conspiracy Theorist who has zero background in Medicine and public health and set covid Would be gone by April 2020 thinks he Knows more about vaccines than the world Renowned award-winning scientist who Helped create patent-free covet vaccines For the poor medicine Is defending for RFK defending Peter Hotes to not debate RFK does that make Sense now here's the crazy part do you Know Mary Hassan just wrote a book many Assange just wrote a book okay that came Out I want to say it's very recently that This book came up this book just came Out to give the date February 28 of 2023. the title of the book is whenever You are the art of debating persuading In public speaking You write this book then you're scared Shitless of Peter Hotes debating by the Way so let's just say Mary if you're Watching this since you're such a great Debater which you claim you are you Wrote the book we don't claim we are That you're claiming you're this no Problem many question for you you don't Think RFK is qualified to debate him hey Peter McCullough is Um

We got a few other people that for you To have the qualification of doctors we Can get a lineup of people that would be Willing to debate Peter Hotel so I kind Of hurts your argument doesn't it and it Kind of hurts your argument to say RFK Is not a doctor and you know what it's Pretty wild guys like him you know Probably who his hero was you know Probably who his hero was who's your Favorite American president of all time You know what John F Kennedy did he was An anti-establishment president what do You think RFK is doing he's an Anti-establishment figurehead so the People you admired you now you don't Like that family lineage because they're Pushing back on people like you and you Just wrote a book on debate dog and he's Just like horrible on what you're doing Man nice hypocrisy but Adam you named it Though it's like why wouldn't they right Constantly why wouldn't you because when You when you're there and the camera's On and it's you and it's fact versus Fiction you have to be real you're going To get exposed and your lies and your Mistakes are gonna come out live and you Have to answer for yourself why would They want to do that Adam you want to be Held accountable you want to have your Foot to the fire they can't do it bro Because all their is going to Come out and I think one of the reasons

Just setting aside the debate side of This the the way that censorship of of This kind of conversation has been Happening particularly during covet it's Like I get the sense that they just Don't trust the ordinary person to make Their own mind up and I think we've got Away from this idea that your life is Your responsibility like you're supposed To go out taking different information And then decide for yourself what you're Supposed to do and if you f that up That's on you right and that's what That's the way that Society is supposed To function I don't want big daddy Government telling me how to live my Life on every aspect of it I want the Information I want to make my own Decision and if I get that wrong well That's on me and I'll suffer the Consequences of that you hit the nail on The head it comes down to individual Decisions because what basically was Plastered out there was a One-size-fits-all basically agenda Everyone needs to do this yeah well it Turns out I mean there's a big Difference between an 85 year old woman And a 21 year old dude right and they And the same treatment should not be Implemented for those types of people But they they lambasted everyone if they Didn't follow the doctrine and a lot of Confused people whether it doesn't need

To be politically you're just like I Don't know about any of this stuff these Are terms I've never heard before in my Life covid-19 social distancing's mask Up you're like A debate would be the only way for Reasonable people to be like you know What all right cool that's a good Argument right there I didn't think of That yep all right good that's not for Me but my mom should consider that all Right cool but that's the only way you Get to the truth and that's essentially The problem here and why is it only in This realm if there if there was like a Rap battle and someone wanted to yeah I'm a better rapper than you Jason stage Step on stage let's see what you got and Then let's see what happens here if it's An actual boxing match you ever see These things on YouTube where some guys Talking online to a professional Boxers I'll whip your ass it's like find Me at the gym Dude shows up at the gym Yep all right put on some put on some Pads all of a sudden the guy talking gets the kicked out of him Turns out but if you don't actually show Up to the debates how do you know that Your site has any validity whatsoever Now that's what I'm saying who's gonna Have the balls nobody to use a little Call back right there to show up and at Least defend your defend yourself you're

Making me make a great point about you Know the elite left thinks they no Matter better than the average guy and They do not trust the average people to Make decisions in a democracy we have a Word for average people voter so And I think there's an opportunity that We have to step back from all this and Let the voters you know vote and so for The consequences of what you voted for I Mean how many times did you see in a in My own family I had grandparents that Voted for Jimmy Carter and then voted For Ronald Reagan saying well we as we The people got it wrong we were so mad At Gerald Ford about Nixon we voted for Carter there's the economy we got whoops At the first opportunity they fired Jimmy Carter that's the way it should Work when you have the liberalism that Sits there that says we're Elite and we Have predisposed knowledge and we know Better than you do that's an elitist Point and that's why the chasm that Doesn't allow a lot of debates to start Is coming from the conservative side That says listen you seem to think I'm Evil I just think you're incorrect I Think there's value in your personhood I Just want to debate the point whereas The liberal comes the other way and says No you are an evil person that needs to Be deprived and moved off you know you Sit back and you pull back from that and

