“It’s BullSh*t!” – Bret Weinstein Debates Patrick Bet-David On America Being Divided

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Bret Weinstein and Adam Sosnick talk about why America is being divided.

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You don't think we are a Good to each other What what kind what uh Intel or study Shows that we're not good to each other Well I mean let's put it this way I Don't want to pretty up the past Obviously there was lots of terrible Stuff including lots of lineage against Lineage stuff that was for at least a Few decades definitely waning it may be Returning now but yes I think at the Moment we're being terrible to each Other we don't is that are we really not Being are we really being terrible to Each other are we being told that we're Being terrible to each other those are Two different two different things we Are being induced to be terrible to each Other we're being induced to being Terrible to each other yeah can you Unpack that please sure Um let us take the I mean you can take Any of these issues in which we find Ourselves so very polarized you know you Can take the abortion issue we're really Not that far apart in terms of you know What people say to each other over the Dinner table about what they believe but You know politically it's an Unresolvable issue likewise you know Everything that happened over you know Covid you were either you know Pro mask Pro vax anti-early treatment you know or The inverse right that that was nonsense

The fact is this was a complex system in Which we all had a shared interest in Figuring out what was going on but we Could barely even stand each other right That's the commonplace uh thing that we See on almost every issue and so I don't Think uh how it works I don't know but That it functions to keep us back on our Heels so that we are incapable of uh Moving in a coherent direction is clear It is serving somebody's interests it is Protecting something that has power and Has everything to lose if we are able to Uh you know find our humanity and move Forward as as uh as one people right I Mean that's we're supposed to do that That's what patriotism is we're supposed To love our country and we're supposed To figure out how to govern it and we're Going to make mistakes and we're Supposed to be honest about what they Were and figure out how to do better in The future but we're incapable of that Because we're now divided into teams Right we are loyal to a jersey we've Always been divided you know and I think That's uh That's natural for us always like hey Um Team smoking weed I'm not I'm team Going to church I don't believe in God I'm team Lakers I'm team Clippers I'm Team uh UFC I'm team football I'm team You know that's what makes us awesome That's what makes us unique the part

That I think we're bred we kind of fell For the Trap is uh my wife is right now Going through the Journey of health and She's like the other day four Documentaries back to back to back to Back to back and she's sitting there Looking at documentaries from both sides One documentary is executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio the solution to the World is we all have to be vegans you Know the other documentary is food Inc Look what big business in you know in The food industry is doing big food is Catastrophic what they're doing and how They're manipulating food what they're Putting in it and we're buying into it Right because it's a business model Right even with big Pharma there's big Food there's big Pharma there's big a Lot of things going on And then there's big media media's job Is for us to hate each other the more There's conflict the more there's Challenge they figure it out the more Money they make the more we're divided The more there's an enemy the more There's the monster the more there's you Better be careful the more there's look At World economic form got together to Tell ourselves an extraterrestrial you Know crisis we're facing and we're Wondering if ET is showing up you know Because the first thing I think about is ET phone home what are we doing they

Contacted ET and we don't I mean what is But people are buying into this And they're falling for this trap so but Behind closed doors dude I'm sick I've Got a lot of people I sit down with we Disagree with we have great Conversations and you know one could be A Muslim I'm a Christian I say listen Man you have to understand that you Don't know what you're talking about but We walk away and having great drinks Together great food together maybe they Don't have the drinks but we have great Food together but the point is this the Point I'm trying to make is I don't know if we are as divided as We're being told we are I don't know if We are you're Maybe I'm Wrong no you're You're right and in fact there was a Very interesting study a few years back Called The Hidden tribes report in which They actually went through it and they Found that there were really uh five Coalitions but that the majority of us Exist in a large what they called the Exhausted middle right where we Basically agree on things and I I Believe this is absolutely true this is Also matched my experience of talking to People I always try to talk to people Who are you know people I'm not supposed To be able to relate to and it's amazing How much basis there is for us to get Along

The problem though and you know you you Hit on it rather directly We are built to compete right Evolution This is the most fundamental aspect of Evolution is competition it's how we Became great and so our tendency to Compete with each other is the engine That drives the system the problem is or One of them is that the competition has Been between lineages And it has built everything Right it is our attempt to get ahead of Each other that has caused us to Discover all of the things that have Made us powerful and insightful We can't keep doing it Right the lineage against lineage Competition has to end because our tools Are now so powerful that if we continue Playing that game it will be our own Lineage against lineage meaning I'm Black against white Um you know uh Asian against middle You're talking about like Yeah I'm avoiding the word race because Race is a bastardization of the real Concept well we're not well we're not Again I don't think we're doing that Because I I I see uh uh more white People marrying black people I see more Hispanics Marian Middle Eastern there's A famous comedian Tehran shout out to Tehran black Persian comedian his name Is Tehran the capital of Iran but he's

