“It’s Corruption!” – Was Rupert Murdoch Blackmailed To Fire Tucker Carlsen?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Maajid Nawaz, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana discuss if Rupert Murdoch was blackmailed into firing Tucker Carlsen.

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Talk across on what happened recently Yeah yeah I've been talking to him he's Uh he said he feels weirdly great by the Way yeah and by the way it's very Obvious that he feels weirdly great Yesterday he made a comment uh uh uh put A video up if you can I don't want to Play the clip I just want to see how Many views I got it was at 5 million Last night in like a couple hours yeah I Saw that clip where is it at Rob if you Can look up how many views that clip has I just pulled it up 15.6 million views On 14 hours okay you think he's got a Bit of a reach but here's the part Here's the part Rupert Murdoch Fox Okay uh they're massive you know I Don't know how many of the shows on TV Or there's 90 out of 100 to have the top Spots It's just they have all the slots right That they have the talent there okay It's Fox bigger than Tucker yeah Fox is Bigger than Tucker NBA is bigger than Michael you know MLB is bigger than Babe Ruth and we can go on and on and on and Talk about that but there's only one Michael there's only one Tucker there's Only one this is not an easy person to Find and replace right absolutely so How much of this First of all when you pay 787 And you go to CNN's YouTube channel out Of 12 videos uploaded eight of them or

So are about you know Fox had to pay 787 Fox had to pay 787 600 000 views 800 000 Views 400 000 views that's all they're Celebrating and by the way they should Be celebrating why though Because and what do they all say Record-breaking never in the history of Media has anybody paid 787 million dollars and they call us Fake news you are the real fakeness and All this stuff right okay and they did Russia nobody did anything about it you Know they did you know January 6 Nobody's fighting that they did all this There's nobody filing a lawsuit to get Them and all this other stuff they've Not done that so guess what To the public who doesn't follow the News what do they say Jerry you're right They paid 800 million dollars so how Much of this is you know pure Speculation no one's even this a Conversation I have with another person Yesterday how much of this could be that The black mailing could be going on Behind closed doors with Murdoch whether He's trying to sell the company to Somebody unless if you fire this guy or Something from the past that came up was One of his sons how much of that you Think could take a uh because this was a Shocker Tucker wasn't expecting this This isn't like his last show is well Today's my last show so I'm not saying

I'll see you soon Next week yeah so I mean look Hunter Biden's laptop isn't it to your point is An example of where Biden the president Uh would one assumes act conflicted to Protect his son if black man was Revealed about his son and there is Incredibly compromising criminal uh Behavior of Hunter Biden on that laptop It's documented and if somebody an Intelligence agency had that information And said to Biden hey we will release This about your son unless you do X Y And Z of course a father's gonna my son I'm gonna have to look after my son so To your point of course this is we now Know this is how the world has been run And it's just incredible that it's all Come out at this moment I think there's a reason it's come out At this moment because we're in this Period of transition we're in really the Word historic is overused but genuinely In a historic period where perhaps even Fiat money comes to an end Um and the world is going to be Reorganized Um Murdoch won't live for long now just Because of his age a normal Soros I Think all of these old dinosaurs uh will Pass on and uh that's what the Struggle's about we're in this kind of Struggle right now but their kids will Take over well that's the struggle how

And who you know and and with Murdoch Again likewise you know which son who How all of this and do they do the same Thing do they do different things and We're seeing the instability we see now Everywhere is this it's succession on Crack because a generation is dying Biden's octogenarian wants to run again I don't know how long that guy's gonna Survive but a generation Madeline Albright we've already mentioned has Passed on a generation that destroyed The world the way they did and and now We see that because the Mirage has been Lifted Um they're moving on and how those chips Fall and how the world's going to be Organized going forward Um is going to look very differently the Best we can get out of this situation is Um decentralization so what I mean by That is Um if we if we recognize institutions Become corrupted and and over time seek To centralize more and more power which Becomes more and more corrupting uh then The way forward should be in my view Multilateralism decentralization uh what Tucker's doing with his own this thing That you know that studio I think that's His main in Maine I've been there with Him in that studio and you know he's got His own outfit there he's got a very Fully functional Studio it's a converted

Bar and it's beautiful by the way if you See it Rogan what he's doing what you're Doing decentral what I'm trying to do But I'm very very heavily Shadow banned On mine so my my voice no longer has the Reach it used to but uh they consider me Too dangerous but that's fine Um but what we're all trying to do which Is uh decentralization of messaging so That the power isn't focused and Concentrated at the top I think that's a Way forward so this is probably a Blessing in disguise that he's gone this Way uh because it means some people will Watch him some people will watch you and You then have a genuine diversity of Thought the last tweet I put up before I Came uh on this show just a half an hour Before coming on this show is what I Said was That um you pull it up if you want um I Said that um the uh struggle for ethnic Diversity has largely intellectually Been won Um you'll see there it is the and it's An appropriated struggle so I inserted The word appropriately there but the Appropriated struggle for ethnic you see I've lost my blue check because I refuse To payment but the appropriate to Struggle for ethnic diversity has Already been intellectually one the Struggle for Thought diversity and Representation for critical thinkers is

What it's really always been about and Is nowhere near one uh these two will Now be deliberately conflated by power With a capital P in order to deceive What I mean by that is that we this Whole BLM stuff is an example of it Right it was the the movement was money Laundering from the beginning again I Called that out from day one it was um For me it was obvious what BLM was about And I've fought skinheads on the streets With machetes I'm no I have no sympathy For racism uh but BLM was a front it was A sham And the purpose is to weaponize and Appropriate these struggles which were Otherwise genuine anti-racism uh rights For women uh but you appropriate them Because corporatism appropriates them as It's done with a transgender and the LGBT agenda as it's done with racism as It in the case of terrorism as was done To Islam when a machine appropriates These these agendas to weaponize them uh You end up in a scenario where what They're really trying to do is catch up With the debate that's already shifted So most people are anti-racist the real The real thing what it's really always Been about is intellectual diversity I'm Not really I don't care if this Conversation here Had four uh Middle Eastern Muslim men Who all thought the same that's not for

Me the check box exerciser if we were All sat here and all of us were Muslim I Mean that's all uh it's all tokenism What I'm really interested in is Critical thinking and diversity of Opinion and that's what the Decentralized media space will finally Be able to bring about uh narratives That have been critical of the covid Mandates for example that were so Suffocated uh if we decentralize then we Uh allow for the infrastructure to exist That can that can actually always Protect the dissenting opinion because It might be right so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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