You say who's the Nazi now yeah and look From my perspective I just think the Truth matters like let me ask you guys This where did where did covet come from Wuhan lab in China that we funded right 100 right if you said that if you said That a year ago don't worry about racist You would be shut down from you you Would be taken down oh you're just like Trump who called it the China virus You're a bad person you have to be quiet And we need to know so it doesn't happen Again like if you thought the pandemic Was bad don't you want to find out how It's not that don't you want to fix the Problem that caused it in the first Place and I don't want some 20 year old In California which is who's making These calls right deciding what we're Allowed and not allowed to discuss and Debate and share right that to me is Crazy and look I'm not left or right I'm Kind of an independent somewhere in the Middle I just care about the truth can We get to the truth can we find out how This happened can we find out what the Truth was about masks can we have an Honest conversation maybe we didn't need To vaccinate five-year-olds right maybe We did and in my opinion you know for Old people that if I Was 80 years old I Would have taken the vaccine day one the Moment it came out but you want to put It on children just so you can feel a

Little bit better you want to force People to wear a mask all day that we Know doesn't work like why are we doing That's insane you're absolutely right Outside politically right there and and Like to what Vinnie said when he said 100 100 it came from a lab I don't know That you don't know that you believe That we need to invest what we do what We don't know is nothing's a hundred Percent right I'm not 100 certain it Came from a lab I'm also definitely not 100 certain it came from a Pangolin bang In a bat in a wet market like I don't Know and that's the whole point Of a debate but this but but you know Why why I keep going to that is because Of the secrecy and the height dude it's How many years later when did covet hit December 2019 2019 2029 December 20th we Are in June 2003 and we still don't know Right are you who who's a lot like are You are you kidding me well this goes to Your accountability thing that we're Talking about when is China going to be Held accountable here for that well dude Hold on China gets accountable for Nothing they could they could fly spy Balloons and our government just goes no No they're not even they're not taking Pictures mind you they're over a nuclear Missile base that I was stationed at Malstrom Air Force Base Montana no no no China is running the show and we still

To this day right now how about this Adam I'm 99.999 that it came from there The real question is who leaked it and Why did they leak it let me add one more Thing let's be real with each other you Bring up China here thank God then in America we have the ability to use that Word debate yeah you think they're Having debates in communist China you Think they're having debates in Russia With Vladimir Putin do you think that His approval ratings are somehow Magically a hundred percent for the 20 Years running so that's the whole Premise of what we do here in America is Be able to have these debates and for These in these individual Realms where No no debates here can't have debates There can't have debates with reasonable With unreasonable people it's like That's the essence of the problem Because the whole Foundation of what we Do here in America is the ability to Debate yeah a great job of scientists is To come out and educate the public right To give them the information they need To make their own decisions that's what A scientist is there to do I would love To see a scientist run circles around RFK And be like holy Dr fill in the Blank name just schooled the guy that's Basically putting out all this Conspiracy theory around about uh

Vaccines okay great wrong now the whole World saw the RFK lose all right great Shining Light onto the darkness over Here but if nobody's able to do that how We all going to learn and we should give Some love to Joe as well because the one Thing that I think he's really Established is he's a dispassionate uh Reasonable you know he's a genuine guy So if they were to come together and Actually have the conversation he Wouldn't be like dunking on whoever was On the other side he would actually host That properly yes uh and and so people Don't need to be afraid of going in There and having the conversation as Well you made a point in the middle of All this about four minutes ago and you Said I don't want some 20 year old in California right uh making a decision For me you know what you're talking About is the hundreds of sensors under The guise of con under the title of Content moderation Specialists that were Sitting inside Facebook sitting inside Google at over at YouTube and all this That were making decisions on this and So we're all talking about the Enablement to debate what you you Brought up is very important is we had a Whole Tech sector that was prohibiting Any presentation of any facts that could Become debate if they felt they came From the wrong side so not only do we

Have the issue of debate we had the Issue of the tech side deciding Pre-deciding the debate and snuffing Facts and opinions that come on the Other side that now they're sitting back With the classic uh what's it the the Classic tweet blah blah blah blah oh Wait yeah do you guys know Jay Batacharia are you familiar yeah of Course right absolutely from absolutely So so am I this is some some things that Happened during covert like didn't make Sense to me so in the UK we had this Situation where uh so Jay was one of the Great Barrington guys and he was Basically a really well credentialed Really sensible Doctor Who was saying We're going the wrong way in terms of Our response to covid and so this is a Guy who is a scientist being censored Online by people who aren't scientists Right and we're being told that this is All about the science when someone like Him is not being taken seriously by People in California who are just making These decisions on a whim and in the UK We had an even worse situation where They were trying to get doctors they Were trying to say to doctors and nurses If you don't take the jab you're going To lose your job right and there's this Amazing scene where the government Minister who is not a doctor is telling A doctor to take the jab and you're