Black can you pull up what Tehran looks Like if you saw Tehran in the streets You would never call him Tehran you Would call him maybe Tyrone but not Tehran and that's what Tehran is and He's funny I like him a lot I saw this Guy years ago and he's still at it doing A great job but I'm seeing more people That are in a racial relationships and It's happening on both sides by the way You go to Christians you go to atheists You go to all sides that's happening Maybe not as much on the Muslim side Because a lot of times Muslims marry Muslims or even Indians will never but Even that that is opened up a little bit Where they were going through you know Hey arranged marriage and that was back In the 70s 80s some families are still Doing it but it's only 25 as a ranged Marriage where used to be 100 we're Becoming a little bit more understanding To say hey we got a lot of things in Common you and I may disagree on eight Things but dude we agree on 92 things so Let's kick it let's have a great Conversation and let's debate the eight Things we disagree with maybe we only Come down to four or three or two but That but but I still think The lineage part is probably less today Than before again it goes back to the Media is telling us we're racist the Media is telling us you're a white

Supremacist the Evergreen Professor who Doesn't want all he wants to do is a all Whites meeting and other people are not Invited and how dare you you better kick Them out and then the school have to pay You and your wife a quarter million a Piece or whatever the number was that They had to settle with they have to pay You guys right for what they did so I Don't I don't know about that I think we Are more and more uh uh uh open like When I was dating girls and my dad one Day sister look you you I would like to See you marry you know Syrian or Armenian I said that very slim chance That's going to be happening okay it's Most likely going to be a black girl Because that's what most of my Girlfriends were or it's going to be Hispanic or it's going to be somebody Else But maybe end up being Middle Eastern Well ended up being a white girl from Texas okay and we got four kids we fight We do our best to be happy we try to Make our family work Do we agree on everything no but I think We collectively dose stories need to be Told rather than these stories That Perhaps against whites stop it knock it And by the way the ratings are showing Americans are sick of that philosophy The ratings if we if we if we gauged

Whether we're divided or not bred the Ratings would show we're getting more And more united because we want to watch Less and less of CNN and MSNBC because They're getting crushed we want to watch Less and less of Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel because they're making fun of People that disagree with them and we're More like to just stop it man where is The Jay Leno days where the you know Letterman days or Johnny Carson days too Much gamesmanship we don't want to do it Anymore I think we're making progress Again I may be wrong and I'm just seeing It from one lens but I actually think We're making more progress towards being United than being divided if we turn on Too much TV we are being divided if we Don't we just kind of talk to people We're a little more united all right let Me try this from an evolutionary Framework please Lineage against lineage competition is What forced us to become so capable the Reason that our our brains are so Disproportionately large compared to Other creatures has to do with out Thinking each other right we've been in An arms race and it has made us all Smart That tendency Manifests as racism throughout much of History you are absolutely right that That thing was

Disappearing rapidly for most of my life Everybody knew that it wasn't a good Thing and what where we are is we are in A tension between two valid evolutionary Reasons to collaborate One of them has to do with genes that's The lineage versus lineage thing the Other has to do with reciprocity right When we put aside genes and we Collaborate with somebody because they Have some insight that we don't have and By partnering we get emergence where the Sum is greater the whole is greater than The sum of the parts That is a much better way of competing The problem is the gene-based Competition is more fundamental right it Has existed longer And so as we lose touch with the fact That we are all actually jeopardized by The same things and we would all benefit By heading in the same direction we Break down into that tribal mode And that is where we are right we are Being divided we went through a period In which it's not like racism had Disappeared but it was disappearing Rapidly and now it's back with a Vengeance You are right people are sick of it and So they are now defaulting into Demonizing people for other stuff right Maybe it's not the color of your skin But it's the fact that you're

Unvaccinated and you're putting Grandma At risk right so that desire to see the World as us and Them is still haunting Us and we have to get past it because The future will be very Bleak if that's The driving force the future that we Need is the one that the West figured Out which was put aside the gene stuff Collaborate because it's a good way of Getting ahead Right that Melting Pot idea is the thing To be resurrected and I'm concerned that We are seeing it break down we are not Tending it and it is falling apart in Front of our eyes so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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