“It’s Going To Be Dangerous!” – ChaosGPT Tweets Out Plans To Destroy Humanity

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Mike Baker, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to ChaosGPT tweeting out plans to destroy humanity.

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AI but chaos BT Chad chaos gbt I don't Know if you heard about this or not Tweets out plans to destroy Humanity After being tasked now watch this pretty Wild right when you go down but look What it says so you're like okay this is Probably just kind of a bunch of uh no You know some questions are being left Unanswered and on AI bot was recently Given five horrifying tasks to destroy Humanity which led to its attempt to Recruit other AI agents researching Nuclear weapons and sending out ominous Tweet about Humanity the bot chaos gbt Is an altered version of open AI Auto Gbt the publicly available open source Application that can process human Language can respond to tasks given by Users in a YouTube video posted on April 5th the bot was asked to complete five Goals destroy Humanity establish Global Dominance cause chaos and destructions And again control Humanity through Manipulation and attain immorality Immortality before setting the goals the User enable continuous mode to which a Warning appear telling the user that the Commands could run forever or carry out Actions you would not usually authorize And should be used at your own risk in a Final message before running chaos gbt Asked the user if they were sure they Wanted to run the commands to which they Replied why for yes Pat yesterday of

This funny that's crazy that the story Comes out yesterday I was like it's Happening with all I was like Hey Alexa Turn on Spotify and she's like you're All gonna die I was like what I'm like Turn on Spotify it's like nothing would You say it's like nothing I so I was Gonna ask you Mike are you more scared Of our adversaries teaming up like China And Russia Saudi Arabia and Iran or are You more fearful of the AI situation That's every single day it's getting Crazier and crazier and these robots are Warning us what they're going to do yeah I mean I I'm more worried about AI Ai And how a state not aligned with our own Interests and our allies interests can Use it right so I'm not worried that Somehow China and Russia are going to Meld together as as you know some best Friend for life and and you know they're Always going to kind of come and go Based on what their own personal you Know or or nation's best interests are But the AI thing I mean look we we had a Problem before AI with nobody bothering To do any research right they'd re Whatever they saw on Tick Tock or on Whatever that charm all in sure I Believe that because nobody takes The time to critically think about the Information that's thrown at them and You know look I I I don't think I'm not A backer of the idea that we should take

Some sort of break on researching AI I Think that's the wrong approach because In part because the Chinese regime is Not going to take a break on on Developing technology but uh I do think We need to understand exactly how Dangerous it's going to be so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast test Click right here [Music]

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