“It’s Disgusting!” – Reaction To Child Predator Admission Of Grooming Fatherless Children

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Frank Rodriguez, Tom Ellsworth and Jedediah Bila reacts to child predator admission of grooming fatherless children.

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This is a disturbing video before we Play this parents the reason why I'm Showing this is because I think parents are not aware of this Enough uh here's a guy who's a convicted Uh child predator being interviewed Tom Have you seen this before or no Jed have You seen this before okay Frank have you Seen this no it's so disturbing it's not Even funny but it's so necessary because The interviewer gets exactly how he Groomed young boys before molesting them It's a two-minute clip again a a brace For impact parents I highly recommend You watch this for your own self and Start teaching your kids before they Come across somebody like this go ahead Rob You get them alone [Music] Grooming Um I would Check out their family situation I would check out their clothing to see How well they were you know financially I would check out their social Interaction with other kids You know when we were on the ballparks Or on the on the gym floor you know I Would make sure which ones I wanted to Molest I would give them special Attention congratulate them talk to them When I know that I would never be Allowed to talk to anybody else

You know aside from everybody I would Give them the attention that An official is not supposed to give Anybody and it made them feel like wow He's paying the attention You know it is a direct form of Grooming Were there certain characteristics that You look for in children before Molesting them In children yes but more I we go also Looked at their families there you go if I thought the father was a threat I would not approach If I thought That the child had friends that he would Tell I would not approach him If I thought the child had friends that Were in the same capacity he was I would approach him For the simple fact that if I could Molest him I could lure him into believing grooming Him into believing that he would enjoy It And therefore I can manipulate him into Having his other friends Come and be molested by me as well so Perhaps a child that doesn't really have A whole lot of friends maybe not really A strong family Things like that It's no spiritual values Um no spiritual value week in education

You know needs help in many ways even From split parenting you know has a Mother who may be having problems with The family you know well here comes Superhero in to help out you know wow Well thank you very much no problem you Ever need me to take him away for the Night so you can have a night out no Problem It works Bingo thoughts that's why I said that About the fatherless homes it happens All the time and it happens with Everything I mean you have to think About like a dad in a home and what what That means I mean even if you say you Have a daughter and she's going to date Somebody that guy is out to do no good Comes to the front door and meets pbd I Mean it's my husband good luck you know Or meets Tom good luck Um or any any Dad out there so a dad is Really like a check on on really some Bad stuff a dad has really good strong Radar a dad who is wired properly and Has his masculinity and all that intact Which is what I talk about all the time Is going to say no stop and people will Read that people out to do harm will Read that and if they see a home where There is a mom who's home who's alone Who's struggling financially where There's a lot of holes there that that Creates an opportunity for some really

Terrible stuff to happen so that's very Interesting that we just by the way he Went he went to jail for 12 years for Molesting a number of kids in the age You know which which really this just Shows you just how busy and how Much the citizenry isn't paying Attention not all of them and all of us Are into this I'm not putting anyone Above any others in terms of parents Everybody gets busy everybody doesn't Pay attention You have today groups that are coming to High schools to talk about the dangers Of social media and they're talking About Predators because predators are Bad and you've got same-sex couples There they're just that are coming to There concerned about their kids being On Facebook or kids being on social Media and and and meeting predators and Going off and having bad things happen And they're concerned about that but Then 10 minutes later right nobody Nobody you sure I'm going Judd no it's Like they have this concern for the Safety of their child they have this Concern for it but then when they come Back to what is the school teaching what Is the the average guidance counselor Doing what are people not doing and what Are they not telling you they're not Connecting the two dots there that say Listen grooming is grooming you're