Going does that make any sense to you a Non-medical professional trying to force A medical professional to take a vaccine That that guy doesn't want to take Right how how are we and then we keep Talking about the science right where's The science on that Where's the science there is none No we we need these debates to be taking Place right and by the way if there's no Debate taking place Uh it's only one cent it's a sign of Fear that something could be exposed but People have to keep pushing listen we Have Whitney Webb here Whitney Webb is Doing all the research on what she was Doing with jalaine Maxwell with you know Epstein and Robert Maxwell all these Guys right Phenomenal job of what she's doing we Need people who are from the inside Where they knew this stuff wasn't gonna Work or the side effects and all of These things we need those Whistleblowers to come out and say look I'm a person that was pro-vaccine here's What I did at this point of the game I Am not comfortable taking this but I Can't live with myself anymore I just Want to share a money this is going to Be a career ending no one's ever going To hire me again no pharmaceutical Funding companies ever going to hire me Again here's exactly what took place dot

Dot dot we need some people like that That's good and by the way I I'm from I Firmly believe that it's gonna happen I Firmly believe that's going to happen Except I don't know when the movie is Going to be shot I don't know if the Movie is going to be in the next two Years three years five years ten years There is going to be a movie Made many movies made about this period Of 2020 to 2022 many many movies but by The time they make it fault she's going To be dead that's when these movies are Going to be made yeah and then we're Going to say that little weasel yep if You get to see that that little guy that Did this by the way so will Biden so Will trump Yeah there's a difference though no There's a difference though the movie For for the only difference between a Movie for Trump Versus the movie for a Biden versus a Movie for fauci is everybody had Fouche And Biden's back no one had Trump's back Everybody had their back it's a Different kind of a movie I know Sometimes it's politically correct to Kind of throw it in there and just kind Of just like this and just like that and Just like this no the the one guy was Muzzled we forget he's he can tweet he Doesn't tweet anymore we forget he was Banned from Facebook Instagram YouTube

As a president by a social media company What do we forget this who else do they Do this to but you mean to tell me Biden's never told Lies when did they Ban this guy he is this the is this the First president that's ever told a life He did tell a lie how about all the Other guys that came before him how About have you seen what Barack Obama Looks like did you see him on Charlemagne's podcast I don't know if You saw the one Charlemagne he does not Look good he does not look confident he Looks weak he looks like he's having a Hard time giving his argument to Charlemagne like he's trying to defend But he can't how did you go from well You know at least I will go down as a President you know and that whole mic Drop on Fallon on Camel whichever one it Was and then well you know there's a guy In here who believes and you know it's At the dinner I don't know if you guys Remember that whole speech oh yeah you Will never be in a white house and then Boom he gets the White House and then You know uh what's his name Snoop Dogg Roast him and says this ain't the first Time a trump put a black man out of his House Roasted him yeah yeah he did what he did But how recent was the Obama Charlemagne Uh last week last week last week do you Have any images of that Robin how bad

Was it oh just go watch it it's very uh I can guarantee you there's a reason why This thing hasn't made it out yeah I Haven't seen any of this there's a Reason for that because Charlemagne was Asking the questions a lot of people Wanted to ask and Charlemagne's a Democrat of course he is but he did not Look good on this interview can you Imagine by the way here's what I want You to think about no just stay right There look at this oh no go back to Where you were at you were fine where You were at Anyways I'll try to find it to show it To you but it's weird that it's not Popping up why is that yeah let me see By the way it if it's if it's recent or If it's If it's the one that's a couple years Ago whichever one it was two years ago I Have to tell you The conversation about blacks Obama Looked so weak and he's been out there Very quiet not kind of presenting Himself too much not talking about Anything these movies are going to be Made and we're going to look back one Day saying man we were definitely Manipulated during that two or three Year period let me ask you guys a Question so imagine big Tech existed at The time of the American Revolution Is this country independent right now

Is it absolutely not right no the crown Would have uh ensured that hey these People are causing real world harm by by Creating stirring up division right we Gotta shut it down yeah King George Would have shot that thing that's what You're saying because there's real world Violence based on what these people are Saying in their pamphlets in their in The newspaper it could have been called Big monarchy but no a great point though By the way the the big if the big Tech Is around 1776 we aren't sitting here Having this conversation 100 percent Yeah and that can comes back to the the Basic premise I was saying that the Foundation of America Is to be able to debate and to be able To basically State your beliefs without Being uncumbered by big Tech censorship Or Big King George censorship basically Saying no you can't do that it's a great Point that you're making right now Because the foundation of America is Being a dissident and they said yeah I Don't think so this whole no taxation Without representation think that'll Work for me dog that don't work for me King George and that's essentially the Premise here and we're seeing it shift From the hard right to the hard left and That's a scary thing by the way Mark Cuban was seen we're in a shirt have you Seen the shirt he wears where type in

