“It’s a War!” – Text Reveled Why Murdoch Fired Tucker

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Maajid Nawaz, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about why Murdoch fired Tucker.

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Rumor has it and it's been revealed that He's been offered 25 million dollars for A new job by oan okay Russian uh uh Network I think uh RT Russia RT no art Are you serious no no literally receives A job offer from Russia State TV that's Hilarious after Fox firing that's an Independent news yeah and then the other Two which are the interesting ones Tucker Carlson you know where in one of The texts about Dominion when it was Settled it was revealed the embarrassing Internal memos including a text where Tuck across and said Sydney Powell is Lying so Sydney wasn't for the Dominion Thing and that text has been revealed Which is not a good look for Fox it is a Good look for Tucker for what position He took at that time but a couple Different things here Taco privately Called a senior Fox News exec the c word And wanted the world to know about it as Well this is a Wall Street Journal story He was not uh he was unhappy that his Use of seaward against the senior Executive was uh re redacted from Court Fighting oh wow he's like put it in I Stopped even though he had told Dominion Lawyers he was deeply embarrassed uh Those words had come to light Carlson's Popularity at the network had won Significantly and anyway so that's that Part and the next story is about how Rupert Murdoch freaked out this is Huff

Poe said rubert report suggests that Tucker Carlson was fired over prayer Talk yup freaked out Woodward Murdoch Tucker Carlson was allegedly fired from Fox News over remarks he made during gay Speech Friday night at the Heritage Foundation's 50th Anniversary gal in Maryland that were too extreme even for Murdoch according to vanity fairs Gabriel Sherman who cited a source Briefed on the decision-making process Look look what he said Pat he's because Then think about it we're talking about Spirituality and God and Allah uh Tucker Uh called abortion child sacrifice uh he Said it's a war between good and evil And he goes people should take 10 Minutes a day to talk about I saw that Clip yeah the child sacrifice thing I Want to give context to what he said There because he was very clear to be Fair to Tucker he said I understand if a Woman's raped I understand if a woman's Health is at risk I understand abortion In individual cases he goes that's Different to saying abortion is a good Thing to do exactly full stop blanket Yeah and he said I've got every sympathy For these individual cases I'm not Arguing against those so to be clear What he that this word child sacrifice He said if you've got a policy that says It's a good in society that's what he Said is a policy of childhood of course

Now how that frustrates Rupert Murdoch To want to turn on that yeah and you Know say that's the reason that's a Little bit so then that that to me says More about the direction they want to Takes facts okay and by the way here's Here's the crazy part the moment a Chinese company uh owned Forbes 95 of Forbes was owned by a chinese-owned Company everything about the brand Forbes how to build out decades on top Of decades on top of decades disappear Like this it almost felt overnight but It took a couple months today when you Look at Forbes it's not my opinion it's Not the Forbes of what it was five years Ago ever since that transaction took Place a company like this like look at What happened to Twitter at the moment Elon Musk bought it Twitter was playing A very important important role for Silencing a lot of people the moment Musk bought it now there's a little bit More freedom the moment Spotify kept Broken that was a little bit more Freedom the momentum Rumble is creating That's a little bit more freedom this Hurts conservatives with Rupert Murdoch Doing what he just did to Tucker but Going back to what he's saying the Decentralized voices and the podcasts And shows will eventually Prevail but This was not a battle this is going to Be a real war real real war going on for

A few more years I don't think it's Going to slow down and just I don't know If I may provide some scriptural backup For what you just said Um this passage in the Quran is is Actually revealed in the context of Jesus Isa Ali salaam who's a very well Recognized beloved Prophet for Muslims As well and the spirit of God the word Of God all of these are used to describe Jesus in the Quran but this passage They scheme in the context against Jesus They scheme and Allah schemes and Allah Is the best of schemas wow Um and so you see all of these schemes But ultimately I think that they will Lose I agree with you I think Decentralization will win out in the end It's inevitable but it comes after Hardship With the hardship comes the ease but the Hardship will come first the fact that They lost this guy yeah yeah there's a Difference when you lose somebody Age-wise say you're 68 years old and you Have a show okay you sign up for 10 Years that's what 78. Tucker is 54. okay He can go for 15 more years if he wanted He can go he's 10 more years And he is he is at the peak of his Career right now what he chooses to do Next is going to be obviously on him but By the way the the lady they talked About that he gave the c word uh uh uh

She was on media mediaite's website as The number one power player in media Suzanne Scott which I don't think he's Alone there a lot of other people have Felt that way as well allegedly based on Yeah but anyways yeah but you feel about Not to go off back but you guys feel the It's all the people that are speaking Truth and wanting to hold people Accountable that are all getting fired Or they're taken down and it's like that That's the Fate that I'm having so this Is coordinated in the UK when talking This happened to Tucker in the UK we've Got one Member of Parliament called Andrew bridgen how long do I have are we Out of time or can I go you can go two Minutes okay so there's Andrew bridge in The UK he's a member of parliament he's Just been kicked out of the conservative Party the ruling governing party in the UK uh because he's been the only Champion of vaccine injured in Parliament the day after this happened To Tucker they kicked him out of the uh Of the conservative party tell program Just got banned in Brazil by Lula so You're seeing that this is the clamp Down the clamp down on these Decentralized voices is is on they're Attempting to shut us all down I mean it Happened to me during the covid period And um again I had offers from other Stations but I knew that what I say it

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