Concerned about Predators over here You're concerned about social media Safety you're concerned about really Terrible things happening on one hand But on the other hand you've kind of not Turned a blind eye but you haven't been Paying attention to see it's it's it's Come in on the other side You know this video points out some Really good um topics when it comes to Who has access to this information Easily who has the profession where they Can determine these types of things that This individual did to to attack Children and I would argue that teachers Have all this information and abundance Of all of their classrooms and when you Pair something like that knowledge with Pride Flags happening and in classrooms Which I'm a huge proponent that we Should ban Pride Flags out of classrooms You are opening up the door for these Teachers to have sexual conversations With students that is highly Inappropriate that is not effective to Their education I argue that if if You're hanging a pride flag in your Classroom I want you to explain that to Me as if I'm a six-year-old and it's Going to boil down to sexual preference And that is no conversation for a Stranger and outside entity from the Family home to have that discussion with The child and this video fully proves

That when you look at an educator as a Parent you should be questioning teacher Years more so than any person that your Child is around you should be very Involved in the things that your child Is learning because they have access to Ultra sensitive information that can Jeopardize your child's well-being Positively or negatively that's 100 true Because I used to be the dean of a School and I would you know academic Dean and I would work with kids age Seven seventh grade through high school And I knew everything about their Families I knew everything about their Parents I knew what was going on in Their home I knew if that child was Troubled I know if they're on Medications ADHD medication whatever it May be I know what their academics looks Like I know how many times they're in And out of the office if there's an Emotional trauma or emotional problem I Know some of what's been discussed with A guidance counselor this is 100 true And this is why I think you've seen this Blow up in homeschooling because there's Such a deep concern about what's going On in schools now and parents think that They can't monitor it adequately they're Like well I'm not there all day Ultimately you are giving your children Away to an institution for a period of Time in the day you can try to to be as

Present as possible you can do those Parent-teacher conferences you can have Those in person interactions but many Parents are feeling like you know Especially if they have no choice but to Put their kids in public school right Now they're feeling very very concerned And Afraid which is why the Homeschooling industry is blowing up the Way that it is and this is for you I'm Sorry go ahead oh everything no go ahead Tom and you know um the biz talk babe She's a teacher and she'll tell you she Said you know that there's this odd Chasm that gets formed parent calls you I said the kid was in a fight she'll say Here's what we know here's what we Observed here's what the witnesses said There's another teacher on the Playground said you get chapter and Verse you know and little kids you get These little things called an ouch Report if they got hurt Um number one they'll tell about the Grades it's about the tests they'll tell Them if they stole from another kid They'll tell them if they cheated on a Test you can go through the whole thing It says has he been acting out You can't tell then you're not supposed To tell them the next the next parts and She said you know this is really Troubling to a lot of teachers teachers Are not unified on this they're troubled

They're saying listen the parents should Know everything and there's a difference Between kid that's got a very bad Stepmother or an abusive relationship or Something odd is happening at home and Then there's there's some intervention Eventually is going to be needed maybe Not CPS but there's a difference between That and then suppressing information You can you can share everything and Anything and by the way the schools are We got to talk to the parents because This kid is disruptive and all the other Parents are complaining so we need to Talk to this parent so that their little Boy who's just ADHD will stop disrupting The class and there's this urgency to do It but an apparent then wants to get a Briefing on everything you tell the Parent everything except And it's parents now are reacting to This saying no wait a minute this this Is kind of crazy and we shouldn't paint All teachers like this because there's a Lot of teachers out there that are Saying no we shouldn't be putting the Limit on this but those teachers some of Them who are doesn't matter their Political affiliation their Liberals are Saying listen we got to get the parents Involved in this because but I can't say Anything and I can't say that that's my Feeling and so certain teachers are Being kind of pushed back from

Expressing it by what is being Characterized as a very loud minority no They have no power though some of those Teachers have no power because they're Working within the confines of a system That prohibits them they can either lose Their job or they can go teach at a Private independent school which I Worked at where there's a little bit More flexibility because you know there Aren't these you know top-down Government mandated procedures that People have to follow but it is an Increasing problem so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Thank you

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