Mark Cuban question uh everything or Something like question authority I Think is what it's called okay go to Question authority this is his shirt Okay Question authority zoom in he's there Wearing a shirt question authority yeah He's another question authority uh hey Mr Mark Cuban why aren't you questioning Authority okay the authority is NIH The Authority is the guidelines of covet You talk about question authority all Right you you have the mic You're you're a triple threat you're a Guy that made the billions you're the Guy that runs a sports team you're a guy That's had a very successful TV show for How long now 10 years 15 years I don't Know what the number is it's been a long Time as a drug company well he's got a Lot of different things the point is Killing it this is a guy that can argue On both sides if this is part of your Brand why don't you question authority We should question authority you bring Up such a good point about Cuban because Let's you know since we're going Revisiting history 1776 what would big Tech be who would Mark Cuban been 20 Years ago if you didn't have this Mindset this guy was a Trailblazer and a Disrupter in the NBA this guy was Getting fined the most fined owner in History this guy was getting fined day

After day week after week for basically Doing what questioning the authority of David Stern of the NBA hey I don't like This rule fine hey I don't agree with This fine he was getting fined left and Right you're looking at me like maybe You don't know much about it I'm a huge Basketball Finance Left and right and the fact that it's It's kind of him saying now no debate Debates are off the table it's just a Little ironic and people have people People you know have memories it's like This is one of the reasons that you know You find such issue with Arnold Schwarzenegger they made a choice and The thing that that he has said but Forget your freedom Yeah screw your freedoms it's like this Is the guy who was the biggest advocate For Freedom yeah and it's like people Remember what you stood for 20 years ago And then the hypocrisy of what it stands For now and and that's it okay he was Accumulated roughly four million fines In the NBA yeah this was that dude yeah This was the disrupter in the NBA this Was the guy calling out nonsense this Was the Trump of the NBA and now that You've made your money you made your Billions you've written You've Won your Championship Why Mark Cuban of all people why is he So pushing like he even did it like we

Talked about Pat when uh with Beasley The the wide receiver for the Cowboys I'm not doing he's like I'll pay I'll Give you stock and why is Mark Cuban so Invested in what is going in other People's bodies at the end of the day he Doesn't give a about the average Person what's his what's his incentive Does he have does he have stock in Pfizer is he bought like I know he's he Has a drug company now but I don't think Why are you so worried though why is he Still caring I don't think this guy's Worth I don't know what he's worth Building up his net worth about four or Five billion dollars at this point I Don't know what the numbers why is he so Pushing on this why is he so 5.1 billion Dollars why is he still pro-vaccine and Pro like I don't get it what I'm not Sure I'm not worried that he's Pro-vaccine I'm worried that he's Anti-debate you could be Pro whatever The hell you want But if you're not willing to Say here's why I believe in this all Right you believe in this let's engage I Don't you could be Pro whatever the hell You want If you choose Joe Rogan and Peter Hotes Tom between Joe Rogan and Peter hotez Whose authority And what subject just no no no Joe Rogan Is not an authority in in he doesn't

Sometimes me to do he's a moderator so Between Joe Rogan and Peter Hotes who is The authority is the objective Authority Decorated we can prove it experience Perfect in this case Mark Cuban defended The Authority he didn't question the Authority exactly exactly period simple As that I mean we can move on with this Conversation so a man who was a pillar For questioning Authority isn't Questioning the real authorities Questioning the guy that's questioning Authority Joe Rogan is questioning Authority and you're not defending the Guy that's questioning Authority that Validates the shirt you always wore when You were an NBA owner yeah I don't I Don't know about that so that's where That's where the problem comes in here Hey if you enjoyed this short Club you Want to watch the whole thing click over Here but if you want to make 2023 the Beginning of the greatest years of your Life I host a conference once year it's Called The Vault conference where 3 000 CEOs executive entrepreneurs from around The world come together to strategize For three and a half days this year it's Going to be at Miami Diplomat Resort and The speakers this year is going to be Tom Brady he'll be there I'll be Interviewing them Mike Tyson we'll get Dara the guy that ran 11 Madison in New York if you run a business if you're a

CEO entrepreneur and executive this is Not an event you want to miss out on get Yourself your spouse your business Partner your running mates registered And I look forward to seeing you there Click on the link here or see the link In the description and I hope to spend Three and a half days with you in Miami In August and September take care Everybody Thank you

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